Eternal Desperation

The best solution to life? death...
She rips at her hair

Throws things at her door

Looks at the mirror with a glare

Watches glass shatter on the floor

She doesn’t care about anything

As she presses needles into her skin

She scratches her arms for the sting

Creates an imaginary twin

She does nothing right

She now hates everyone

She no longer wants to fight

Her decision is her life is done

She opens her door

Walks down the stairs

Says she’s going to the store

So her parents don’t get scared

She walks down the street

Looks up at the sky

Tries to make ends meet

Before she tries to die

She grabs a gun

Puts it to her head

Say she'll no longer run

How can she when she’s dead?
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Published: 12/1/2008
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