Enervated Eye

Something that I am going through... Enervated Eye(s).
Nonentity was I,
Inconsequential am I,
Enervated is my eye.

Yet, within the hours of obscurity,
I somehow perceive paranormal activity,
Only does it seem to trouble me.

When I'm alone, with no one in sight,
It comes to play; it's special time of night,
I scrutinize as it repositions my lamp light,
I stand still, my complexion a lighter white.

Resembling snow, you could say,
Was it a predator scaring its prey?
Or was it trying to make friends - its way?

Whatever it was, it made me question,
My sanity, reality, vision and discretion,
"It's just your imagination,"
What a conventional suggestion.

Dearest sister, listen to me carefully,
I am not crazy, nor squandering my sanity,
I can't get a decent night's sleep, can't you see?
Still, you and everyone else will always agree:
Nonentity is I,
Inconsequential am I,
Enervated is my eye.

Admit it.
I bet you didn't understand the poem. Did you?
Actually, I understood it perfectly.
I sort of understood it. A little.
I am going through this...
What the heck did I just read?
I didn't bother reading it, but I'm stupid enough to take this poll.
Published: 11/28/2012
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