Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye makeup is a great and fab way of enhancing the beauty of your brown eyes. Here are some makeup tips for brown eyes.
Brown eyes are one of the best eye colors which can be enhanced with the right makeup. For brown eyes, it is very important that you select the right eye shadow. Along with the right eyeshadow colors and the right makeup products, it is important that you know the right technique for applying eye makeup. Here is how to achieve beautiful eye makeup and let us take a look at applying eye makeup for brown eyes.

Best Eye Makeup Color for Brown Eyes

Let us take a look at some of the most suitable colors for selecting the right eyeshadow for brown eyes. There are many colors like blue, brown, vanilla and purple, which look great with brown eyes. Neutral shades like taupe and browns also go with brown eyes. To make your eyes sparkle, you can apply a pink colored eye shadow. While applying the pink eyeshadow, you must apply a darker shade of the eyeshadow near the crease of the eyelid. For smoky look, you can go for the gray eyeshadow with a liner and this looks really great. Apart from these shades, there are some metallic shades which add a great and beautiful look to your eyes. The metallic colors like bronze, gold, metallic pink look just awesome with the beautiful brown eyes. Beige colored eyeshadow, with a darker shade at the crease of the eyelid, can also look cool. Also, to make your eyes look more dramatic and adventurous, you can go for a lavender colored eyeshadow with purple shade at the crease of the eyeshadow. However, you must perfectly blend the eyeshadow colors with each other, to give the finest look to your eyes.

Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

There are numerous shades available for an eyeliner, like golden brown, bronze, black, navy blue, dark gray and brown. These colors must be chosen according to the color of the eyeshadow. If you go for a purple shade of the eye shadow, you must apply navy blue colored eyeliner. Pink colored eyeliners can work well when you want to make your brown eyes pop out and look great. Dark eyeshadow with a light eyeliner can add a dramatic look to your face. Your brown eyes will shine if you apply jet black eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners look great on brown eyes and enhance the beauty of brown eyes further. It is not at all necessary that you apply the eyeliner only when you are wearing a eyeshadow. You can simply apply the eyeliner to frame your eyes, without using an eyeshadow.

Best Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
  • When you choose the color for the eyeshadow, you must take into consideration the skin tone. Eye makeup for brown eyes and fair skin includes colors which are less intense and for darker skin tones you can increase the intensity of the eyeshadow color.
  • Remember that when you go for eye makeup, keep the color tones of your makeup neutral on the cheeks and lips. This will help get your eyes focused.
  • For applying mascara, you have to curl your eye lashes. Colored mascara is a great option for brown eyes. Dark blue colored mascara can surely replace the black mascara for those beautiful tips for brown eyes.
This was about how to take on and achieve beautiful eye makeup if you have brown eyes. Hope, the next time you will apply the right makeup to make your brown eyes look beautiful.
By Aarti R
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