Falling in Love For Once

First poem ever.
The moon shines through the trees
Crickets make their songs in the woods
Owls hoot and birds fly.

Sitting side by side
Skin barely touches,
Not a whisper escapes our lips.

The wind blows through my hair
Sends chills down my spine.
You run through my brain.

Is the feeling the same?
This intense movement
Rocking me straight to my core.

My brain screams at me
'Go for it you fool!'
While my heart says
'You'll only get hurt.'

I reach out slowly
My brain being the winner.
My fingers just brush against your hand.

You look up at me
A smile slowly spreads
Intertwining your fingers in mine.

Is this what it feels like to be in love?
To feel warm inside, almost glowing
My heart to skip a beat.

When I think of you,
I think of forever
And always.

You lean over
Just an inch from my face,
Then your lips brush gently against mine.

The feelings growing
Almost about to burst
Until I can't hold it in anymore.

'I love you' I whisper against your lips
'As I love you' you say back,
And hold each other close.

This is love..
I know it's real,
Now, please be mine
Published: 3/16/2012
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