Excavation - Chapter 2

Loud and obnoxious, someone screamed into the phone: "Beware young Wumback!" And the phone started to screech in her ear.
Chapter 2: Beware

"So the Wumback girl is back in the picture?" Danica asked looking around at the rest of the council. They were all looking around aimlessly trying not to answer her question. "Answer me dammit!" Her earth-quaking roar sent a gust of wind around the table, making papers flap.

"Well, we're waiting on that answer," Adam said. "But it's likely."

"How is this possible!" Danica screamed sending another gust of wind.

"Well, you act as if we're all happy about it also," Michael said. "We never liked Arthur."

"You never liked Arthur, there was a difference," Julian said. "And you never liked him simply cause he had more power than any of us did combined."

Michael twirled a pencil through his hand, clearly bored. "If that was ever true," Michael said. "How come no one has seen this tremendous amount of power?"

"I have," Adam said. He shook his head. "And I hope to never have to see it again."

There was silence. The council looked at one another and then looked down. They were scared. Everyone knew what Arthur was capable of, he had to be the most powerful man on earth, and he was eventually stopped. The council had waited for this day to come; the day that his daughter was old enough to take on his role of being a council member.

"Liam thinks that he may have found her. He says that the girl that he's been following is more unusual than any other people," Adam said, his voice calm and serene.

"What do you mean by unusual really?" Danica said trying to avoid contact with him.

"Well, he didn't clarify himself, but it had to have been something out of the ordinary if he keeps pursuing this one girl."

"Her name?" Julian asked.

"He won't give. He hasn't gotten close enough to talk to her while she's at school." Adam straightened his glasses and looked deeper into the paper. "She's always with some kid named Lucas, and he seems to be very over protective."

"Well, if Liam is afraid of a merely human, then who put him on the job?" Danica asked.

"Danica, you're a bit more feisty today," Michael said taking amusement in her face. She brushed him off and he just smiled.

"Well he is trying to avoid them discovering who we are," Julian said ignoring Michael's comment.

"How can they even know that the supernatural even exists?" Danica asked.

"Well for starters, Arthur's wife, her mother and sister knew everything about us and I'm pretty sure that if anything had happened to Arthur, they would tell everything to her so she would be aware," Julian said.

"Implus, Arthur was our most skilled warrior out there. I'm pretty sure that she was born with some of his ancient qualities," Adam said.

"Don't forget about the thing that Arthur kept hidden from centuries," Julian said. The council room focused on him. "That was clearly an asset to us all since it wasn't on him the day that we killed him."

"True," Danica said. "Nothing was on him. He kept it well hidden even while alive."

"So what will we do with her?" Michael asked still twirling his pencil. "Kill her. If we do, I want dibs. I still don't forgive Arthur for betraying us."

"No," Adam said shaking his head. "She completes the council. Haven't I already explained this to you?"

"But still, she won't want to join on her own."

"Well, we have to give her lead way and let her know that it is the right thing to do. She is more powerful than either of us." Michael stopped twirling his pencil and then looked over at Adam. "I'm not kidding Michael..."

"Well then," Michael said slapping his pencil down on the table. "If this is our gal, which I'm hoping, I'm meeting her first. No questions asked."


Once the bell rang for school to end, Briana walked out of her Art class and down the hallway. Red and purple paint was still fresh and sticky on her hands as she mended them together and made an even darker purple.

"Hand art is really beautiful isn't it?" Briana looked up and noticed an unfamiliar guy in her face.

"Well if it's relevant to situations, why not just go with the flow?" The guy smiled. Briana tilted her head. He couldn't be any older than she. Two years tops.

He stuck his hand out. "I'm Liam Rockwell."

"Lemme guess, you own that cute jaguar across from the school right?" He smirked and put his hand down. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow then."

She brushed past him and walked toward the front doors, still pressing her hands together. Liam jogged after her, and was soon in front of her, walking backwards.

"You're back," Briana mumbled.

"Listen," he said still walking. "I'm not trying to seduce you or anything, or even ask you out... I just want to-"

"Get to know me? No thanks. I have enough friends."

"You have 1."

"One is enough. Stalking me though?" He stopped and looked at her.

"Sorry to bother you." He pushed the door open and Briana walked through and looked back at him.

"I like you Liam. You're not different from anyone, though. Just the same. Your blonde hair annoys me. You remind me of Leonardo DiCaprio."

"You don't like old Leo, huh?"

"I do. I just don't want you to remind me of him." And she was off in to the outside world where birds fluttered and pooped whenever and wherever they wanted to, where people argued over parking spaces and where her best friend Lucas was waiting by his black tinted car.

"You're late." She smiled and rubbed some of the leftover paint onto his face. Unlike everyone else who would have freaked out, he just smiled and licked her hand. In his fake British accent he says, "It's a bit salty governor."

