Erotic Truth

Loving with passion.
As I talk to you down there is dripping,
It's funny how your face calms me down,
You are the man I want; I have no doubt.

As your wet lips touch mine, I can't think straight,
I think about your chest, I think about your boy,
And I can't wait to have it deep inside me.

It doesn't matter what comes next,
I love you. 'tis as simple as that,
My body is screaming for you tonight.

This time I promise no doubt I need you full,
Darling, ride me like there is no morrow,
Take your time till the end of the road.

Juice me sweetie I'm so thirsty,
Touch me the deepest believe me,
Nothing is better than your touch babe.

Rock me, don't stop, I love you so much,
Your energy electrifies my body,
Pump me until I can't take it no more.

Yeah, babe! Kiss me some more,
Explore me, let me take you to your new home,
Where you will find satisfaction and peace.

Last Updated: 12/22/2019
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