Fairy Tales

Fairies! The good folks; the people of peace. They symbolize everything that's positive, magical and beautiful. Reading fairy tales helps reinstate your belief in the positive. They give you the impetus to dream. Visit our fairyland... you might feel tempted to stay there... forever!
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 7
Noah is still edgy around Amy.
All But a Dream - Chapter 12
Enjoy guys... Things are about to get feisty.
All But a Dream - Chapter 11
I learned how to say I love you. In Hindi it's "Muzhe tumse pyar hai", in Spanish it's "Te amo" and in French it's "Je t'aime". Love you all! Show me the love by boosting comments guys.
All But a Dream - Chapter 10
To my, "Love's To Die For," readers/ fans, check out book 2, "Love's To Kill for" Chapters 1 to 3. Happy reading and enjoy.
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 6
Amy accepts that her friends have changed, no she has changed. Can Chris get over his fear of her and save her from herself?
All But a Dream - Chapter 9
What will happen to Ella?
All But a Dream - Chapter 8
I know I'm hardly posting these days but I'm a junior and exams will begin next week, so please bear with me guys; thanks.
All But a Dream - Chapter 7
This is a short chapter. I'm pretty busy with a lot of other important things these days but one of these is of course, entertaining you guys! I'll be updating, "The Secret She Carried" soon which is nearing its end.
All But a Dream - Chapter 6
I'm not getting much feedback for this story; really it was born out of a minor writer's block for 'The Secret She Carried' which I quickly recovered from, but I've decided to continue with this story because a good writer doesn't...
All But a Dream - Chapter 5
Things are heating up; time for comments people - 10 comments to continue.
All but a Dream - Chapter 4
This is not so similar to any of my other stories; all of my plot lines can never coincide!
All but a Dream - Chapter 3
From the author of, 'Love's To Die for' and 'The Secret She Carried'. Please Tweet my story or simply like it. Comments are not yet necessary but feel free to comply; you may Google my name and like my FB fan page which attains...
All but a Dream - Chapter 2
Ella meets the boy of her dreams, or is he really? 10 comments, 3 likes and 2 tweets to continue!
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 5
Amy returns but Noah isn't too sure about the new her. Sorry it took so long guys.
All but a Dream - Chapter 1
A bit about Ella and an introduction to some minor characters.
All but a Dream - Prologue
This is a new story I'm working on, it's magical and very romantic - it's strictly on the protagonist's POV, maybe I might alternate POVs later on; anyway enjoy and let me know what you guys think.
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 4
Amy regrets her decision straight away but when an old classmate turns out to be a pixie. She has a lucky break.
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 3
Amy wakes up but the only one with her is the one she didn't really want there.
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 2
Amy's back home but it's not long before more trouble finds her.
How to Become a Pixie Queen - Chapter 1
This is the sequel to my earlier story 'How to Defeat Pixies'. Amy, Chris, Noah and Alice have a lot of work to do and Amy has to find her true self.
A New Cinderella Story - Chapter 1
Well, since things are getting complicated inside my head, I decided to give you a new story about Cinderella. Hope you enjoy reading it!
Angels - Part Seventeen
Sorry for such a long wait guys, I completely forgot about this. I have only just started eighteen, so it might be another long wait for it, sorry guys!
Under the Sea - Part 1
New story again, lol. Tell me what you y'all think!
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Seventeen (Final)
This is the final chapter for this story, but don't worry I have a new on the way.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Sixteen
Amy's feeling is right and she finds out that Ashley isn't who she thinks he is.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Fifteen
Amy finds out the truth about Ashley and she also finds out that the pixies are having help from a boy from her school.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Fourteen
Chris has to reconsider his thoughts about Ashley when he saves Amy.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Thirteen
Amy and Ashley are close and Chris doesn't like it! He takes matters into his own hands.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Eleven and Twelve
With Zara and Dev gone, things get from bad to worse. Amy finds out that her father wants to kill someone close to her.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Ten
Amy fights for her life while her friends argue.
