Everything in One Hour: Love or Madness - A Short Story

Warning: This contains violence, mature language, and some very upsetting scenes. You need to be 18 or older to read this or have parental guidance.
The clouds were dark and miserable with rain pissing out of the sky. Thunder roared faintly while the wind howled mournfully.

"I'm pregnant," she choked out through a sob. Her words echoed through the cold, dreary atmosphere. Looking down, she avoided his intense gaze. He always won the staring competition between them.

"What did you say?" He hissed, his eyes burning with a desire for pure insanity, daring her to repeat her words.

"Yeah, I took seven pregnancy tests and they were all positive!" She cried out, her body trembling violently. Her anxious eyes struggled to hold his gaze as she continued to speak, "Please... I know what you're thinking, but I can't go through this again."

"Go through what? A miscarriage?" He roared, his fists shaking with rage like the beginning of an earthquake. Thunder rumbled in the sky, while his eyes flashed with fury.

"We both know that it wasn't a miscarriage. How many more times are we gonna try to hide this?" She said, struggling to fight the bitterness from her voice. It would only piss him off.

Despite her efforts, his face twisted with anger. "Whatever happened was for the best, but just remember that it wasn't my fault," he said with a slight threat in his tone.

That was all it took for her to snap like a twig.

"You wanted to get rid of the baby and before you could tell me to get an abortion, I already told everyone I was pregnant. So you did what you had to do to get rid of it. You pushed me down the stairs! I know what your intentions were at the time and I know you haven't learned from your mistakes! Does the death of our child mean nothing to you?!"

"Listen, you bitch-!" He started, but she cut him off abruptly.

"No, you listen to me 'cos this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have this baby and as soon as it comes into this world, I'm giving it up for adoption because I can't let it live in a world where it won't get the love it deserves. As long as you're around, our baby won't be able to live its life. So please don't-"

"-Shut the fuck up and listen to me!" He yelled, his face reflecting the furious thunder outside. "You're not gonna have this baby and that's final!"

"What's it to you whether I have it or not? It's not like I'm gonna keep it!" She persisted, her eyes glazing with tears, a hint of defiance in her tone.

"I can't stand the idea of my flesh and blood being raised by some strangers," he snarled, his veins throbbing in irritation. Above him, the dark sky moaned with hunger.

"Oh, but it's alright to kill your flesh and blood?" She screamed in his face. His blood boiled in rage and madness, while the thunder roared louder, almost shaking the earth.

Without a word, he grabbed her ponytail and wrapped it furiously around his big hand. She yelped in fright, but before she could wriggle free, he swung his fist at her cheekbone with his other hand. There was a sharp crack, followed by her cry of pain. The abuse didn't stop there. He aimed for her nose, making her spine crash against the wall. Another sharp cry escaped from her lips. Still not satisfied, he hammered his fists against her breasts. The world spun under her feet, her vision becoming more hazy, while she lost her balance and tumbled to the ground.

Grabbing on to her foot, her dragged her to the kitchen while she pleaded him to stop. He slammed her head against the kitchen door several times, causing blood to seep through her scalp and soak her hair. Lightning flashed and, for a split second, the white light revealed the early signs of horrible bruises and bumps that were forming on her skin.

"Are you gonna get an abortion?" He yelled at her face, his spit flying everywhere. Rain continued to batter against the windows as she lay on the ground, her hair clutched into his iron-like fists.

"Fuck you," she spat out, deliberately spraying blood on to his neck. His body stiffened tightly. Casually, he reached over for a pot in the counter surface. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed her struggling to pick her weight off the ground. By extending his leg out, he kicked her hardly on her spine. Another crack sounded from her body, while she screamed in extreme pain. She fell limply to the ground, every part of her felt emotionally and physically exhausted, finally giving up.

Striding to the stove, he filled the pot up with water and set it to boil. Then he returned to the abused figure sprawled out across the floor.

"I'm gonna give you one last chance. Are you gonna get an abortion?" He asked her, knowing that she could hear him. She stayed quiet. He kicked her, gently this time, and repeated his question. Silence was met once more.

"You're really gonna get it this time," he snapped.

The water boiled like a hungry volcano wanting to erupt. His imagination grew wild, more violent, while he imagined burning her face off with this scorching, hot water. Insanity was slowly clouding his senses while his heart pounded with a dark desire.

Suddenly, the lightning struck and a quiet voice snapped him out of his frantic thoughts.

"Yes," she whispered, sounding as if an invisible pair of hands were strangling her.

"What did you say?" He demanded, not fully believing what he heard.

"I'll get an abortion and I'll do it today," she said firmly with determination in her eyes. The rain battered down harder as if an ocean was slowly being tilted from the sky.

He relaxed. "Well, let's not waste a second. I'll grab my keys and make an appointment. Go look decent."

He disappeared from her view. She stayed in the same position, lying on the cold, dirty kitchen floor, her eyes staring at the ceiling with a ghostly look. After a while, he returned and picked her up. Staring into her lifeless eyes carefully, as he put her coat on her, his face was a picture of perfect anxiety.

