Every Day

I've had a back and forth with a girl for too long. We finally gave up. I'll miss her. Everyday.
I've been stuck in a melancholy mood,
All I've done these past weeks is brood,
And now there's no more hope for tomorrow,
All that's left is this moment of sorrow.

Isolated, by choice, for the past few days,
Now isolated by force in so many ways,
You were my favorite, and my best friend,
It's too bad that it all had to end.

So long. Goodbye. I'll see you around.
Meanwhile I struggle to pick my feet off the ground,
My lonely days became even more pained,
As lonely as a leaf getting beaten by rain.

I love you so much, but I couldn't stay,
We've tried time and again, in every way,
I tried for so long to make it okay,
And you already know that I miss you every day.
Published: 11/20/2012
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