Falling Deeply

Watching love slip away.
I remember the times we shared together the laughter
Now all I feel is the coldness of the water touch my feet as I walk in,
I look up at the stars and wish you were here, by my side to hold my hand as I walk in
If you saw me now, would you run in and save me?

Would you cry out in the morning when you find me
Asleep and cold but at peace at last?
Can you feel my love as the water reaches my lips?
When it rains, can you feel my tears on your lips?

I float like angel in the dark sky, the stars like lights glimmering on the water,
The light surrounds me as I let myself go,
I can the water pull me down like you used to pull me to you
I close my eyes and let go of the breath I have been holding.
As I open my eyes, I see you standing over me watching as I sink slowly.
Published: 3/23/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats