Excavation - Prologue

The rain was beating down hard on the ground. Each time it hit, you could hear a little thud sound softly sparking on the ground. The moon was set high and it was full. It gazed down upon each and every house with much approvement. People walked along the pavement, some with hoods on, many with umbrellas, and others just walked in the rain, letting it slip past and touch them on their gentle bodies.

He, on the other hand ran. He ran like there was no tomorrow because he knew that they were after him and what information he beheld. One glance back would be one too many for he would lose speed and they would gain upon him and the information that he didn't want to give away. He turned the corner and ran into the nearest building. Inside, people stared at him wide-eyed like he was some masked man ready to chop them up. It was the hospital. He was in the right spot. He glanced behind him, but no one was there. They must have lost his trail.

He approached the front desk where there was a lady typing endlessly on the countertop. She was the receptionist. "Ma'am," he said calmly. He found himself shivering as he gulped.

The receptionist looked up. "Oh honey, you're drizzling." She had a deep country accent. "Let me get you a towel." She stood up, about to walk away.

"No please." She stopped and looked at him, her red hair relaxed against her cheeks. "Just tell me what room number Jane Wumback is in please."

The lady sat back at the desk, looked through some papers and then looked back at him with a smile masked over her face. "Jane Wumback just got done delivering her first child. She's stationed in Recovery."

The man nodded and bid his thank you as he ran down to the Recovery area. Down there, another receptionist gave him the room number 218 for a Jane Wumback. He rode up an elevator until he reached the right floor. As he walked out, he passed by the little children's station. He stopped and looked down at all the babies. They were all asleep except for one baby who cried endlessly.

The man approached room 218 and walked in. Jane was laying down asleep on her bed, her mother and sister were standing aimlessly alongside the opposite side. They didn't see the man as he walked in. He took a seat beside Jane. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"She was beautiful," Jane said. "She looked just like you Arthur."

Arthur smiled and grabbed Jane's hands. They were cold and knobby against his wet and callused ones. "I have to leave soon."

"Are they coming?" Arthur looked up to see Jane's mother and her sister as they came over. Arthur looked down at Jane and then nodded. "How much time do we have?"

"Not much." He released Jane's hand and dug into his pocket. "Give this to her for me please." He pulled out a tightly woven sack and gave it to Jane's mother as he stood.

"No, no!" Jane said. "You cannot give yourself up to them without seeing her face!"

"I saw her." Arthur smiled. "She was the only one crying when all the other kids were asleep."

"She was a warrior," Jane's sister Loraine said. "She was just like her father." Arthur looked down. He felt the hot tears sting into his eyes.

Loraine hugged him tight and then Jane's mother did. "You're a good man," Jane's mother said.

Arthur nodded and looked down at Jane. Tears spilled out of both of her eyes. Arthur kissed her lips lightly and then her forehead.

"I love you," Jane said. Arthur couldn't bear to look into her eyes, so he left immediately, leaving his whole family behind to give them a greater life.
Published: 1/21/2012
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