How To Defeat Pixies - Part Nine
Amy's deal is a big mistake but her friends find her. but when the pixies find out they send a scout to finish what started.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Eight
With Chris gone, Amy makes a silly decision that might cost her life.
How To Defeat Pixies - Part Seven
The boy's plan goes horribly wrong.
Witches and Fairies - Final Part
Will the girls be able to defeat Maldor before he kills Flora?
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Six
Amy is injured and an easy target, but she is not alone.
Witches and Fairies - Part Four
Flora is hidden from Maldor, but he still finds her. And her mother and friends must find her powers to save her. Can they do it?
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Five
Chris and Amy grow closer and their fight against the pixies gets more intense.
Witches and Fairies - Part Three
When Shensi goes missing during a lesson, Flora makes her second stupid decision.
Witches and Fairies - Part Two
Flora's mother goes missing and she makes a very stupid decision.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Four
After her scrap with Sophie, Amy has a lot more problems to deal with.
Shadow Prince - Chapter 21
Adrian has another flashback sort of thingy. Read the Important note from author at the end of the chapter!
How to Defeat Pixies - Part Three
Chris and Amy grow closer, but even that won't stop the pixies.
Witches and Fairies - Part One
The start of a normal year at the YFA. Well as normal as you can get when you're in a fairy school. Flora has a lot to deal with.
How to Defeat Pixies - Part One and Two
Amelia Benton is an ordinary girl except for the fact that she is half pixie, her father is trying to kill her and her life is about to change forever.
The Little Mermaid: Last Stand
Morgona is back and has a new sidekick. Melody has to face love and Ariel and Eric have to face their biggest fears.
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Final Chapter
Will the family be able to get rid of Coral for good?
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapter 7
Ariel becomes restless locked in the palace and no one can stop her when she is determined to get out. This is not good.
Angels - Part Sixteen
This one's only a short one, but seventeen is in progress!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 20
Chapter 20! Yay! *Hint* Romance lovers, come forth!
Odyssey - Chapters Three and Four
Here is Odyssey, Chapters Three and Four. In Chapter Three, we switch back to Avari's life and, in Chapter Four, we switch back to Menel's life. I hope you guys enjoy!
Odyssey - Chapters One and Two
*I suggest that you read the prologue before you read these chapters, it gives a nice background on what this world is like at this particular time. This is the first true introduction to some of the characters, though. I hope you...
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapter 6
Eric leaves Ariel and Melody when he goes to another kingdom on business. The thing is he never makes it there.
Odyssey - Prologue
*I'm a new author, and decided that I'd like to share my work with others, so here is the prologue to my story, Odyssey. I will also be posting the first chapter, so if this interests you, please read on. I'd love to give you all a...
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapter 5
Morgona is back and she has a new friend.
Shadow Prince - Chapters 18 and 19
Adrian and Amanda get caught in the middle of a fire, and there's no way out. Or is there...?
Shadow Prince - Chapter 17
Sorry for the long wait, you guys. But here is the next chapter and inside are several more suspenseful moments! Hope you enjoy!
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapter 4
When Melody goes missing, Ariel forgets about the warning and goes off to save her daughter.
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapter 3
When Marina's sidekick Benjamin finds a package addressed to him everything changes for the heroic family.
The Little Mermaid: Marina Returns - Chapters 1 and 2
Ariel and Eric have to fight off Marina Del Rey, Ariel's old nanny and Morgana. Will they be able to fight this duo and keep their family whole? Warning little kids might be scared.
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapters 10 and 11
Lee's little partner is never too far away!
Shadow Prince - Chapters 15 and 16
Is it the end of the line for Adrian? Or is it for someone else? (Another suspenseful chapter, you guys! And thanks for the comments!)
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapter 9
Thanks so much for the comments! I made this chapter a little longer to satisfy my recent readers. Enjoy! Lee's unsure of what to do. Remember - she can't think when she's hungry!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 14
One of the enemies from Adrian's past has caught up to him and Amanda, but will they be able to escape this time?
