Environmental Pollution Effects

The environmental pollution effects enlisted in this article allow in understanding the gravity of this problem. Our environment is polluted by means of different media like air, water and soil. Facts pertaining to these different types of pollution are presented below.
Pollution of the environment we live in, is one of the biggest problems we face today. Pollution affects the health of human beings and other creatures on earth. Dilution of the purity of natural resources takes place due to environmental pollution. The study of environmental pollution is quite complex since, all the different elements of nature are interrelated. If we pollute a certain section/part of the ecosystem (air, water, etc.), its consequences are bound to reflect in the form of imbalance in nature.

Consequences of Environmental Pollution

The pollution of the environment greatly affects the flora and fauna on earth. Let us have a look at the different effects of environmental pollution on plant and animal life.
  • Acid rain is one of the biggest problems which affects regions with a high degree of pollutant emissions. As the acid rains seep into soil, it (the soil) becomes useless for habitation/growth of plants. Such kind of soils cannot provide nutrition for the purpose of plant growth.
  • Presence of ozone gas in the upper strata of the atmosphere is necessary to protect living beings from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, if the pollution of air results from the ozone gas in the lower atmosphere, it proves to be harmful for the growth of plants. Lung tissues of animals are also affected by the ozone gas, this gas is present in the lower strata of the atmosphere.
  • Pollution of seawater affects the process of photosynthesis in aquatic plants. Fish and other aquatic creatures depend on these plants for food. Any kind of damage caused to these plants has harmful effects on the balance of ocean ecosystems.
  • Pollution of soil leads to addition of harmful chemicals. These chemicals cause an alteration to the metabolism of plants; this alteration has a damaging effect on plant growth and thereby on the yield of crops.
Environmental Pollution Effects on Health

The effects of environmental pollution on health can be classified on the basis of different types of environmental pollution i.e. water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

Effects of Water Pollution
Many water-borne diseases are caused by infections which result from the intake of polluted water. Amongst the different water-borne diseases, typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea gastroenteritis, encephalitis, ascariasis, giardiasis and amoebiasis are the important ones. Respiratory problems, skin rashes are some of the other health problems caused by water pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution
Health problems resulting from air pollution are mostly associated with the respiratory tract. Bronchitis and asthma are some of the major problems; and an overall reduction in lung functioning is also the result of air pollution. Air pollution reduces the energy levels and is responsible for dizziness, headaches, cardiovascular problems, neurobehavioral disorders and even premature death in extreme cases. The ozone layer protects all living beings on earth from ultraviolet rays. Emission of greenhouse gases is the cause of the thinning of ozone layer. Therefore, air pollution affects life on earth in different ways.

Effects of Soil Pollution
The pollution of soil with the element lead is one of the major problems since, it affects the health of children. Damage caused to the brain in the developmental phase of children is also the result of lead pollution. Mercury is responsible for damaging the kidneys. Functioning of the liver is greatly affected by cyclodiene, a kind of insecticide. Insecticides are known to enter the food chain and hamper the health of all the living elements of the food chain it enters.

The different environmental pollution effects on flora, fauna and human beings were presented in this article; it gave information about how does pollution affect the environment. Pollutants have a direct impact on the quality of life and often have disastrous consequences. Industrialization is the main cause of the addition of pollutants to the environment. Although it is not possible to completely remove the pollutants from our environment , we should try to keep the emission of pollutants under control, thereby taking a step towards curbing pollution.
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 3/28/2011
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