They got into the car and pulled out of the school. Briana watched as they drove by Liam's car. He was leaning on it typing endlessly on his phone. As they drove by, it was like he looked right into the car, saw Briana and smiled.

She shivered and looked back at Lucas. He had his jaw tightened and his cheek muscles looked like they had stretched. The paint there stained his pale cheek and Briana smiled. "Well, I'm sorry for being late. You don't have to be pissed about it."

He looked over at her briefly and then back at the road. "Briana, I'm not pissed at you."

"Then at who?"

"I'm not pissed at all."

Briana eyed him and then sighed. Then she began to recite, "When we were 7 and I ate all of your goldfish crackers, you were mad and your jaw tightened. When we were 11 and I killed the caterpillar you found, you were pissed and your jaw tightened, and when we were-"

"Alright I get it." He turned the corner forcefully. Briana still looked at him with agony. He didn't say anything, nor did he look back at her.

"You wanna tell me what's upsetting you?"

The car stopped at a stop light. He gripped the wheel with one hand and looked at her. "Why are you always worried about me? It should be the other way round."

"We go in a circle. I care about you and you care about me. I'm trying to do my part here."

He smiled and placed a hand on her painted one. "You're the best thing I've ever had." She smiled as he returned his hand to the wheel. "The thing that's got me in a wreck is nothing. I promise. Something that will probably blow over by tomorrow. That's how it always is."

Those last five words sealed the deal. He didn't want anyone to mess with him. Briana knew him well enough for that, so she turned back to the road and looked out of the window.

About 5 minutes later, he pulled into the driveway of his house and then stopped his car. He looked over at Briana. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

They both got out of the car and then went their separate ways: him into his house, and Briana across the street to hers. Weird, but Briana's mother Jane, and Lucas' mother Julie wanted to be as close as possible. They practically depended on one another.

Once Briana entered her home she looked around; the house was a two-story castle, as Briana liked to call it. It fit all four people who lived in here: her, her mother, her grandmother Veraine, and her aunt Loraine. A house full of women.

"Honey's, I'm home." She continued to play with her now dry hands because they amazed her. She pranced into the kitchen where all the ladies were sitting around drinking their tea.

"Hello sweetheart." Briana kissed the top of everyone's heads before she went to the kitchen sink to wash her hands.

"How was your day?" Her aunt Loraine asked her.

"School was school." After she got done washing her hands, she gracefully perched on the ledge of the sink and crossed her legs like a young business lady. "I met new people."

"Wanna explain?" Her mother asked.

"There were these 3 men here today. And then this guy named Liam wanted to be my friend. How swell does that sound?"

Her mother smiled. "Very swell."

"Did you say Liam?" Her aunt asked putting her mug of tea down. All eyes were on her. Briana nodded.

"Mhm. Liam Rockwell. Blonde hair, blue eyes."

"That's the image now," my grandmother said.

Her aunt sat her mug down, and pushed herself away from the table. She walked out of the room, mumbling an excuse me. Briana noticed the expression on her face and how she held her stomach. She jumped off the counter and followed her aunt.

She was standing outside on the back patio. "I hope that I didn't say anything wrong," Briana wanted to say, but she didn't have the guts to face her aunt. She turned and begin to walk down the hallway until her phone rang.

She stared at the caller ID as she walked up the steps. It said private. Briana raised an eyebrow. She never answered private, so she just kept staring until the phone went black. Just as she was about to throw the phone on the bed, it rang again. This time it didn't say private, but it had 1234567 across the top. Briana rolled her eyes. Maybe some error. She sat the phone down and then walked over to her window and opened it.

There was another house right next door. Briana, for some reason stared at the window, and then at that same time someone appeared in it, making Briana frown. It looked just like that Liam guy she had seen earlier. He had the same ugly blonde hair. But that couldn't be him. He didn't live over here... Then he turned around and caught her eye, and Briana's suspicions were confirmed.

Liam stared at her more thoroughly this time. His eyes wandered down to the floor of her room and how spotless it was, then back at her as she played with her now clean hands. She did interest him a lot. She had a side to her that no one else had. She was funny, yet dismissive; cute, yet had this fiery passion around her. Liam wanted to know more about her, not to just tell the council, but to just know.

Briana raised her eyebrows and walked from the window just as he did. She laid back down on the bed and flicked the TV on. It blared on the music channel and she hurried to turn it off, but she couldn't find the remote. Giving up on finding the remote, she walked over to the TV herself, and turned it down. She heard her phone start to vibrate again and this time she picked it up. She didn't see whether it was private or not.

"Briana speaking." There was no sound from the other end. "Hello?" Still no sound. Just when she was sure that there was no one else on the phone, someone started breathing. "Hello."

Loud and obnoxious, someone screamed into the phone: "BEWARE YOUNG WUMBACK!" And the phone started to screech in her ear.

She threw the phone down on her bed and stared at it. The screen started to blink from red to green to white. Briana's breathing labored. What the hell was that?
Published: 1/31/2012
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