Extinction - Part I (Full Novel)

Logan and other survivors are wanting to escape out of a zombie outbreak. Will they reach military help, or become one of them? Glenmar Davila's debut short novel will sure give you the satisfaction you need.

For Irene Vaughan and his son, Logan Stonechild, who requested this fictional story.

Chapter 1- The Panic

" Thank you, Logan, for sharing your project with us", the teacher from Logan's school said. Logan walked towards his desk and sat down. He was eager to know what his mark will be on his science project. The school intercom activated.

" Attention all students and staff, we have secured all doors and have barricaded them", the vice principal said over the intercom. "All staff members and students must stay at their homerooms until further notice, I repea- aaaahhhh!!"

" What's happening?", Logan asked his teacher.

" I don't know, Logan", the teacher responded with fear. " But we still have to follow the vice principals order".

" Have you heard the vice principal?", Michael, a student, asked. " She screamed at the top of her freakin' lungs!"

" We have to get the hell outta here", Randy, another student, said calmly.

Suddenly, screams, car screeches from wheels, sirens making loud sounds and people crying from outside startled everyone and made everyone afraid. Logan decided to go outside. Logan opened the door that leads to the hallways of the school. The silence made Logan quiver and shake a little bit. Then he started walking down the hall.

" Get inside the classroom, Logan!", the teacher yelled at him. " Right now!"

Logan didn't listen to his teacher at all, he just kept on walking. The teacher ran after him. Logan noticed his teacher chasing after him, he started sprinting towards the end of the hallway.

" Get back here!", the teacher yelled while chasing after Logan with difficulty.

Logan kept on running. Right, left, right, left, straight down, and left again. He reached the front doors of the school. He opened the heavy wooden doors. He immediately saw her mother, Irene, running towards her. Irene grabbed Logan's arm.

" We need to get out of this fucked up city!", Irene screamed. " Let's go!"

As they ran for the family car, Logan saw car crashes, police cars and ambulances, fires growing out from buildings and homes. He was disgusted and frightened by bloody covered people munching and eating other people. He was more frightened than ever.

They finally reached the family car. Both went inside the car. Irene stepped on the gas pedal and away they went. Logan didn't want to know what will happen next. He knew it would be more heart pounding than what he saw.

" Are you oka- screeeeeeeeeeeech!

Irene tried to not crash into anything, but she did. She accidentally crashed into a pine tree. Logan and Irene were both knocked off from the terrible crash.

Chapter 2- Afterwards

" Wake up, hey white boy, wake up," a black man said trying to wake up Logan. Logan had a long nap after the crash. Logan turned to his left side.

" Holy shit!", he sweared. He was surprised that his mother, Irene, is now dead. He wept for a few minutes.

" No! No! No!", Logan yelled while tears came down his cheeks. " This can't be happening!"

" I know how you feel", the black man said. " My name's Eddie, you see those motherfuckers out there? They're called motherfuckin' zombies. Those assholes infected all of eastern Canada, they're headed west to eat some more fuckin' brains. Listen, you have to come with me, if you want to survive. We have to head to an airport, I was a pilot for four years at the Toronto Pearson, so I'll be the one piloting a plane. So here's the plan. We're gonna search for food and all that good shit. Then we search for weapons that will fuckin' kill those zombies. Third, we gonna search for survivors. Last but not least, we gonna go to a airport near Edmonton and we gonna fly outta here and search for some kind of military help. That's my plan. Now, I'll ask you, do you want to come with me?

Logan spent a few seconds trying to choose yes or no. Tears were still coming down his cheeks. He stared at his dead mother.

" Sure", he finally responded. " I'll go with you".

" Alright!", Eddie said with a small amount of happiness on his face. " Here's a weapon". Eddie handed a sharp machete with brass knuckles on the handle. " This will be your guardian, well until we find better weapons. Step inside my car and we'll be on our way". He grabbed out two Desert Eagles and walked towards his old looking but muscular Dodge Charger. Logan followed him. They both went inside the car and they went off.

The car stopped at a police department. Eddie went out of the car, so did Logan. They both walked towards the main doors of the police department. Logan gripped on his weapon tightly.

" We're gonna go inside and get some weapons", Eddie explained. "Then we gonna walk to that Chinese restaurant and pack some food. Chinese food is good for this kind of apocalypse."