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapters 7 and 8
Lee's help has finally paid off! She managed to do something right. Except...
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapters 5 and 6
Lee and Little Charlie discover something...!
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapters 3 and 4
Lee and Little Charlie find themselves in another world...
Lee and Little Charlie's Fairy Tale - Chapters 1 and 2
Here's Series 2 of Lee. Before you read this, I think it would help if you read Series 1. 'Lee, That's Me!' If you've already read that - then enjoy!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 13
So... here's some well awaited for suspense! Don't shoot me for leaving you hanging in this chapter.
Aladdin: Jafar is Avenged, Well Sort Of
Jasmine has a little girl, can she save herself, her daughter and her husband from one of Jafar's followers?
Aladdin: Jafar's Revenge
Everyone believed that Jafar was dead. But the horrible truth is that he is simply locked away in the cave of wonders. So can Jasmine and Aladdin finally get rid of this devil and start a family.
Shadow Prince - Chapter 12
I'm sorry for the long wait! But here's the next chapter! Thanks to all my readers for sticking with the story.
Angels - Part Thirteen
It is kind of going crazy right now...
Lights - Part 6
"Get back exactly where we were?" She says moving to where she was.
Angels - Part Twelve
Part twelve, sorry for the wait, haven't been on in months! But here it is!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 11
Sorry this one's short because I haven't really had time to write. The next one will be longer!
Anne's Powers - Final Chapter
The final chapter's here.
Shadow Prince - Chapters 9 and 10
Sorry you guys, I was out for winter break so it took a while to get this posted. But I promise you will love this chapter, as some of Adrian's past is revealed! And picture is of Amanda.
Anne's Powers - Chapter 28
The second last chapter, the most interesting one!
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Seven (Final)
The Final Chapter... Don't shoot me!
Shadow Prince - Chapters 7 and 8
So the most votes went for keep writing. Thanks you guys, and here are the next chapters.
Anne's Powers - Chapter 27
Don't miss this one and please comment.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 12
Inspired by the books 'Brothers Grimm Fairytales' and 'A Tale Dark & Grimm', this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Shadow Prince - Questions
Please read if you follow and/or like the story!
Anne's Powers - Chapter 26
Another chapter... war is on!
Anne's Powers - Chapters 24 and 25
Another chapter. Do not miss on this. A huge secret is going to be revealed!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 6
Sorry this one is kind of short... Comments are very much appreciated!!
Shadow Prince - Chapters 4 and 5
Adrian starts to remember things in these chapters. Things also start to get a bit interesting. Please leave comments!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 3
Trying to keep it coming... please leave comments!!
Shadow Prince - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of the Shadow Prince. Hope y'all like it!
Shadow Prince
Adrian remembers nothing of his past. But when bad things start to happen, is he sure he wants to remember? (Just kind of testing out new ideas.)
Anne's Powers - Chapter 23
Another chapter and it's getting deeper!
Anne's Powers - Chapter 22
So, what's the truth... read the chapter to see it unfold gradually.
Anne's Powers - Chapter 21
Alright here's a new chapter... and yes I've tried to put in details on the request of my readers.
Lights - Part Four and Five
Chapter four and five.
Lights - Part 3
"It's probably nothing." Emily says getting into the passenger seat in Jordan's car.
Lights - Part 1 and 2
This is the introduction to my story. I hope you enjoy it.
Anne's Powers - Chapter 20
Secrets are opening up and Anne is depressed!
Anne's Powers - Chapter 19
First of all, sorry for posting so late. Hope you'll forgive me for that, but it's time that you stick to the story as the end is near... don't miss a word! Here's an interesting chapter!
Unforeseen Secrets - Epilogue
Well I guess that's it, this is the last chapter for Unforeseen Secrets. I hope you all enjoyed reading my story. Don't forget to be on the look out for "Drunk Love." I'll be posting the first chapter soon! By the way...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 23
Only one more chapter left, which will be the epilogue, it'll take place 5 years later when Evie and Dominic are 23. I'll post it soon!
