Enshrouded - Chapter 2

Just a regular day or is it?
At the dinner table that day Mia told her parents about Annabelle’s plans to go to California and how she had invited her to come along but she refused so that she could help her dad out.

"Well, that’s my girl." Mr. Sanders said cheerfully. "See?" He said pointing to Mrs. Sanders . "Our girl here is finally growing up and facing her responsibilities here."

"Well, yes but don’t you think that’s a bit selfish of you." Mrs. Sanders said teasingly and winked at Mia.

"Why? Can’t I have my daughter help me out with some work?"

"‘Course you can, but on the expense of going to must be kidding me."

"But hey am gonna raise her pocket money... isn’t that nice of me?"

"Yeah, but that’s nothing in front of an ALL PAID trip to California now, is it?"

"Ok... guys that’s it!" Mia intervened "Mom stop rubbing salt over my wounds and dad, just because mom made me realize how much am giving up for helping you out, how much rise was I getting in my pocket money?"

"10 percent." Mr. Sanders replied.

"Well, I would like it to be 25."

"What? Mia you can—can’t.."

"20 percent dad... that’s my last offer."

"Fine!" Mr. Sanders said raising his hands in the air to surrender.

Mrs. Sanders broke down laughing and said, "I see a business woman there Mia. Guess you should think about becoming an entrepreneur rather than a detective."

"Detective is fine by me mom but I can think about once I get tired of chasing criminals." Mia winked. "Okay, am done goodnight!" Mia said and stood up from the table.

"Mia!" Her dad called out.


"Don’t forget to wake up by 8 am tomorrow we have got the painting job to do."

"Ya dad , I know see you at 8."

In the morning Mia met her dad in the outhouse who was standing there with a paintbrush in his hand.

"Morning dad... haven’t you started it yet?"

"No, I was waiting for you."

"Oh how sweet of you." She said rolling her eyes. "What’s the problem dad?"

"Well, I was trying to open the paint can... and—and I j-just spilled it!"

"Wow dad, talk about a great start?" Mia said sarcastically.

"But, I have an idea."


"I’ll go and buy a new can and till then you can fix the kitchen... the shelves need to be nailed."

"Fine, I guess I don’t have any other choice or maybe I can go and buy a can of paint and you can do the nailing thing."

"Smart girl!"

"Just like you dad... okay so I will be back in sometime, till then goodluck with your hammer dad." Mia turned around and made her way to the local store. She picked up a pair of paint cans from the shelves and as soon as she turned around she bumped into a man who looked like he was in his 30s.

"Umm... sorry I didn’t mean to." Mia said as she bent down to pick up the cans but the man didn’t say anything but just stood there and kept staring at her. Mia felt a bit awkward as he made her way to the counter as the man was still looking at her.

"Hey..Steve?" Mia said as she kept the cans on the counter. Steve, her classmate was standing behind the counter.

"Hey Mia, early morning errands?" He said as he started to make a bill for her."

"Ohh… just some stuff am helping my dad with. You work here?"

"Well it’s just my first day. Summer job!" Steve shrugged.

"Ohh... I get it."

"Your bill."


"Your bill Mia." Steve repeated.

"Ohh... yes, here." She said while giving him the money.

"You okay? You look a little bit zoned out."

"Umm... do you know that man."

Steve looked behind Mia at the man who was standing near the grocery shelves.

"No, I just met him this morning. Says he is new here and was looking for some grocery, that’s it. Was he bothering you or something?"

"No—no! He just gives me the creeps you know. Ahh—forget it! Can you pack those cans for me please?"

"Umm... you’re acting a bit weird today, anyway here you go!" He said while giving her the cans.

"Thanks Steve, see you around." She said while making her way out of the store.


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Butterfly - Thank you and keep reading... the coming chapters are gonna be more exciting

Rabiya - Thank you so much and do let me know how the chapters are going, keep commenting.

K - Only if I would have written an obvious story your guess would have been right, there's a great suspense I have planned but you can always keep guessing, let's see if you get it right by the end of the story or not.
Published: 5/30/2016
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