Fairy Tale Poems

Once upon a time when... and that's just how fairy tales begin. Fairy tales take you to the dreamland of fairies and elves, goblins and godmothers. They take you to a different world where everything is magical. Read these fairy tale poems for kids and take a tour to the Neverland...
The Sea-Maiden
The truth about my heritage.
Leanan Sidhe (Lannan-Shee)
The poet's lament.
The Witches' Song
The title says it all really.
Colors Swirl Past
Obviously this is based on Alice in Wonderland, but it's also not obviously about drugs.
A Witches' Poem
Hecate exist..
For the imagination.
Question for a Witch
Being a witch.
A Broken Fairytale [Part 2]
A true story about someone who was a close friend. Please comment and let me know your opinion.
A Broken Fairytale [Part One]
This is one of two parts, it really happened to a friend of mine, a person who is no longer with the guy, thankfully. and who is no longer my friend either. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.
A Trip To Fairy Tale Land
The world of fairies and elves is more than just a dream. That world reflects the space and aspirations pursued in the real world. Dream on...
Fairy, Fairy!
A little girl's poem...