Angels - Part Nine to Eleven
Sorry I had to put these together guys, it threw a hissy fit when I tried to put Nine up separately.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 22
Elaine loves Evie, she loves her so much that she's willing to die for her. Eris is putting everyone Evie cares about in harm and will Evie realize she doesn't just like Dominic, she loves him and if she finds out will she get to...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 21
Dark Spells... Okay, so it's been 21 chapters and Evie still hasn't learned to use her powers, so I've decided that in the next chapter Dominic will teach her how to use her powers. To Sandra: Ok I'll try to finish fast, when do...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 20
Yay! I've reached 20 chapters, okay so there's only about 5 or so chapters left until I finish Unforeseen Secrets. Once I finish it I'll be starting on a new story called "Drunk Love." I've put what it's about at the end...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 19
Some people aren't what they seem... (The book of spells!!)
Anne's Powers - Chapter 18
Another important twist in Anne's life. Story is pacing up and the climax is near!!
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 18
I don't really know how to summarize this chapter, but you guys will love it, I sure loved writing it :) (Pic of Evie and Elaine, her half sister, They really look alike, don't they?).
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 17
Evie's dad is finally brought into the story, along with a new, little, and unexpected character. More romance between Evie and Dominic. (Picture of Dominic, I put one of Dominic before in the early chapters but someone told me...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 16
This is for those of you who wanted Greg as Dominic's love rival. (Another picture of Evie, I like putting pic's of her, so you guys don't forget what she looks like.)
Anne's Powers - Chapter 17
So what did Gwen do? Find out in this chapter.
Angels - Part Eight
And the story grows some more...! The next chapter is worth the wait, believe me!
Anne's Powers - Chapters 15 and 16
Finally another chapter, really exciting, do read and comment.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 15
Sorry if there's not a lot of romance in this chapter, I'll make up for it in the next chapter. :) But I won't be writing for a while, I'm going on a trip for a week. I'll start writing more as soon as I get back.
Note from the Author of Anne's Powers
A little note for you guys.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 14
Part of this was supposed to be in chapter 13. (Picture of Nelly).
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 13
I'm not giving anything away this time! :) Thank you for the comments you guys, they make writing this story even better! (Picture of Ivy)
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 12
Ivy's getting Evie ready to go to Trevor's party and when she gets there she meets two charming guys, Mark and Rick. Mark has the ultimate plan to make Dominic jealous but will it work?... (Picture of Evie, Mark and, Rick)
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 11
Evie dumped Dominic but Ivy is determined to give her a makeover that will make Dominic forget about Jessica and being rejected and have him on his knees begging for Evie. Unfortunately romance troubles aren't the only problems she...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 10
Nothing like a love rival to move a relationship along. Thanks for the comments!
Anne's Powers - Chapter 14
Anne finally is going to get her avatar, but is everything right?
Anne's Powers - Chapter 13
Jealousy, anger and surprise.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 9
Picture of Evie's cabin. Please comment.
Angel's Challenge - Chapters 2 to 4
This is where a new family is introduced and explained how they ended up there.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 8
What's a story without a fight? (Picture of Nathaniel and Haley) I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but Evie's 17 and Haley's 15.
Angel's Challenge - Ch. 1: "Angelina"
This is when the Angels are introduced and explained some.
Angel's Challenge - Prologue: "Kirk"
This was originally Angel's Beginning but I changed how it started. The characters are the same though. I just didn't like how I started to do Angel's Beginning, so here is my second attempt at writing this story. I'm still working...
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 7
Without realizing it Evie's putting her love life on hold to help out her best friend Ivy with her crush, Kyle but for how long can she keep it on hold? (Pic of Kyle)
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 6
An almost first kiss! (Pic of Greg)
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 5
Enjoy :) (Pic is of Dominic).
