A teenage drug user finds life. I was consumed by something other than myself. This moment is viable, and was expected long before I understand what love was. My meaning here was found, and my first impact on this earth has been made. I was shown what its meant to be human. My first test, to give selfless love.
With the dark of night pulling me in,
There's light coming from you
What I was put here to do, will take hold now.
Something I doubted is being made clear.
Something I fear, has made it here.

My destiny in question has now been lifted and projected.
I was selected to interfere in his method.
For years you have been subjected, something I detected long before I was Infected.
I stayed by your side, and waited through each tide.
I waited for you to decide that I was fit for you to confide in.

With a drug making this unreliable,
I swear upon my lifted soul, this is viable.
At the moment, you tot me a lesson, and put to ease a minds obsession.
My body no longer in control, my eyes raised to the skies.
My soul eased up and out, and was absorbed in warmth, with no doubt.

Heavy breathing below in the distance, there was no need for resistance.
In that instant, I was made aware of my jobs final constriction.
For you I was sent, he had me show you there is no resent.
He is aware of you, along with those trying along beside you.
With your first release, one day you will have your peace.
What happens once, will happen again, and for now you must search for what they call zen.

Now that I have completed my mission, I have been told to carry on and console him.
But to live with my reward, something I was denied before.
I put aside those who aren't in need to be shown.
Those who have grasped life, and opened their eyes.
They are not the men meant for this plight, they have yet to win their own fight.

My love will proceed where it is in need.
No matter what they say, you have stuck to him for the important forthcoming day.
A silver string draws you from far away, and is indestructible during your earths stay.
Together you will stand, hand in hand.
And your life will be as you please.
For he is the only one who brings you to your knee's.
What feeling presents itself through this poem?
Published: 11/11/2009
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