Escape into Oblivion

Escape into oblivion, become something new. Won't you escape with me? I have so much more to offer than those stupid humans ever could... Hope you like it!
Whispering softly in your ear,
Becoming you closer, year after year.
Won't you come and join me now?
Come, let me take my bow.

You'll be so much happier here,
What is there left to fear?
I want you,
What else can I do?

Here there is no such thing as 'human'...
And unpolluted fields that stretch for you to run.
I only want to love you and all,
Come and be with me...
Where you can never fall.

You are one of us,
Come and join me,
This is a must.
Here we understand you fully,
Won't you join me?

My love, the time draws near,
What is there left to fear?
Come and be my wife,
Escape that thing you call 'human life'.

Escape! Escape from them all,
And here, waiting for you, is a mighty ball.
I will caress you in the finest silks and jewels.
Please join me and escape those fools!

My sweet, come and join me here,
The time draws near.
I love you and only you...
What will you do?

Will you choose to be with me?
Or will you forget to be free?
Come and be my elf queen.
Become part of my realm and become part of the unseen.
Would you escape to become an elf queen?
Yes! Heck Yes! I get jewels and silks and balls in my honor! Plus, this guy sounds pretty.. faithful...?
Uh, no! I'm not crazy! I like my life how it is, thank you very much!
Hm, hot elf king versus boring school... I think I know which one I'm going for!
No Competition! I like being human!
Eh, who cares about elfs... too old in my opinion. It's all about werewolves, man!
Published: 10/19/2011
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