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 4
Here come the changes Evie feared would come with having a guardian angel. New school, new home, and new friends. (Pic is of Evie)
Anne's Powers - Chapters 10 to 12
Well, Anne left for her fairy university, and this is getting really interesting! You gotta read it.
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapters 2 and 3
Evie meets Dominic a new student at her high school but is that all he is and is this the first time she's met him?
Unforeseen Secrets - Chapter 1
Evie's family is descended from angels. In most ways she's like every other teen except for one thing that makes her the topic of books and movies, she's a half angel. And now she has a guardian angel to protect her but what...
Deception - Chapter 10
Ezekiel and Anora have a dinner date, when it's over there is a surprising knock at the door...
Angels - Part Seven
And so the story grows bigger.
Angels - Part Six
This is where things get a bit more... interesting.
Angels - Part Five
This one's a short one guys.
Angels - Parts Two to Four
And the plot thickens... :)
Anne's Powers - Chapter 9
Really gotta comment!
Anne's Powers - Chapter 8
Alright, the story is getting an interesting plot here, and guys please comment.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch. 9 - Arthur and Guinevere, Part 1 and 2
Guinevere returns. Arthur finally learns the truth.
Anne's Powers - Chapter 7
Finally a lengthy chapter for you.
Anne's Powers - Chapters 2 to 6
Anne hasn't really got over with her mom's behavior, that now there's something more weird that she faced.
Anne's Powers
This a new story I am writing hope you'll like it. It's about a girl who finds a deep secret of herself that changes her life.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Six (Real)
Sorry, got hacked. Please forgive me for the crapass chappie? Ty! Love You Guys.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Six
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Six. Tadaaaaa.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 8 - Beauty and the Beast, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen meet Beauty and the Beast.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 7 - The Swan Princess, Part 3
The end of the swan Princess chapter.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 11
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Angels, Part One
The world has been destroyed and now Angels and Trackers rule the earth, only one can survive. Will good of evil prevail ?
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 7 The Swan Princess, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen meet Price Derek and hear of the Swan princess.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 10
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Five
ALOHAAAAAA XD Carma... is forced to return to Earth.
Deception - Chapter 9
Anora awakes from the flashback and is weak. Her whole body craves for human blood. How she gets it will surprise you.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 6 Hansel and Gretel, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen find Hansel and Gretel.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 9
Bria finally enters her nightmare.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 5 Sleeping Beauty, Part 2
Gwen and Arthur climb the mountain in search of Sleeping Beauty.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 5 Sleeping Beauty, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen go in search of Sleeping Beauty.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 4 Cinderella, Part 2
Arthur and Gwen help Cinderella.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 4 Cinderella, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen look for Cinderella.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 8
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Deception - Chapter 8
A vision comes to Anora after being knocked into a rock during the fight. (WARNING: RATED R! FOR SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT!)
Deception - Chapter 7
Anora and Ezekiel take a walk into Leovanity Forest. When Ezekiel is about to tell Anora his feelings, someone shows up...
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 7
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 3 Rumplestiltskin, Part 1
Arthur and Gwen meet Rumplestiltskin.
Love of an Angel: Judgment Day and the End
Just as the title explains it.
Love of an Angel: The Battle between Hell and Heaven...the Apocolypse
I have not written on this story in a while and this is one of the final installments of the story.
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 2 Snow White
Arthur and Gwen encounter Snow white.
Secrets - Chapters 16 and 17
Lily's secret, Katherine and Grayson become closer.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty Two
VOILA! I'm faster than the speed of light! ANOTHER NEW CHAPTER! Okay, not faster than the speed of light XD. Image = Levi.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty One
Yeah, I'm back before my supposed return date! I'm awesome right? Well anyway, to catch you guys up, We were left off with Carma seeing Levi in a dark valley. And NOW... Dun dun dunnnnn! Read to find out. BTW Check the image out....
