Fallen for You at Midnight - Chapter 2

Almira enchanted by the stranger in her shadow cannot see the anguish hooded behind her parents' eyes. In hospital with two punctured holes in her neck is enough to raise alarm. Discover how Almira can't manage to separate fantasy from reality in the peaks of her dreams, yearning for the stranger that plagues her every thought.
She was draped in his arms like a broken doll. A ruby-red river flowed from her neck. He watched hungrily in awe as it trickled upon her chest. The sky was beginning to brighten, as dawn awakened a new day.

He could hear the soft drumming of her heart beating away inside her. He let out a contented sigh of relief.

"Soon Señorita I will find you." He half-smiled as he caressed her glorious brown locks. His lips wandered to her forehead where he planted a gentle kiss. As the last rays of darkness were swept away by a crest of orange glow piercing through the black clouds.

Demetrio crept away returning to his world, one she did not belong in.

A loud noise whirred Almira into her life. Her head stung like it had been struck by a hard brick repeatedly.

Her eyes fluttered open in bewilderment at the sight before her.

"Honey, thank God your alive!" Her mum choked as tears poured from her eyes.

"What happened to you?" Her Dad muttered gently.

"I-I don't remember." She paused trying to piece together the events of that night. Her parents could not disguise the horror shown in their eyes. Two small delicate holes punctured into Almira's neck were bandaged out of sight, but that was not enough to hide the deadly mystery of what was unleashed that night.

"It's been a long day for you darling, we will leave you to rest." Her mum spoke as she stroked Almira's face.

Almira's face pictured a sullen mood. As far as she knew she was in the hospital, but whatever reason for she had no idea.

Finally after what seemed an eternity, the ward showed some human life. A woman in a white uniform approached Almira with a radiant smile shining from her face. Her long black hair was pulled back from her face in a knot. She had bright blue eyes that reminded Almira of the ocean.

"Hello, I'm Hilda," the nurse confirmed in a soft humble voice.

Almira hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to comment. In Hilda's hands was a tray with selected foods. Hilda placed the tray on her lap and departed.

Almira could feel the haziness of a deep sleep coming her way. Resting her head back she began to tumble further and longer away from reality. As she began to slip away into the entanglements of a dream.

"Soon Señorita I will find you," a beautiful voice like music sang through her soul over and over like a song.

It was dark and gloomy wherever she was. She was lying on the earth, rooted to the ground like a tree.

Her heart thudded slightly, like an echo slowly fading away. She felt warm lips touch her forehead. Her belly was filled with an intoxicated energy as she remembered his lips caressing her. She began to awake only to gasp in shame as her savior, was no longer here under the moonlight.

Almira awoke from her dream, with a shock that clung to her heart. Her hands touched her bandaged neck. "He's a... vampire." Almira exclaimed to herself in the loneliness of the hospital ward.
Do you hope Almira meets her mysterious stranger again?
Definitely not!
Published: 11/28/2012
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