Enshrouded - Chapter 3

An accident!!
When Mia returned to her dad with the cans, she told him about that weird man at the store.

"Dad, am telling you he completely looks like a psychopath killer." Mia said dramatically.

"Wow, talk about conclusions detective Mia... don’t conclude anything so quickly and if he would have been the murderer he wouldn’t be staring at you like that... murderers are smart! They won’t do an obvious thing." Her dad told her.

"Looks like you have got a lot of experience on this field huh?"

"Ya maybe am the murderer."

"In my dreams dad. Remember the last time you we went to the pet shop, you could not even hold a dog, you were so scared… you are such a chicken dad, you cannot kill people!"

"So I guess am last on your list of suspects?"

"I have already struck you out!"

And they both started laughing. After a bit of chat they started painting the walls with a beige paint and then took a break to have breakfast.

"So, how’s the renovation work going?" Mrs. Sanders asked as she poured herself a glass of juice.

"Good, I think we will be able to finish everything by tomorrow and put it up for rent." Mr. Sanders replied.

"Hmm... nice, Mia?"

"Yes mom?"

"If you are tired you can take a break whenever you want okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself."

"Sure mom, but right now I feel so energized, I think I can work till lunch!"

"Your wish, I have to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries, I will be back before lunchtime. Dave, make sure you don’t leave Mia alone in the house."

"Obviously not and anyway we both will be busy painting the floor today." Her dad winked at her.

"Fine, I should go and get ready and prepare a list. You guys let me know if you want anything." Mrs. Sanders said as she stood up from the table.

"Mom can I get a bag of chocochip cookies please." Mia said making a puppy face.

"Okay, but just one!" Mrs. Sanders smiled and then left the room.

By the end of the day, Mia and Mr. Sanders had finished the entire painting work and left the house so that the paint could dry. They were resting in the backyard when they suddenly heard a loud scream.

"What’s that?" Mia said as she stood up from the recliner.

"I don’t know, let us go and see."

Mia and Mr. Sanders quickly made their way to the house and saw Mrs. Sanders was lying on the floor. She had fallen down from the staircase and had injured her head in the process. Mr. Sander quickly went to her and picked her up from the floor and laid her down on the couch in the living room.

"Mia, quickly go and bring the first aid box and an ice pack as well." He directed Mia.

"Yes dad." Mia quickly went to the kitchen and started searching for the first aid box in the cabinets and as soon as she found it, she gave it to her dad and helped him in bandaging her mother.

Mrs. Sanders remained unconscious while they were dressing her wounds. After another 10 minutes she gained back her consciousness and stared at Mr. Sanders and Mia with a startled expression on her face.

"Mom!" Mia quickly got up from the ottoman and sat next to her mother on the sofa. "You okay?"

"My head hurts... god, how can I be so clumsy?" Her mother said, as she touched her head and pressed it a bit.

"It happens mom, it was not your mistake. God! You scared us."

"Yeah, are you okay now or should I call a doctor. There was not any bleeding wound so I thought we did not need any but if you are not okay I can call a doctor for you." Mr. Sanders said.

" am fine, just this head hurts a bit. I guess, I will be fine in a few days." Mrs. Sanders said while trying to get up from the couch but that’s when she realized that there was something wrong with her leg.

"What’s wrong?" Mr. Sanders asked noticing the sudden fear on her face.

"My leg, it hurts so bad. I cannot move it." Mrs. Sanders cried in pain.

"Mia, call the doctor immediately." Mr. Sanders ordered Mia and she quickly took out her cell phone and dialed the doctors number.

"He will be here in 10." She said as she hung up the phone.

Dr. Fields came to the Sanders resident and examined Mrs. Sanders’ leg. He said that she has fractured her leg and needs to rest in bed for a while, maybe a week or two.

"I can’t stay in bed for such a long time... It will drive me crazy." Mrs. Sanders said as soon as she heard Dr. Fields.

"But Carrie, it will take time for your leg to heal." Mr. Sanders said in an effort to calm her down.

"And who said about being in bed? Of course you can walk around using some support, maybe a crutch but that is after 2 days... so I guess you will have to be confined to your bed just for 2 days, not more and I hope that’s not so long to drive you crazy." Dr. Fields said with a chuckle.

"Ahh! Fine... but how long will it take for me to be able to completely walk around without any support?"

"A month I guess."


"Don’t worry, you wouldn’t even realize and the time will fly."

Dr. Fields handed over the prescription to Mr. Sanders and told him to take care of Mrs. Sanders and all other necessary precautions that she needed to take and then left their resident.


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Published: 6/7/2016
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