Enshrouded - Prologue

"How will you see the light... when everything is enshrouded in darkness?" Mia, an 18-year-old has it all. A happy family, luxurious life, and great friends. Life seems to be too perfect to be real for her but everything's about to be changed. When a new stranger takes his place in their home, the entire place seems to be enshrouded in deep dark secrets
"Mia honey would you now please go to your room and finish your work?" Mrs. Sanders spoke as she snatched the remote from Mia's hand.

"But mom it's just been a day since I have joined the job and no... there's no work to do today. So... can you please give me the remote back please?" Mia said while extending her hand towards her mom and arching an eyebrow.

"I don't get it!" Mrs. Sanders replied in an irritated tone as she handed the remote back to her.

"You don't get what?"

"I don't get what do you do sitting in front of this idiot box the entire day..."

"Mom, I would rather you don't call it an idiot box. You know I watch..."

"Watch what?" Mrs. Sanders quickly cut her off "Crime shows! God, Mia what kind of a girl would spent her entire day watching crime shows and god knows those detective and thriller movies an--and..."

"Psychological shows." Mia completed for her.

"Yes... that... what do you watch it for and that too almost everyday?"

"Common mom, I enjoy them and it isn't a crime to watch crime shows, rather you should be thankful am not like the other girls who spent their entire day.."

"Honey, I want you to be like other girls." Mrs. Sanders whispered as she sat next Mia and looked at her with a stern expression on her face.

"What do you mean mom... I---I am like other girls."

"No, you're not Mia! Tell me... when was the last time you went out with your friends?"

"Umm... 2 months... maybe 3?" Mia said with a quizzical expression on her face.

"Mia you're kidding me... do you-- do you call that normal?"

"Relax mom... it's just that they were my 'school' friends and then I got graduated and got my dream job... which I'm enjoying like anything and I just don't have anytime to visit them. Besides they are not even here anymore, remember my friends aren't as lucky as me... they have not got their dream job and they are still struggling in their universities, you should be proud of me rather than being embarrassed." Mia said the last word almost in a whisper.

"No, no darling am not embarrassed, in fact am very, very proud of you." Mrs. Sanders held Mia by her shoulders and looked in her eyes as she spoke, " it's just that it worries me that you don't have a social life at all, when I was your age.."

"You had 3 friends and you went on an all Europe tour together and had a time of your life and you want me to do that but mom... my life's not like that. I don't have those 3 friends with me... in fact I've got none! And you know the reason pretty well mom... just stop pretending like nothing ever happened mom..."

"Ok Mia we're not..." Mrs. Sanders lifted her hand and asked Mia to stop.

"No mom! You need to face it... my life is not as normal as yours were... you cannot make me feel like a year ago We weren't going through hell and mom you... you were going through hell for 5 years... how do you think I can ever forget that and be normal and go on hanging around the town without watching my back?"

"Mia I guess we've already decided that we won't talk about that incidence anymore!"

"We won't talk about it mom... ok... but you can't stop me from thinking about what happened... nobody can!" Mia swallowed the lump in her throat and then ran upstairs to her bedroom.

She dropped on to the bed and then inhaled deeply to stop herself form crying. Then she laid down and looked at the ceiling.

"One year... it's been a year Mia." She whispered to herself. "Everything's ok... it's all fine now, you have to forget it... stop thinking about it," she rubbed her palms on her cheeks and took another deep breath and exhaled slowly..." How do I do it... whenever I see mom's face, that nightmare of a year keeps coming back to me... no, no shit Mia! You're not supposed to say that... you cannot say that... what if mom hears you? She'd be so hurt... don't forget that even she's having a hard time dealing with's just that she doesn't show it." Mia sat straight up on her bed and exhaled loudly and went for a shower, maybe the water would cool her hot head a bit.


"Mia talked about that incident today." Mrs. Sanders told Mr. Sander as he arrived from work later that day.

"Again?" Mr. Sanders said in an agreed tone.

"Dave she is not able to get over it... I guess it's just me... my face it reminds her of that incident."

"No Carrie, it's not like that... stop blaming yourself."

"No, Dave I know. She's normal around you but when it comes to me, she either ignores me or whenever we talk she somehow manages to talk about that incident.. like--like she wants to scream it out that its because of me that she can't be normal again, she can't look me at my face anymore!"

"Carrie please, it would just take her sometime but I know she would be normal again... WE would be normal again.

Mrs. Sanders shook her head " Yeah, we' ll be good.. okay now maybe I should go and cook some dinner, you must be hungry?"


"Okay then..." Mrs. Sanders stood up and started towards the kitchen while Mr. Sander stood up to take off his tie without noticing that Mia was standing behind the open window and had heard it all.


Author's Note

So how was the prologue like guys... did you feel the suspense building up? Do comment, appreciation and criticism both are appreciated!!
Published: 5/25/2016
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