Fallen for You at Midnight - Chapter 1

Find what happens in chapter one, when the mysterious stranger Almira stumbles upon one night returning late home from a party. Could walking through the Cairn cemetery change her fate forever? Find out now! Enjoy.
She edged her gaze, her eyes locking with...

A tall figure stood before in harsh of the darkened night. Almira stared in bewilderment at the mysterious stranger of the night.
"What do you want?" Her words came out in a gasp.
The stranger slowly took a graceful step into the sparkling light of the moon that was not thickened underneath the black clouds anymore.
He had dark green eyes like an oasis of the desert. His hair was thick and curly and hung foppishly over his eyes.

"Well one could say I was out for a walk at midnight, but surprisingly after seeing you Senorita that sparked a change in me," his voice came out in a slow sexy drawl. Almira felt a hot crimson blush warm her cheeks as she stood awkwardly eyeing the ground. "I don't have any money." She glared into his eyes feeling a hot bubbling of rage begin to fizz in her belly.
"Sorry Senorita forgive me, it appears I have forgotten my manners. My name is Demetrio and you?"

There it was again that deep husky voice like melted chocolate. The moon was now shining upon them as if they were a spotlight couple. The stars were on full display dazzling the sky with their beauty. "Come to me," he ordered. Against her own will her legs began to moved towards him in a fast pace. Almira's breath quickened as she was now in his arms. A shiver rose tickling her spine as he leaned in right at her ear. She felt her pace begin too slow, her eyes dreamily looked upon his. His lips stroked her neck, it felt like a thousand whispers been spoken in her ear. Then she felt a hot searing pain as flesh was being bitten. Her eyes filled with hot tears of pain. Her body was rigid with shock and she could see a dark intense glitter in the eyes of Demetrio. He glanced at her then released his mouth to reveal white pallid fangs tinted with speckles of red blood. His cheeks were filled with a warm pink glow that added to his beautiful features. "I am sorry Senorita," his voice engulfed her ears in the pain that was so unrecognizable, she didn't know if she was between life or death...
Published: 6/21/2012
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