The morbidity of a break up can lead to some serious thought.
My heart ceased to beat after you left,
And now I think it's time to bury it,
The dead heart.....My heart,
I'm writing these words as its epitaph.

My soul is screaming for salvation,
To free itself from this frustration,
I still yearn for you.....Long for you,
It seems my dying breath is chasing after you.

I can't see my reflection in the mirror,
It must be someone else who's in there,
It's just not me.....Can't be me,
That's not the man I used to be.

It's a cruel joke that you play these days,
You can laugh at my twisted, ugly face,
But I can't smile.....Won't smile,
I haven't laughed in such a long while.

I'm a refugee from your emotional fracas,
I argued my corner until I was knackered,
Now I'm so tired.....Too tired,
In long forgotten memories, I am mired.

It's too late to restage the play,
I can't go back to yesterday,
The curtain's closed.....Tightly closed,
The playhouse will never re-open its doors.

Nostalgia doesn't live here anymore,
They stopped playing our song on the radio,
Now it's all psalms.....Morbid psalms,
Excerpts from a tragic time.

Close down the shutters of my mind,
I don't want to see the stars tonight,
I don't need romantic.....They're too romantic,
Reminders of a love so emblematic.

I placed your love in my crown,
And pranced around as your regal clown,
The jester.....Always the jester,
The fireplace clown with the rose and tear.

Huddled in the safety of a nicotine fix,
And a whisky bottle that is nearly empty,
I'm drunk again.....So drunk again,
It's the only thing that numbs the pain.

The spirit of a misplaced love,
Haunts me from dawn until dusk,
I feel so lost.....So very lost,
I can no longer live with your ghost.

I'm going to fly from clifftop to shore,
All the way down to the ocean floor,
And let the tide.....The ebbing tide,
Carry my soul around the world.

Published: 7/15/2010
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