"You know I love you and that's why I do this," he said softly. His words stung her heart while she nodded her head. He knew exactly what to say to spark her eyes back to life, glistening them with fresh tears. With a swipe of his finger, he wiped them away.

Her mind raced back to the boiling water in the kitchen. It was getting hotter by the second. For a moment, a dark temptation crept over her. Then she thought nothing more of it when he placed his hand on her shoulder, leading her outside. On their way to his car, an elderly woman, who was their neighbor, jogged over to greet them.

"What happened to you, honey?" The old woman asked, her clothes drenched in rain, as she eyed the couple suspiciously, her mind calculating that something was wrong.

"I fell over and had an accident," came the rehearsed reply.

He pushed her into the car and they sped off, leaving the elderly woman staring after them with a knowing look across her wrinkly face. The couple drove for a never-ending ten minutes of silence with only the rumble of thunder and the pitter-patter of rain to keep their company. During the ride, the sound of a police siren was wailing in the background like the stubborn cry of an infant child.

Suddenly, the car came to an abrupt stop and he made a U-turn.

"Why are we turning back?" She asked him, confusion laced in her words. She could barely hear herself above the groaning thunder.

"The old hag called the police," he replied aggressively. "I'll show her," he added with a low murmur, which got lost in the clash of lightning.

The ride home was much faster. He dragged her back inside quickly, his eyes scanning for the elderly woman but he couldn't find any trace of her. Slamming the door shut, he dragged his lover to the edge of the floor above. Her eyes stared down at the flight of stairs, an uneasy sick feeling swirling in her stomach like a tornado. She knew what he was going to do.

"We made an appointment," she cried out, "there's no need for this!"

He didn't listen. With an almighty shove, she went tumbling down the stairs, her stomach hitting each step along the way. She landed on the floor with a tremendous thud and lay still. Seeing what he thought was an unconscious body, he ran down the stairs and switched on the television to a loud volume. Then he dragged her body and hid her in the basement.

Like he expected, there was a knock on the door. A young policeman. When asked where she was, he explained he dropped her off to her appointment. There was a short exchange of quiet murmurs before the police officer left.

Struggling to pick her half-alive body up, she staggered her way up the cold steps and opened the basement door quietly. She dragged herself to the living-room, hidden by the sofa, where he was watching TV with a distant look on his face. The kitchen door was wide open and the water in the pot was boiling to the max.

Dragging herself to the kitchen and reaching over for the oven mitts, she picked up the pot of deadly water. When removing the lid, she saw that some water had evaporated but there was still enough to cause serious damage. He didn't hear her coming when she staggered her way into the living-room.

With a massive swing, she chucked the boiling water directly at his face, where it flew into his eyes. Clutching his face tightly, he screamed in pure agony as the water ate his face and burned his mad eyes, while she took the opportunity to smack his head with the pot. He fell to the floor, his skin peeling off and his cries clashing with the thunder and lightning. Wasting no time, she chucked the remote fiercely at his head and stomped on his crotch with her heels. She reached for the desk lamp and smashed it against his face, causing his teeth to fly out and his lips to bust.

With superhuman effort in her, she ran back into the kitchen and reached for two knives with her trembling hands. As her energy was drained again, she staggered herself back to the living-room, still finding him in the same position while he groaned and cried in incomprehensible pain.

"Are you gonna say sorry?" She hissed, her words dripping with venom as she mocked his tone. He continued to scream in agony. She slapped him with the knife, grazing his cheek, watching his blood run down his neck like the tears that fell from the dark sky.

"Are you sorry?!" She yelled louder and more frantically. He cried in response. Outside, the rain fell hard, thunder and lightning clashed with violence, the wind screeched and hurled large objects everywhere. Almost as if something possessed her, she raised the knives and lunged them into his heart. Blood flowed out rapidly while his screams were drowned out by the violent nature.

"I loved you," she whispered next to his ears. Her face winced in pain when she spat out, "You only ever showed me your hatred."

She watched him struggle to fight for his life, but his heart was failing on him and his breathing was slowing down dangerously. Thunder was fading away while the rain fell more calmly.

"Sorry," he choked out before he collapsed to his death.

The world came to a standstill for her as the horrible truth sunk into her.

She killed him.

For what felt like an eternity, she screamed in horror. What had she done? What did she just do? She took her lover's life away. She took her life away.

Without thinking, she raised the knives that killed him to her chest. "Please forgive me," she said, rather mysteriously, as she pierced both knives through her broken heart. Her body slumped down to his pool of blood, as she took her last breath.

The wind took its final blow.

They were lovers. He thought the world of her. He grew up in an abusive environment, where he watched his own father strike his mother. He never believed in love until he met her.

She was an ordinary girl in a big city. Living with just her mother, she never knew her father and she never got his affection. In her mind, she was waiting to be rescued by her prince. She thought she found him.

At first, their love was simple but it became a struggle. They had to overcome obstacles and many challenges. In the end, love had other plans.

The End.


Author's Note

This is a story I wrote with my sister. What was your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below! Thanks.
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Published: 9/29/2015
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