Family Drama

People don't want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown. - Chuck Palahniuk, "Survivor" Like charity, drama begins at home as well. The emotions we experience within the four walls of our homes are definitely some of the most impactful factors shaping our personalities. The moments of laughter shared, the exchange of words, the tears shed ensemble, the spurts of anger unleashed, the facades lowered within the confines of our dwellings - we live all this in the most basic units of our society. Our family. And all of this makes for the most exquisite ingredients to concoct excellent tales. Here, you will find stories replete with family drama that will churn all your emotions and leave you with food for thought in the end.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Seventeen
"There are men," he whispered harshly, interrupting me. "They have guns. I need to get you out of here."
Living With a Billionare - Chapter Sixteen
It was all a lie... He didn't really care for me... He didn't want to seek a new life... He was going to stay exactly where he was and probably be more successful because of it.
Emerald Eyes - Chapter 10
Yes, it is finally here! I apologize for the long wait! This chapter was actually written long ago right after the release of chapter nine but I procrastinated on finishing it. But I can guarantee you that no matter what, I will be...
Emerald Eyes - Chapter 9
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Emerald Eyes - Chapter 8
I don't even think anyone follows this story anymore as it has taken me about a year to post another chapter but I wanted to continue anyway. And from now on, the chapters will be coming, I promise! Anyway, if you do decide to read...
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 7, Part 2)
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 7, Part 1)
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Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Fifteen
"I don't plan on marrying Grace," Troy said, interrupting my thoughts. "I know you want me to say I broke it off and that it's completely over, but I can't. Not yet. I can promise you, though, that you have nothing...
Return of the Calgarian Princess - Chapter 9
Wow, what just happened? Uhm, let's find out ....
Conquered by Love
My first Movie Script. An African tale of a Rich Father and two grownup Sons who were at war with each other, both heavy weights, yet only one can be the winner at the end of it all.
The Unseen - Chapter 11 (Final)
This is the last chapter of 'The Unseen'. And encase you're wondering where Anya's father is, since I didn't mention it on here; he's in prison. (sentenced for life). I hope my readers enjoy this last chapter!
The Unseen - Chapter 10
Enjoy the long chapter.
It's All Greek (7)
Taking a trip down 42nd street, oh how delightful it was...
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Ten
Sorry again for the delay. Please read the details, few highlights and revelations...
It's All Greek (2)
Nerita, sorry some parts are in broken Greek. I tried to translate them in English.
It's All Greek (1)
An arranged marriage between American born Greek culture and Greece born culture.
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Nine
Sorry again, but me and my daughter had the Viral infection together. It was good to write again....
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Eight
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 6, Part 2)
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Forgotten Husband - Chapter Seven, Part I
I was going to write a big chapter, but thought against it. So divided this chapter in two parts. This one is small. Next one would be a bigger one.
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 6, Part 1)
Thank you for waiting! This is EXTREMELY short because it got cut off. Next half is way longer, don't worry!
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 5, Part 2)
Here is Part 2! It's 5 in the morning here and I got kinda lazy with this chapter, so you'll notice it's sloppy and lacks depth and contains less details. Sorry!
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 5, Part 1)
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 4)
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 3, Part 2)
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 3, Part 1)
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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 2)
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Summer of Diffidence - Part 5
The description of the protagonist.
Summer of Diffidence - Part 4
The Family of the girl moves from Delhi to Karachi, now Pakistan.
Summer of Diffidence - Parts 1 to 3
Narrated in first and third persons, this is a story about an adolescent girl from Pakistan hailing from the immigrant and tradition-minded urdu-speaking family of considerable wealth and prestige.
The Unseen - Chapter 9
Uh-oh... things may get worst for Anya. Keep reading because soon your eyes will bulge just like the old man's in this chapter... or maybe not?
The Unseen - Chapter 8
Message for my readers and pictures included!
The Unseen - Chapter 7
With all the pressure in one side, and her sister in another side, Anya is stuck in between. Would she overcome these obstacles and find a way out? Pictures of some of the characters are included and keep commenting!
The Unseen - Chapter 6
Anya has left Bob and Alonzo and decided to take responsibility by herself. Can she really take care of Daisy on her own or is something waiting for them in the other side? Keep reading because the unseen is about to be... REVEALED.
The Unseen - Chapter 5
Asad Omar, thank you for commenting. Truly made me smile. I get excited to know who are my readers. Please, please vote in the poll! Everyone's opinion is valuable to me. Enjoy this short chapter.
The Unseen - Chapter 4
Would Anya let go of her past or would she continue to let it put her in misery? After all, letting go isn't that easy right? Keep reading my lovely readers. I hope you enjoy this chapter!
The Unseen - Chapter 3
Thanks Miha and thinkerbelle77 for being the first person to comment on my story. You have seriously made my day! I'm very excited to know that someone really enjoyed my first chapter. It is great motivation! I sure will continue....
