Escape Hatch: My Stress Buster

I found the best 24x7 accessible route to self renewal. Even as I write, I feel lighter. This new-age gift offers me the chance to write what I feel, fearlessly. Touche...
I don't need a boxing glove or a bag to punch around
I don't need a glass bottle to hit hard upon the ground.

Why should I buy the soft ball to squeeze ire out of me?
Why should I pen my woes and tear paper into confetti?

The route map is drawn with care and in very good taste,
I explore Escape Hatch to rid my self of clutter and waste.

I write what I feel as I explore this meaningful word cluster
To renew the my spirit and return to life its long lost luster.

Day in and day out, whenever I want to share a thought or two,
There's Escape Hatch at a click, ready to connect me to you!

I need not be articulate to tell you exactly what I think
I don't have to mince words or use rhyme scheme link.

I am doing much better than before with all the burden off,
I feel a-float amidst your comments of appreciation or scoff.

I know you read to do the same as I, when I choose to write
You feel lighter in the groove while I use the pen for might.

Escape Hatch is the page that I use when I care to muster,
Strength of will to use for free this fantabulous stress buster!
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 3/30/2009
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