Fallen Angel Chronicles

A love that breaks all the rules. Betrayal. Lust. Revenge. (I decided to revamp this story and put a bit more thought into it. Any CC is welcome!)
Pain. Fear. The sound of rain and wind roaring all around me. Pain lanced down my spine and my eyes were flowing rivers of tears. I was falling, plummeting endlessly into a dark chasm. My arms were uselessly flailing at the shadowy sky. Lightning pierced the onyx sky, revealing the heavens above me. I slammed my eyes shut, frightened of what I might see. My world was ending, as was my life. If I could not trust him, whom could I trust? Where could I run? My dark angel had torn my wings from my back and tossed me from the heavens. My home. Our home. "Why," I whispered. My heart felt torn, tattered. The man who was supposed to love me for eternity…. had done this. I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness above me. "You have deceived me! You have forsaken my love! Smeared my beautiful image of you. Ruined me," my voice splintered as I continued to below towards the heavens. "Gabriel, what have I done to deserve such a tragic end?" Thunder roared through the heavens and lightning struck once more. The rain was ice-cold, leaving my body feeling frozen to the bone. The wind whipped my golden hair around and I let out one last cry. "I pray when I finally hit the bottom, I never have to face you again. You’ve doomed me Gabriel…. You’ve doomed me."

Shadows began to cloud my vision and my body became weighed down. An unsettling silence settled around me. "Sera," a velvety purr softly penetrated my dream world. "Wake up…" My eyes shot open and I let out a soft gasp. My kitten, Jasper, had climbed onto my bed and roused me from my nightmare. Sweat beaded my forehead and my chest, gliding between my breasts. Will I ever stop having that nightmare?
I questioned myself faintly.

Jasper cried once more and began rubbing his soft black body against my face. "I take it you’re hungry, hmmm?" Jasper let out one long meow in response and scurried off in the direction of the kitchen. I shut my eyes and strained to grab onto the remnants of the murky dream. The more I strained to remember the details, the more the dream slipped away.

"Typical," I muttered as I slipped my feet into my pink slippers waltzing into the dimly lit hallway. I shrugged as my back ached with discomfort. "I definitely slept wrong or something." Heavy rain assaulted the windows as I entered my tiny kitchen. Jasper was waiting patiently next to his food bowl and I bent down and gave him a quick pat on the head. "You always wake me up before I get to the good part." He brushed against my legs as I fished out his tasty feast from the cabinet, quickly emptying the contents into his bowl and throwing away the can.

I walked over to the nearest window and drew back the blinds, revealing a stormy night’s sky. Lightning punctured the sky and I felt a tremor run down my spine as I gazed into the starry night. Whenever I couldn’t sleep or woke up in the middle of the night, I would find myself staring out into the dark abyss feeling…. desolate. It was a feeling I couldn’t shake nor describe to anyone. I let out a breath and drew the blinds shut, checking to make sure Jasper ate his food before hitting the light and heading back to my bedroom.

"Well, tomorrow’s an important day." I shambled out of my slippers and laid back in bed, closing my eyes. I felt heaviness next to me and turned around feeling around the covers for Jasper. What I came across was not the fur of a cat, but the hard muscle of a man. Fiery hot skin and a golden gaze that pierced me down to my very core. "Seraphina. I’m coming for you." I shouted in terror falling out of bed.

And that’s when I finally woke up.
Published: 11/16/2017
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