They both walked inside the department. Eddie pointed out his gun and Logan wielded his machete. They were ready for anything. Suddenly a man jumped out from a desk. The man ran towards Eddie and Logan. Eddie shot his guns rapidly. The man dropped down to the floor. It was a zombie! Logan was more frightened.

" So this is a zombie, eh?", Logan asked with fear in his voice.

" Hell yeah", Eddie answered. " Look there's a stash of weapons over there".

They walked towards the stash of weapons. Eddie packed some weapons into an empty bag. Logan chose a handgun and a Uzi. Eddie heard footsteps from behind.

" Hold it right there, mate", a man said. " Turn around". The man had a shotgun and was aiming at Eddie.

Eddie and Logan turned around. The man pointed down his shotgun.

" Thank God!", the man said with relief. " I thought you were one of those bloody assholes. My name's John. I'm a police officer here. The only one today. All of us probably know we have to stick together. I hate arguments so I'm gonna go with your plan, mate."

Eddie explained what the plan is and introduced himself and Logan. The survivors grabbed a few more weapons and headed off to the Chinese restaurant.

Inside the Chinese restaurant, tables and chairs were broken because of the panic before. Eddie walked up to the counter. Suddenly, a woman got hold of his head, with a knife to his throat. She was a woman working at the restaurant. She was Asian and had long hair. She also looked beautiful.

" Are you fucking one of them?", the Asian woman. " Answer my fucking question!"

" Hold on, hold on!", Eddie said calmly. " We're not one of them, otherwise if we were, we'd probably go attacking you instead of walking in wielding our weapons".

The Asian woman let go of Eddie. She sat down and massaged her sweaty head.

" Those pieces of bloody bullshits almost killed me", the Asian woman said. " I'm Jade. I'm the only one who survived this bloody fucking horror here. Hey, black man. Got any good plans? Cuz' I don't".

Eddie explained his plan and introduced her to everyone and everyone to her. She was filled with happiness knowing that she was safe with the gang. Everyone got their pack of Chinese food and got out of the restaurant. Jade had a long katana, she said it was for display in the restaurant. She didn't know if it was actually real before.

As they got outside, hordes of zombies were walking towards them and some were running. The gang quickly ran towards Eddie's car. A zombie climbed on the hood of the car. Eddie shot it with his guns. They all went inside the car. Eddie stepped on the gas pedal and they went off. The gang went away from the horde of zombies.

" Oh shit!", Eddie said. " The airport we're goin' is where the fuckin' horde of zombies are! We have to go back in order to get the hell outta here!"

" Isn't there another way to go to the airport?", Jade asked. " We won't stand a chance if we dashed this car through them!".

" There is no fuckin' way", Eddie answered. " We have to take this chance, everybody trust me on this one".

John agreed, so as Jade. But Logan wasn't sure if he wanted to go through a horde of killing machines. Eddie then turned around the car and they were going real fast now.

" Ohhh shit!", Eddie screamed while going through the horde of zombies. The car crashed and killed zombies from the horde. Blood shot out from the zombies and splattered all over the car. Then they finally reached the end of the horde.

Everybody was silent for a few minutes. " Now that's how I do it!", Eddie cheered. The gang cheered as well. Logan was in relief.

" We should reach the airport in Edmonton in a few hours", Eddie explained. " You guys just relax, after fifteen minutes, John will drive for us and I'll be able to get a fuckin' good long nap".

They drove into the sunset. Jade ate some of the Chinese food they packed. Logan wasn't hungry, he was still really sad that his mother died. He tried sleeping, but he couldn't sleep because he can't stop thinking about his mother. This was not the best day of his life.

Chapter 3- Survival Showdown

" Wake up, hey Logan, wake up", Jade said waking up Logan. " We're almost at the airport".

The gang is now close to getting to the airport. It was three in the morning. John's driving, Eddie's sleeping and Jade and Logan are both awake.

" Argh", Eddie grunted waking up. " We almost there?".

" Yep", John answered. " And you didn't take your shift for driving".

" Sorry 'bout that."

The gang arrived at a outlet store. " We have to pack up food and all that good shit before proceeding to the airport", Eddie said. " Let's go!".

They went into all the outlet stores. Everybody packed up lots of food, accessories, clothes, and many other things they need.

