Tired and Sore Eyes

When and why do eyes feel tired and sore? Wondering how to treat sore and tired eyes? Here's some information on how to provide relief to tired eyes.
Are you suffering from the problem of tired eyes? Eyes are delicate organs and therefore, one must pay attention to the aspect of eye care. Those who don't take proper care, generally face the problem of tired eyes. There are several factors that can be attributed to this condition. If your work involves sitting in front of the computer all day long, then you might end up straining your eyes. If symptoms such as redness, swelling and discharge are also accompanied with pain, you must visit an ophthalmologist. All these symptoms are indicative of an eye infection. Since eyes are very delicate, you must not make any delays in consulting a doctor. Here's some information on major factors that might be responsible for leaving your eyes tired and sore.

When Do Eyes Feel Tired?

Most of the time, eyes get tired due to eye strain. Working in front of the computer or watching television or reading for long hours might be responsible for causing tired and sore eyes. Sleep deprivation can also leave your eyes tired. When you spend the entire day on your computer and are not giving your eyes rest even during the night, you are inviting trouble. Swelling, redness, dry eyes, irritation, heaviness, headaches, burning sensation, watery eyes, increased sensitivity to light, eye twitching and blurred vision are all symptoms of eye strain. In case you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, it's time to start paying attention to the health of your eyes. It is not just the eye strain that may cause eye fatigue, poor dietary habits could also cause eye problems. There are certain food items that provide the body with the nutrients that facilitate good vision and lower the risk of eye disorders. In case you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, you could be prone to eye ailments. Do you wear contact lenses? Overuse and misuse of contact lenses can lead to dry eyes syndrome which in turn may cause sore eyes. Excessive crying can also cause eye fatigue.

How to Treat Eye Fatigue

You might be suffering from dry eye syndrome. This is a condition where the tear production in the eye is adversely affected. With lack of tear production, your eyes will be prone to eye problems. You might experience sore and scratchy eyes. This condition is diagnosed using the Schirmer test. In case the quality and quantity of tear film is badly affected, you will need to use eye drops to lubricate your eyes. Since the condition can worsen in windy or sunny days, wear sunglasses when you go out. For severe dryness, use of punctal plugs might be suggested by the doctors. Eye fatigue is caused due to eye strain, so try to give your eyes the much-needed rest. Make sure you watch television and read books in a well-lit area. Don't sit in front of the computer for long periods at a stretch. Take breaks in between. Don't stare at the monitor continuously. Blink every now and then. You can also try home remedies for getting relief from eye strain. To get rid of eye fatigue, you can place cucumber slices on your eyelids. You can also apply a cold compress. Dip cotton balls in cold water and place them over your eyelids. This will surely help.

Generally it is eye strain that causes eye fatigue, therefore, you must take all possible precautions and avoid any further eye strain. If the home remedies are not really helping, consult an ophthalmologist soon.
By Smita Pandit
Published: 7/10/2010
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