Fair Eleanor

An affair with a ghost.
She called herself Eleanor when she first came to me,
She said, "Don't be afraid, I am only a dream.
I come here tonight, to your subconscious mind,
Sleep soundly, my lover, while I step inside."

I asked where she came from, how did she get here?
She said, "I'm an angel, and you need not fear.
I come to give guidance, to show you the way,
And enlighten your path to immortality."

I awoke in a sweat, concerned and confused,
How strange the illusion that absorbed my muse,
I searched for a reason, a significant meaning,
With each ponderous thought, the mystery deepened.

That night while I slept, the lady returned,
She appeared out of nowhere, completely unwarned,
No fanfare of trumpets, no angelic choir,
Just the sumptuous beauty of the fair Eleanor.

Her breath fell softly upon my turned cheek,
The sigh of her passion aroused me from sleep,
I watched as her shadow lowered itself to me,
Her kiss was cold, as cold as the sea.

She faded away then, like a mist on a wind,
I reached out to stop her, to kiss her again,
But my fingers held nothing in my empty hand,
I lay there in a silence, I could not comprehend.

She came to me nightly as our love progressed,
In thoughts of my angel, I was quite obsessed.
I dreaded the daylight when she would return,
To wherever it was that she had come from.

Then one night I asked her, her secret to tell,
She said, "I am with you, it is here that I dwell."
I asked her to explain to me what she meant,
She said, "I'm your destiny, it's to you I am sent."

I said, "I'm confused, your mystery runs deep,
Who should send you to me in my slumberous sleep?"
She hushed me to silence and shut closed my eyes,
Then left without warning or saying goodbye.

I chased her enigma, I searched near and far,
I read local history but found no answer,
I read about angels, messengers of the Gods,
But still was no closer to who Eleanor was.

One night in the future, she returned a final time,
She said, "Do you still not remember who I am?
"I was your first love from a long time ago,
"I have come back to claim the only love that I know."

She sent my head swimming backwards in time,
To visions and memories, long in decline,
The vestige of a promise that remained unfulfilled,
The haunt of a memory that left my soul chilled.

She said she was sorry for letting me down,
That fate intervened in the form of a clown,
A murderous nomad who wandered the land,
The grave that she lay in was dug by his hand.

She left me aghast at the words that she spoke,
With horror and sorrow my heart finally broke,
Eleanor took my hand then and our spirits did fly,
I left behind my mortality without saying goodbye!
Published: 8/8/2012
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