" I need this one, this one too, a lot of these", Logan said while browsing through the outlet stores. It was luck that there were no zombies around the outlet stores. But then John heard a sound. It sounded like it was a vicious, a vicious zombie.

" Oh shit!", John said. " We need to get out of here!". Everybody grabbed a few more stuff and they ran for the car. It was too late. Zombies ruled over the car, thinking that there was fresh humans in there. The gang hesitated whether to kill all the zombies then go, or to get the fuck out of there.

" That's my fuckin' car and our only piece of transportation!", Eddie yelled at the zombies. Eddie caught the zombies attention. The horde of killing machines ran after them. Logan, Jade, and John ran away from the horde, but Eddie stood his ground.

" Get the fuck outta there!", Jade yelled at Eddie. " Your gonna get yourself wasted!".

" You guys get outta here, I stay, I mean look at that, that's a whole lot of motherfuckin' bloody assholes", Eddie responded. " I'll hold them off .... cuz I deserve it".

Jade dropped her jaw. " You killed Tim Goldberg!", Jade said. Tim Goldberg was one of the famous scientists in Canada. " Goldberg must've created this virus just for you! You fuckin' killed thousands of innocent people!!!".

" Get outta here, now!", Eddie warned Jade. Logan and John were already running towards the airport which is close to the outlets. " Now!".

" Fuck you!", Jade offended Eddie. " Go to hell!". She ran towards Logan and John.

The zombies were getting near Eddie. He climbed on a large truck. He spreaded fuel all over the truck and to himself. Before going to the outlet stores he picked up fuel from the trunk of his car. No one noticed him. He grabbed a lighter out of his pocket.

" Die, motherfuckers!", Eddie yelled. He lit his lighter. The zombies were all around the truck now, he dropped his lighter and BOOM! There was a loud explosion, the rest of the gang heard it.

" No," Logan said. " No, he was our only pilot".

" Good thing you didn't say that you liked him", Jade snapped. " He was the fucking one who killed a Goldberg".

John was in awe. Logan didn't understand. He wasn't interested in news. Jade explained to John that Eddie admitted that he killed Goldberg. The zombies were still chasing after them, and they kept on running until they reached the entrance to the airport.

" Go, go, go!", John yelled. They were close to the auto sliding doors of the airport.

They reached the doors to the airport and closed it. They barricaded the doors with things near them. After, they went into the food court to rest.

" That should hold them for a while, in the meantime, let's go look for a plane, mates", John said. They walked to the boarding area. As they looked through the windows, there were a lot of zombies around the landing areas. There were crashed planes and smoke rising out of them.

" They must've tried to escape, but it was too late", Logan said sadly. They stared at the devastating scenery. Then John started walking towards the doors to the jet bridges. Logan and Jade followed behind. John carefully opened the door. They all we're ready. Then inside were a few zombies eating human flesh from dead bodies!

" Oh shit!", John said startled. He closed the door immediately.

" There must be fucking zombies from all of the portals", Jade said.

" We have to check every jet bridge, mate", John responded. " Or we'll be stuck here".

They checked another jet bridge. There were a few zombies in the jet bridge. John closed it immediately. They kept on doing those three steps until they've done all. Logan noticed something.

" The planes aren't connected to the bridges", Logan said. " Look".

They looked into a huge window. " Ah damn it!", Jade said. " Now what?".

" We go outside", Logan said. " We'll run for our lives".

John and Jade laughed. " How are we suppose to live out there?", they said. But the laughter broke. They suddenly saw a man waving his arms on top of a huge plane.

" Is that a zombie?", Logan asked.

" I don't think so", John answered. " A zombie wouldn't be waving his arms and jumping".

Jade saw a radio beside the man. " Hey look", Jade said. " He has a radio, maybe we can contact him back".

John saw a bag with an antenna sticking out of it. " We must have luck today, mates", he said. He grabbed the bag and opened it. Inside was a radio.

" We can call him with this", John said. He turned it on and browsed through different stations. He reached the man's voice.

" I can't believe I'm not the only man in the world living right now", the man said. " My names Hensen, Mayor Hensen. Those bloody citizens almost killed me. They killed everyone I know at the press conference. Thank God I'm still alive and you guys too. Listen this is my plan. You will get out of the center and go through the horde of zombies, don't worry I'll be assisting you with my sniper rifle and grenades. Then you will climb on this plane with me. This plane is working, but I don't know how to drive it. So that's my plan".

