Eternal Night, my soul of life

Something i wrote during school...
If I died would you care
Would you bend down to pick up my broken body
Scatter my ashes across the sky
And set my soul free.

Would you care, If I fell from grace
And broke a thousand hearts
On the darkest nights
Would you be my shinning light.

To set me free, to set me right
Would you be the key to my heart
Releasing my wings from a cage of silence
Or would you be the arrow that shot me down

Would you be the hand in fate that twisted me wrong the shadow of destiny that haunts me every night
Could you be the wind that chills my heart and sends spears of ice through my soul
Or could you be the one I wronged
Would you be my mate
My perfect one

The one that completes my other half
or be the one to annilehate me
From this life
From this earth
From heaven to earth and finally descend into hell
The everlasting night
the one who stands guard

Of my slowly dying soul
watching me fall into the darkness of the night
be my false light and guide me to hell
shred my soul
destroy my humanity, all the good inside
turn me from me into you
be the one I kill
so I can go into the eternal light
and never escape this eternal night.
Published: 7/6/2008
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