Exterior Paint Colors

Confused by the variety of exterior paint colors available in the market? Want to choose the right color for your house? Find some help here.
The choice of exterior paint colors has the power to jazz up your home, or make it stick out like a sore thumb in the vicinity. How you wish to treat your home then, is completely in your hands. Choosing the right paint color can even help conceal minor architectural flaws that your house may have, or just generate a wave of envy among the neighborhood (not to mention the definite increase in the market value of your house). So just give the choice of the color you have in mind a little thought, before you go ahead and color your home.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

With the variety available, the process of choosing a color for your house can be overwhelming. These tips, however, will help you handle the task with more ease, and choose the right color for your home.
  • Keep the surroundings in mind: Before you decide to plunge in and transform your house into a yellow blossom, or a brown sparrow, take a look around. Do all the other houses in the neighborhood have similar shades? Is the surrounding landscape going to complement the colors? Keep these questions in mind before picking the color.
  • The seasons matter: The second most important thing is to keep the nature of the different seasons in your area of residence. If your house is going to be covered with snow most of the time, you might not want to spend too much time picking the color for your home. Similarly, if it is sunny most of the time, choosing a light, but bright shade will be a good idea. For a place where all the seasons are equally prevalent, choose shades that will complement them throughout.
  • Trends won't last forever: Don't get influenced by what's in and what's out, because change is constant. Instead, choose a color that is eternal, and can withstand all the regular changes in seasonal and yearly trends.
  • A small paint sample does not always speak for itself: Sometimes a small patch of paint may look good, but on a big surface the color may overpower the surroundings. So choosing a neutral color would be a better option. Also, with a sample, see how it looks at different times of the day, in artificial light, and in the moonlight too.
  • Just one shade can be dull: Having mentioned all tips in favor of keeping it neutral, it has to be said that just a plain shade can also be a little boring. Strike a balance by highlighting small portions of your house with different color combinations. For instance, if there are parts of your house that are protruding from the basic level, those could be highlighted. In other cases, simple window and door frames can be made to stand out with a subtle contrast.
  • Only paint does not bring life to the exterior of a house: If nothing else, bring to life the exterior of your house, with some landscaping or smaller elements like colorful pots to stand out against a neutral background. Nothing works better than this.
If you have a home improvement project on the cards, and are deciding to paint your house, these tips on selecting the exterior paint colors are sure to help, and help you add the perfect finishing touch to your house.
By Puja Lalwani
Published: 2/15/2010
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