Fractured Fairytale: Ch 1 Rapunzel, Part 1
Newest story by LoniVE. The beginning of a quest.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 6
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty. (1 more chapter till show time)
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 5
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty. (Sorry things are dying down a bit, I know, I know "Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?!" you're probably thinking, but...
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 4
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 3
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty. (Bare with me for like three more chapters I promise you thing will begin to get a bit 'wicked'. Come on you can do...
Deception - Chapter 6
Anora is locked up in Luna's house for two days. During those two days, Ezekiel and Anora become friends. Anora finds out exactly what she is, and what happened to Ezekiel's little brother.
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 2
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty. (Sorry, this chapter came out a bit awkward, I'll try harder next time)
A Dream Most Grimm - Chapter 1
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty.
Deception - Chapter 5
Anora finally wakes and Ezekiel sees her eyes.She has a quick flashback of her past as Ezekiel stars into her eyes. What Ezekiel sees shocks him and Anora both.
A Dream Most Grimm - Prologue
Inspired by the books Brothers Grimm Fairytales and A Tale Dark & Grimm, this is a wicked twist to Sleeping Beauty. (I'm new so be gentle >.<)
Deception - Chapter 3 and 4
Anora wakes to find herself in someone's home. She decides to secretly listen in to what people are saying around her. What she discovers, changes her point of view about herself completely.
Lost Kingdom - Part Two - Chapter 2
Someone visits Kylee and gives her troubling news and plenty of things to think about.
Lost Kingdom - Part Two - Chapter 1
Aaron worries about Kylee.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twenty (Part One)
Hey! I really wanted to post two different pictures. So I divided this chapter into two parts so you can see how the characters look. Oh and Intro: School time.
Hell Angels - Chapter Nineteen
Detention! Sigh. I want a Carl.
The Lost Kingdom - Epilouge
Ties into the second part of this story. :) Kinda short though. Sorry. :(
Lost Kingdom - Chapter 5
Thank you guys for waiting patiently. :) I am feeling much better now. Also I just wanted to say happy belated Valentines day!! How was y'alls v-day? Get anything special?? Hmm?? haha P.s. This is the PERFECT chapter for the theme....
Hell Angels - Chapter Eighteen
Second chapter. Please read Chapter seventeen first. Don't worry, this chapter does have Icahn and Carma in it.
Hell Angels - Chapter Seventeen
YO! Tadaaaa! Carma wakes up! Carl has a lot of explaining to do.
Deception - Chapter 2
Anora has no idea how to get out of the forest, but when an armored man chases her, she gets an idea.
Message From Author of Lost Kingdom
Just a warning for those of you reading my story.
Okay, new story I've decided to start to take place of fairy tales can happen. I doubt I will continue this story for I don't know where to go with it. Hopefully u guys can comment and suggest ideas to help me out :)
Lost Kingdom - Chapter 4
Will Aaron make it out alive? Read and see. :)
Lost Kingdom - Chapter 3
Who is the mysterious man in her dream? And is he truly real? Hope you guys like it. :) Comments would be wonderful although all the views I ma getting are a heads up.
Lost Kingdom - Chapter 2
Will Kylee figure out what the dream was about? And will she meet Aaron again?
Lost Kingdom - Chapter 1
Enter Kylee, who meets some interesting people and has some strange occurrences. Hope you like it!!! I'm new at this so comments would be very nice.
Lost Kingdom - Prologue
Once long ago a man and a woman ruled a mystical land happily and peacefully. But now chaos and turmoil has caused the queen to suddenly be kidnapped, leaving only the king to find her and bring back peace to the land.
Wings of Grace 16
A mellow lovey dovey chap :)
Hell Angels - Chapter Sixteen
Sweet sixteen. Icahn + Carma... Sitting in tree... Hahahaha I'm joking, or am I?
Wings of Grace 15
Sorry it took so long! I moved to LA!
Hell Angels - Chapter Fifteen
Carma finally unveils the truth... or rather the jumbled truth. Why are there pictures of Icahn in the purple book? BTW image = You'll find out.