" I agree, mayor", John said. The others agreed to the mayor's plan too.

" I agree, too".

It was Eddie! He was still alive! " What the hell, you're still alive, are you a fuckin' zombie!", Jade yelled at Eddie.

" I threw the lighter into the horde. Ya saw me drop it, but it wasn't open. Then I turned to see if you guys were gone, and you guys were. I picked up the lighter and threw it into the horde and jumped behind the truck. It was fuckin' sick".

" Why didn't you just throw it and join us, mate?", John asked.

" Cause I don't wanna get insults from Jade", Eddie laughed. John laughed too. Jade's face turned into dangerous anger. John stopped. Eddie didn't. Logan snickered.

Two hours later, the gang was ready to go outside and get outta here. They opened one of the jet bridges. Eddie killed two zombies, with two head-shots. Jade went for the throat of a zombie. Blood spattered around. John shot his shotgun and the bursting bullet went through a zombies stomach. Logan decapitated both of a zombie's legs with his machete. He also triggered his Uzi all over the jet bridge, since he was not experienced.

" Now that's how we'll roll, mates!", John cheered. The gang cheered. Eddie opened the exit door at the end of the jet bridge.

" Holy shit!", Eddie exclaimed. Eddie almost fell over the edge of the jet bridge into a hungry horde of cannibals. He backed away and sat down.

" How are we gonna get out of here?", Logan asked.

" You see that big truck?", Jade asked. " We're gonna jump to it one by one".

" Are you crazy?!", Eddie asked exclaiming. " I could fall into those motherfuckers!".

" It's only a feet or two, mate", John said. " I think we could do it".

They all agreed with Jade and John. " Y'all know this is suicide!", Eddie yelled.

" You know that this is a million dollar opportunity", Jade said.

John went first. He backed up, then ran to the end of the jet bridge and he jumped. His feet landed on the big truck's roof. Logan was next. Logan backed up, then ran, then jumped as far as he can. His feet landed on the edge of the truck. He was about to fall into the horde of killing machines, but he got a hold of John's hand. John helped him. He was grateful to John. He could've died. Then its was Jade's turn. She didn't even back away, she just ran for it and jumped. She landed on the truck without struggle. It was Eddie's turn. He backed away far. Then he noticed a horde of zombies who got in the center running towards him. He ran to the edge, jumped, and landed on the truck on his stomach. He was in relief.

" Good on ya, mate!", John said. " Now we just have to drive this baby to the plane".

" How do we do that?", Eddie asked. " There is zombies below us! How we gonna get to the seats?".

" We fight!", Logan exclaimed.

They kicked and slashed and shot their weapons through the horde until their was space. They quickly got into the truck, closed the windows, and Eddie stepped on the pedal. They were off. Blood spattered on their windows as they drove through the horde of the undead. Body parts of zombies flew everywhere. It was not an amazing sight, at all. They kept on driving until they reached the plane where Mayor Hensen is. They got out of the truck and went on the roof of the truck and walked across to the plane.

" You were one of the bravest people I've ever seen in Edmonton", Hensen said. He repeatedly thanked the gang for getting to him. " Now we have to get into the plane and one of you will be running this".

" I'll be doing that", Eddie said.

They got in the plane and got ready for take off. Logan and the gang knew it was all over. The fright, the pain, the blood, the violence, the zombies, will be soon be gone when they get to military safety. It was going to be alright.

Eddie started the plane, and soon they were running through the runway, killing zombies on the way. The plane lifted up from the ground. They were now in the air and on their way to safety.

" Thank God we all survived through this horror", Hensen said. The gang agreed. " We're going to be alright".

After a couple of hours they found a military base for survivors around Canada. The gang cheered. Eddie got up from his seat and cheered with them.

" Alright!", Eddie exclaimed.

" Uh, who's piloting the plane?", Logan asked. " Is it on auto-pilot?".

Eddie's happiness broke to a surprised face. " Oh shi- CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSH!


About the Author

Glenmar C. Davila was born on January 23 in the Philippines and currently lives somewhere in Alberta, Canada. His main hobbies are playing video games and basketball. R.L. Stine has been his inspiration in writing.

Twitter: Eddie232772
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Published: 2/21/2012
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