Fading Nature

Nature is so beautiful, but in turn we are exploiting the same. Nature needs to be pampered, so that nature and humanity both can live in conjunction forever.
I am Nature, I personify beauty, I am awed by all,
I am a poet's expression, I am the love of all,
I am like a mother, the universal habitat of all,
I have been the bestower since the day I was born.

People come to me and I welcome them aloud,
They praise me, regard me and I feel so proud,
We planned to work in conjunction,
But times changed, they challenged me with no compunction.

The immense love vanished when I needed to be pampered,
Instead with me, they just meddled and tampered,
Now the time has come, I am losing myself,
I am tired and exhausted, beside myself.

I am fading day by day, but nobody contemplates on my state,
Not realizing the end of me will plunder their fate,
I fear this to happen 'cause I love my children a lot,
I wish they realize it soon, and save themselves from this plot.

I was born to keep them safe and together,
Not to get destroyed, disintegrated and separate forever.
Published: 6/26/2013
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