Hell Angels - Chapter Fourteen
Icahn's realm... Carma decides to check out the forbidden seventh floor...
Hell Angels - Chapter Thirteen
Isn't 13 an unlucky number? Tadaaaa! I've got a shocker for you. The outcome of the fight!! Just in case you guys forgot, Here's how Icahn looks. (again)
Wings of Grace 14
Comments plzzzz.
Hell Angels - Chapter Twelve
The Fight and the Kiss(es) you've been waiting for. Image = Blaze.
Wings of Grace 13
Comment plzzzzz.
Hell Angels - Chapter Eleven
Wooo Ooooo Wuuuu *Ignore my latest version of a mysterious sound!* Soo... Basically, Carma realizes she can't hide... but she can run, Or will she just turn around, smack them in the face and THEN run? IMAGE - MATT.
Hell Angels - Chapter Ten
Dun Dun Dunnnn! (That was SUPPOSED to be a mysterious sound or something) Well back to the story, why do the hot bad guys always end up being crazy evil maniacs? BTW Image = Power Burst. Imagine Carma and Carl as the weird blue...
Secrets - Chapter 15
Katherine gives Grayson the journal and papers.
Little Secrets Chap 14
Here's Chapter 14
Hell Angels - Chapter Nine
Mysterious Tackle from behind.... Friend or Foe?
Hell Angels - Chapter Eight
Carma wakes up but was it real?? If yeah, then is she still stuck looking like a 'little girl changing seasons'? BTW Image = current Carma.
Hell Angels - Chapter Seven
Draco Vs. Carma. Elder and Shadow King Vs. A girl with various powers. Uhh... three guesses who wins. Teehee, Did I forget to mention... they're SUPPOSED to be Soulmates. Sorry, last time Draco's image didn't come. So here it is...
Hell Angels - Chapter Six
Why the hell are the Elders in Carma's Dream?? And the Elders have a new recruitment... Image = Draco.
Hell Angels - Chapter Five
Carma returns to a room where Nico and Roxy lay asleep. Will she tell them that a mere human had seen her? P.S. Image = Nico!
Hell Angels - Chapter Four
Roxy may have created the portal and Nico may have found a way to escape the realm of Darkness but will all four of them manage to escape? Image = Mysterious Person. You'll figure it out when you read the chapter.
Wings of Grace 10
Here guys :D
Hell Angels - Chapter Three
The Elders have a fight while Draco, Nico, Roxy and Carma deal with being Hell Angels. Oh and the picture is of Icahn!
Hell Angels - Chapter Two
Elders are in the building.
Hell Angels - Chapter One
A new race is born...
Little Secrets Note: Please Read
I'm stuck I don't have any ideas.
Little Secrets 12
Almost ready to fight Sam and Thane
Little Secrets Chap 11
"This sucked.."
Little Secrets Chap 10
...She just looked at me, a strange, confusing look, and a small smile crept across her face. ...
Little Secrets Chap 9
..."Yeah. There is. Pack your bags. We're going to Alegria."...
Wings of Grace 6
Here it is!!!
Little Secrets Chap 8
She walked to the door. "Well, come on." She grinned........ Chapter 8!!
Little Secrets Chap 7
Karl gets fed up with his mom.
Little Secrets Chap 5
Also, chapters 1-4 edited.
Wings of Grace 5
Sorry guys its short!!
Wings of Grace 4
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Equality P3
A bloody battle will take place.
Equality P2
The start of an adventure.
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 13
'Dude, there's smoke coming out of your ears. Literally.' Seth commented. 'Shut. Up.'
Eqality P1
A world of their own fantasy.
Love of an Angel - Chapter Six
This is not the final chapter, we still like awhile!!!
Wings Of Grace 1
New author..hope you like it.
Love of an Angel - Chapter Five
Ana leaves Michael but for good reason. If you want to know why read and then don't judge too hastily. Ana will return to Michael but you must read these chapters to find out why she can't return.
