Fairy, Fairy!

A little girl's poem...
Fairy, fairy! Why do you live in the sky?
I can’t reach you; you are up and high.
I want to touch you with my hand.
I wish to feel your magic wand.

Fairy, fairy! Please come down.
We can run in the fields, up and down.
Will you play hide and seek with me?
It will be lots of fun; just me and thee!

Fairy, fairy! Shall I come to your wonderland?
We can walk hand in hand.
Will you take me to your god mother?
I read, she is dressed in silver feather!

Fairy, fairy! You know what?
My parents call me angel, fairy and all that….
They find me cute and sweet like you.
I am called as beautiful as angel and you.

Fairy, fairy! My birthday is coming soon!
Would you help me with a boon?
Let me decorate my home like your wonderland.
Please come to my party with your magic wand.

Fairy, fairy! Hey!!! Its’ my birthday.
You too have come! It is a great…. Day!!
Plea….se perform some magic.
Wow! My cake is on the table by your magic!!!

Fairy, fairy! Thank you; thank you…..
My friends also thank you.
How much, I love you!
My friends want to be ‘friends’ with you?
Will you???
Published: 7/24/2007
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