Fairytale Endings...

Fairytales make little girls believe there is more to this magical life and it ends happily, except there isn't and it doesn't... comments welcome.
I used to believe in fairytales,
That magic could suddenly happen,
But life has taught me the truth,
There is no 'happily ever after'.

It's all just an unrealistic dream,
There is no prince to save you,
Good doesn't always beat evil,
Sometimes nightmares are real,
You can make a million wishes,
But it doesn't change anything.

Crying only achieves wet eyes,
Life is full of disappointments,
And people will let you down,
Breaking every promise made.

In a land somewhere far away,
A girl's hope faded and died,
Stuck in an impossible situation,
Even the stars couldn't save.

She was once a princess,
Now she feels like nothing.
Unwanted by her own father,
Her smile slowly turned into pain,
Because fairytales do not exist...
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Needs work.
Published: 3/7/2013
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