Love of an Angel - Chapter Four
In this chapter Ana fights Lucifer in a small battle. She begins to show signs of her demon side and she calls Casbell. Will Ana take the heat or get out of the kitchen?!
Love of an Angel Chapter Three
Enjoy Ana rejoicing in her victory over Lucifer and Casbell. A/N: Sorry it's so late. I hope by next time that I can have it in more soon. Thanks.
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 12
"Playing with Fire is my middle name, just do it." Things heat up...
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 11
'Hmpf' Ayele grumbled 'I say that for someone who wasn't paying attention, you sure know a lot from all this mystery.'
Note From Author of Little Secrets
Please read, it's very important.
Love of an Angel - Chapter Two
In this chapter learn there are no regrets about true love.
Love of an Angel - Chapter One
Ana is falling slowly for the archangel. Michael is falling slowly for her. Casbell delivers a message for Lucifer.
Little Secrets Chap. 4
Chapter four. Hope you like it!!
Runaway Butterfly Chapt. 5
Short chapter. once school is over I will write more...
Little Secrets Chap 3
Chapter 3: D enjoy.
Runaway Butterfly Chapt. 4
Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys. I've just been really, really busy at school and haven't had much time to write, but hears a little bit for you so I won't keep you hanging. Once school is out, I will be writing more.
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 10
'Oi! Pretty boy, how long can it possibly take to wake our beloved Gatherer?'
Little Secrets - Chapter Two
Yes, she called me Karl. I’m not Kade............
Where the Magic Begins.. (Chapter 3)
Ssorry its to short still working on the other chapters. Chapter 4 will be longer than this for sure. This is after when the orgre left.
Where the Magic Begins.. (Chapter 2)
4 years latter something incredible happen to Aleena! (p.s. the picture gives you a hint of what the fairy powers are and wings look like..)
Little Secrets
Please read.
Where the Magic Begins.. (Chapter 1)
The early life of Aleena, Darain and Kevin.
Runaway Butterfly Chapt. 3
Its starting to heat up! What happens next could be the beginning of something wonderful. Or could it be the beginning of something tragic.
Runaway Butterfly Chapt. 2
Sorry its kinda short guys, but I'm trying to split it up. I have already written about seven pages, but I want you guys to beg me to put more out! =D So here you go! You guys asked for it, and I'm giving it to you.
Runaway Butterfly Chapt. 1
Trinity has always loved water. When she was small she found a waterfall that no one knew about, or so she thought. She meets a man at that waterfall, and her whole life is turned upside down.
Secrets - Chapter 7
Sorry for the long wait! Hope you like this chapter. :) Something interesting happens to Katherine.
The Last Fairy - Chapter 2
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 9
"You're the one who keeps this fear alive"
The Last Fairy - Chapter 1
My second story. It would probably end up as a failure again right? The picture is Crystal in the school uniform.
Secrets - Chapter 6
Grayson's Father made a bad decision that could endanger the Guardians
Secrets - Chapter 5
You get a view of Grayson's background.
Secrets - Chapter 4
You see a bit of the hurt Katherine has been holding back.
Secrets - Chapter 3
This chapter is really long. Enjoy
Secrets - Chapter 2
Katherine learns a big part of where she's come from. Plz read and comment!!
Where Magic Exists - Chapter 2
Those of you who loved the first chapter here's your second chapter!!
About 'Don't touch me!'
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 8
"Trust me, I know a 'stop-touching-my-girl' look when I see one."
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 7
"You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him"
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 6
"I dreamt I was sleeping with you in my arms."
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 5
"And you'll have me. If all the magic fails, I will slice the bad guys to pieces with my incredible ninja skills."
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 4
'If you're not sure, why don't you use your awesome mystic powers to find the route?"
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 3
"It is your destiny to save Elary".
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 2
"If it's not too much to ask, could you change my life? Completely?"
Don't Touch Me! Chapter 1
A new story from the author of 'Can we just call it a tie?' !