Excuses to Call Out of Work

If you are looking for an excuse which is not embarrassing but still convinces your boss of your inability to come to office, then this article will definitely be of some help to you.
"It's a beautiful's a beautiful day..." my alarm kept telling me till it made sure that I have surrendered and given up any thoughts of sleeping further. As soon as I woke up, I realized that it indeed was a beautiful day (Bono seldom has been wrong!). The sun was rising to its glory, the birds were their chirpy self, the air was crisp. It seemed to be a perfect day, a day when you just want to lay idle and appreciate nature's beauty. Going to office was out of question, so my mind began to ponder on some of the best excuses to call out of work, but unfortunately I could only come up with the lame-old excuse that 'I wasn't feeling well'. We all know that a boss has to be insane enough to buy this without asking a few questions and trust me I found myself blabbering when my boss went on to inquire about my bad health. I got a day off, but inside I felt that it had come at a cost of me losing some face. Not only did it take something away from that beautiful day, but also made me realize the importance of coming up with some good excuses that do not raise too many eyebrows!"

All of us have taken those occasional day-offs when the thought of going to office and working all day seems tedious and daunting. While informing your manager about your inability to come to work, you have to make sure that you do not raise too many eye-brows. It should be conveyed in such a way that your boss instead of asking questions, sympathizes with you. So, let us try to see some of the best excuses to miss work.
  1. One of the good excuses to call out of work is to tell your boss that you are suffering from a flu which you 'caught' from someone while returning from work yesterday. This way you are indirectly telling your boss that the flu is contagious and it can spread to your co-workers. Chances are that your boss may tell you to report to work only when you have fully recovered.
  2. The second good excuse to get out of work can prove to be useful if your boss is married and has kids. You can tell him that your spouse/kids are not feeling well and you need to drive them to the hospital. Your boss can connect to this and you will get a day off without being asked too many questions.
  3. If you are thinking about telling your boss that your car has broken down, make sure that you call at such a time when all your colleagues have reached office. If you live close-by, do not even think about this excuse as it will mean that not only would you be told to come to office but you will have to pay for the damages of hiring a cab.
  4. Another great excuse to call out of work is to tell your boss that your best friend/relative is in the city and you are going to meet him after a decade. After all, if they have come so far for you, the least you can do is to play host and show them around.
  5. Having mischievous kids at home can mean that you can take a day off on their pretext. You can tell your boss that the kids haven't fared well in the exams and the teachers have called you for an emergency meeting.
  6. If you are a woman working under a male supervisor, you can always take a day off by telling your boss that you have some 'woman's issues'. I know this is embarrassing but then after an hour or two, the guilt will fade away and you can enjoy the rest of the day.
  7. Nobody likes to deal with taxes, returns, bank work etc., but the fact is that we have to spend some time in doing these things. You can tell your boss that you cannot come because you have to go to the bank to settle some very important issues and it cannot be postponed as today is the last day to do it.
  8. You can call up your boss and tell him that you have taken some work home and you will be going over it today. You need to ensure that you call up the office once or twice in the day to remind people that you indeed are working.
  9. If one can have mischievous kids, one can also have geeky-kids. Calling up your boss and telling him that your presence is required for the graduation ceremony of your daughter will make you a proud father and the best part is that you do not need to induce gloominess in your voice like the rest of the excuses.
  10. Last but not the least, you can tell your boss that you are involved with a charity and today is their annual fundraising day and you need to be there.
Some Funny Excuses to Call Out of Work

Well, we have heard numerous stories from our friends and relatives about how they coaxed their bosses to give them a day off by telling them some really dumb excuses. Let us take a look at some of these.
  1. My dog is not well and there is no one else to take care of him, so I wouldn't be able to come to work today.
  2. My washing machine has been sent for repairs and I have just realized that I do not have any clean clothes to wear, so it would not be possible for me to show up for work.
  3. My dog swallowed my car keys and I was wondering if you can lend me your car for a few hours as I need to take him to a vet.
  4. I slept off at work yesterday and got a strain in the neck. So, I will not be able to come to office.
  5. My daughter has caused me huge embarrassment by running off with her boyfriend but she forgot to take her favorite sandals. I am sure that she will be coming back to take them, so I need to be at home to catch her.
These were some of the excuses to get a day off. You just need to ensure that you deliver these in the correct way with the right mix of emotions or otherwise, you can be in a pretty tight situation. And also, make sure that you do not make it a habit to call up your boss every month and take a leave. There would be times when the above-mentioned excuses can turn into realities and you will desperately need a day off. In those times, it is important that your boss trusts you and backs you by allowing you to take as much time as you want to.
By Rahul Pandita
Published: 3/9/2011
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