Fall Away - Chapter One

What happens when you die? Do you know? Does anyone really know until we die? Look at Alice. She's confused about her life right now. Getting the perfect news about her being dead has got her off a high note. But being dead has its perks...
Rewind. Remember when you were just a kid in your little pajamas with your pig tails bouncing around everywhere. You were happy, right? Nothing in the world mattered because you couldn't tell right from wrong. You just knew that you were happy, every day of your life.

Play. Now look at yourself. You're too old to handle, everything isn't perfect like it was years ago and it seems like everything that sprouts in your life is a problem. You can't deal, right? You want to go back to the years when nothing else mattered, right? Not gonna happen.You have to deal with each and everything in front of you, even if that means it's something you can handle right away or something that might take a lot of time. Because that's life, whether we like it or not.


I died.
Or at least I remember dying.
I remember having to be pulled out on a stretcher.
I remember my mother walking beside me, crying.
I remember my father holding on to her and fighting back the tears.
And I remember blood. It was everywhere.

How did I die? I mean, one minute I was partying it up at one of Zac Carpell's parties. I remember being with Jonah, him and I dancing our night away, making out, and just partying our lives away like nothing mattered.

And then.. SMACK! I was dying.

So then where was I now? How was I thinking now?


I woke up, heaving and sweating. My hair was matted to my head and my chest was coming up in heaves. I ran a hand through my sweated hair and pulled the sweat strands back. Where was I? Looking around, it looked like a hospital room, but it had nothing in it except for the bed that I was in.

No windows, no doors, nothing. It was like I was trapped in this room and no one knew it. No one could hear me or find me.

Suddenly, I was scared. "Hello?" I said to no one in particular. I looked from left to right, but there was no one. "HELLO?!" No answer.

With my cover bound around my body, I turned and placed my legs on the side of the bed. Before I could jump out of bed, somehow the wall opened and two men in white quarantine suits ran in.

"Please lie back on the bed," one of them said as he held his hands up cautiously.

"Why?" I screamed. Before he could respond, I turned to the other guy.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"Please Ms. Vargo, would you please just listen to us?" The white suit guy asked.

"No! How do you know me and I don't even know you? This is crazy." I proceeded to doing what I was just about to do when one of the white suit guys spoke.

"You know you're naked, right?"

"I'm wha..?" I looked down at myself, raised the cover up and realized that I was naked. In embarrassment, I slapped the covers back on my body and looked at them both.

"Now can you please just listen to us?" I sighed and looked around. I couldn't say no, could I? They were my only help. "Thank you."

They both walked towards me once again. I tightened my cover around me as they observed me. One shined a light in my eyes and kept asking me if I were okay, the other checked for scratches and bruises. Although I was resistant to pull my cover down, I honestly had no choice but to do it so that he'd know I was okay.

"You're looking spectacular," one white suit guy said.

"Well, can I leave now? I'm pretty sure that my parents are worried sick about me." They both share a look and then look back at me. "Don't do that suspicious look and expect me not to ask what you're thinking." They both fell silent. "Well?"

"The doctor should be here shortly." And they both turned, and walked towards the wall. It opened and once they were through it, it shut.

I looked around and then silently fell back on to my bed. Of course I looked spectacular, I thought. I mean, why wouldn't I? I knew that I had just been at a party with Jonah, but that was it. That's every weekend. But how did I end up here? How did these people in white coats find me? I mean, it's too weird to think that I was kidnapped because I don't think that any kidnapper would honestly check to see if their kidnapee was "okay." But still, the weird room with no doors except for a wall that just opens out of nowhere. I mean, it makes no sense. Why would they take me? Well, why would they take me to this place that I have no idea of, a place that I'd never seen before. That makes no sense.

The wall split again and this time, a man in a white suit walked through along with someone who looked like a nurse, so that's what I'm gonna call her.

"Well, well." He started looking at me. I sat up as he walked toward me. He couldn't be any older than 30 and by far, he was one of the most handsome people I had ever seen in my life. "Ms. Vargo. How do you feel?"

"I feel like a million bucks," I muttered. "So can I leave?"

"Do you have any pains anywhere?" He asked ignoring my last question.

I sighed. "No. No pains. No aches. I feel fine."

"Good." He walked toward me and observed me as the nurse followed him and wrote everything down.

"What about your head?"

My head? "It's fine. Didn't I just tell you? I'm freaking fine. Seriously."

He stood in front of me, felt in his pocket and pulled out a tiny flashlight thing. "Alright, I'm gonna flash this in your eye. It'll only blind you for a minute."

Before I could respond to him, he had already had the flashlight out and was blazing it in my eye. The weirdest part about it, was that the light would change color. It wasn't just the blazing color, it changed to a bright pink and then a light blue and a red.

Once he got done flashing it in my eye, I looked down and rubbed my eyes in the covers. "Ouch."

"That's pretty random," he muttered. I looked up and noticed that he was talking to the nurse who was still writing everything down. He looked back at me and then smiled. "Well, everything is looking pretty good. You'll be out of here in no time Ms. Vargo."

"It's Alice. Just call me Alice."

His smile grew brighter. "Well Alice," he said. "Is there anything bothering you? Anything that I should know about?"

"Well, clothes would be nice," I muttered, "being naked is bothering me."

He smiled. "I'll get right on it." He turned to the nurse and gave her one look. She nodded and then turned and walked back out of the wall. He looked at me again. "Anything else?"

I thought long and hard. "Well yeah." He looked at me and I bit my lip. "I've been having this dream and it's been irritating me. I see blood and my mother crying and my father... Idk. It's like something tragic happened that I can't put my hand on. I mean, my mother never cries. So, it had to have been something big y'know? You're my doctor, you should know."

The doctor looked at me and then sighed. He walked toward me and then sat beside me. "Alice, you might take some of this news pretty well-rounded and you might not believe me. I mean, it's really hard to explain also."

"Just spit it out doctor."

He looked at me and gulped. "Alice, you died."
Published: 1/31/2013
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