Eyeglass Lens Scratch Repair

If you are frustrated of having scratches on your eyeglass lenses, it is important for you to know about eyeglass lens scratch repair. This article will give you detailed information with which you can get rid of minor scratches that appear on your eyeglass lenses.
Having scratches, minor or major, on the eyeglass lenses can hamper one's vision clarity. Most people opt for eyeglass lens replacement when they find scratches on the lenses. However, replacing the lenses or buying a new frame altogether is quite expensive. Moreover, if your eyeglass prescription has not changed, replacing the lens is actually a waste of money. This is because scratches on the lens can be removed at home too. Though there are people who recommend certain home remedies for eyeglass scratch removal, it is best to use a eyeglass lens scratch removal kit which is available in the market. Here, we will take a look at the process of eyeglass lens scratch repair with the use of a kit.

Eyeglass Lens Scratch Repair Process

Eyeglass lenses are available in three forms, namely plastic, glass and polycarbonate. Whatever, material the lenses are made of, it is easy for them to have scratches while handling it everyday. One of the common reasons that can give rise to scratches on eyeglass lenses include cleaning the lenses with your cloth, tissue paper, etc. Whatever may be the reason, it is possible to get rid of the scratches from the eyeglass lenses with a good quality eyeglass lens cleaner. If you do not find these kits in the market, you can search the Internet as there are various sites that sell these products. Once you have brought the eyeglass cleaner kit, here are some steps that you have to follow.
  1. Before trying out the cleaning lotion on your eyeglass lenses, do not forget to read the instructions given on the package carefully. Most of the eyeglass lens cleaner kits comprise special polish as well as a soft cloth.
  2. Once you have read the instructions, you have to clean the eyeglass lenses with your regular lens cleaning cloth. Make sure that you clean the lenses thoroughly to remove dust, smudges and smears completely from them.
  3. After this is done, apply a little of the special polish on both sides of the lenses. You will have to allow the polish to stay on the lenses according to the time mentioned in the instructions given on the package.
  4. After some time, take the soft cloth which is available with the kit and rub the lens gently till all the polish is cleared from it. Check your lens under the light and if you are not satisfied with the results, repeat the whole procedure again. After several tries, you will surely have eyeglass lenses free from any kind of scratches.
Measures to Prevent Eyeglass Lens Scratching

Though the above cleaning process is an effective method of removing eyeglass lens scratches, it will work only with minor scratches. In other words, it is actually not possible to repair eyeglass lenses that have major scratches. Though advertisements of lens scratch kits say that they help in getting rid of major scratches on lens, this is not actually true. So, if you observe some major scratches on your eyeglass lenses, the only alternative you have is to find eyeglass lens replacement. Nevertheless, such cases are rare i.e. deep scratches do not occur very commonly. Hence, it is best to know of some ways to avoid scratches from appearing on the lenses.
  • One of the best way of preventing scratches on eyeglass lenses is to clean it regularly with a lens cleaning solution and soft cloth which is prescribed by your ophthalmologist.
  • Never use things like paper towel, dry tissue or your clothes to clean the lenses as this can cause the occurrence of scratches very easily.
  • It is also important to avoid touching the lenses with your fingers while handling them and ensure that you place them in a protective case when you do not need them. This will help in lessening the chances of scratches occurring on the eyeglass lenses.
I hope all your doubts about eyeglass lens scratch repair has cleared through this article.

One thing that you have to remember is that the scratch removal polish may not work if your eyeglass lenses have a non glare surface or a protective coating. In this case, ask your ophthalmologist for another alternative to repair your eyeglass lenses. Also, it is important to check your eye power before you buy the eyeglasses scratch repair kit because if your prescription power has increased, you do not have any other alternative than replacing the lenses.
By Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: 9/21/2011
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