The Unseen - Chapter 2
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The Unseen - Chapter 1
This is a story of a teenage girl who have endured so much in her life including an alcoholic father. One day her father went into extremes. As she tries to safe her mother from her own father, things go horribly wrong. Could this...
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Fourteen
Troy's POV: I've made girls cry in the past... I had my time with them and then let them go... I just wanted to have some fun, and I'd make that as evident as I could. They distracted me from my screwed up life.
A Girl's Insanity
Love and Pain. What is the difference? This little girl doesn't know.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Thirteen
I froze, and for a moment, I was sure the world was about to end. I was waiting for everything to crumble around us and for the world to swallow us up into an infinite darkness.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Twelve
I stood there for a moment, staring at the blood, not sure what to make of it. Should I panic? Would I be passing out soon? Should I get help?
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Eleven
...I heard a couple of guys yell words I couldn't make out. Just as I'm about to turn, Troy is pulled away from me and I feel a cool splash at the top of my head... So quickly, and so all of a sudden, I am soaked.
We Are Not Alone
Life is actually more beautiful and livable than we think it is.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Ten
He would never let this day down. The day he "saved the day". Every time I was with him, some sort of bad luck occurred. At this rate, a big earthquake would hit us and kill us by the end of summer.
Chasing Olivia - Chapter 2
Falling pregnant and being single at the age of 17 isn't how really Olivia planned her life. The man who she was supposed to be spending the rest of her life with ran away for a career in acting when she was 8 months pregnant. But...
Chasing Olivia - Chapter 1
Falling pregnant and being single at the age of 17 isn't how really Olivia planned her life. The man who she was supposed to be spending the rest of her life with ran away for a career in acting when she was 8 months pregnant, but...
Return of the Calgarian Princess - Chapter 8
What's Miriam gonna do? Will she leave mystery guy there or try to get some help? For Kay, thanks for reading and I soon let you know who the Guy is.
Return of the Calgarian Princess - Chapters 6 and 7
What on earth was that? Apparently things just got interesting...
Return of the Calgarian Princess - Chapter 5
Okay... so she's found a staircase? Under her bed? Apparently, there was an adventure lurking around in her room after all. But is this just another empty path or is there something really down there? And what about Jason being...
Return Of the Calgarian Princess - Chapter 4 (Continued)
So apparently someone or something has other plans for Miriam's birthday and wants her brother involved. What's going on... is this all her imagination or is something really abreast? Let's stop and find out...
Return Of the Calgarian Princess - Chapters 1 to 4
Miriam's 16th birthday seems to take a turn for the worse when she lost her room key and is stuck in her room, but is it really for the worst?
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Nine
This was no big deal. Last night was no big deal. Awkward and strange, maybe. Not expected. Not planned. I had never once, in my time living in this mansion, planned to get so physically close to Troy. I had never dreamed about it....
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Eight
When a cool gush of wind twirled around us in mockery, I shivered. I knew that being is my shorts and a t-shirt would only make a night in this maze a nightmare, and that terrified me.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Seven
I knew I was not afraid of him, but for some reason, my palms began to get sweaty and my pounding heart was making its presence known to me. Could he hear it?
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Six
He stared at me in disbelief, his eyes narrowing down at me, "I don’t have a problem with you," was all he said.
It's Just That Homeless Boy - Epilogue
Hey guys, so sorry for the delay but I've had a lot on lately. Enjoy!
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Five
I took advantage of the moment to quickly glance at his wet demeanor, his hair clinging to his forehead. I couldn’t read his eyes as they studied me.
Jane Carter - Chapter 7
All you need is a little bit of childhood memories to recreate a family.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Four
"Oh, really? And how much do I like you?" He was talking sarcastically now.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Three
"Autumn? Come out, won't you?" I could tell that Troy was impatient once again, probably eager to go on to the theater. But I couldn't go, not like this.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter Two
"It’ll be over by midnight," I whispered to myself.
Living With a Billionaire - Chapter One
Of course, how could they accept us... the not-so-wealthy family? The boy was looking at us in the exact way I expected him to... with distaste.
Ars Goetia - Chapter Three
Things get a little too real...
The Biggest Family in Kamyton - Chapter 1
She's the oldest, she's the most responsible, and she deserves it. So why can't she get the birthday party of her dreams?
In the Eyes of Jade (22)
It was his own doing.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 36 (Finale)
This is the final chapter of this book. Leave your views on the total performance of this book. Healthy critique is strongly advised.
In the Eyes of Jade (21)
"Lying to yourself won't help you sleep at night." My voice seemed to disappear in the thick tense air. "Good thing I haven't been tossing and turning." He hissed with an ice-cold glare.
Second Chances - Chapter 23 (Finale)
"I want to be part of your life, now if that means me moving down here and into this circus you call a family then fine."
Second Chances - Chapter 22
Amelia is back in town for the birth of her niece. Will an unexpected run-in with Luca spark old feelings?
The Biggest Family in Kamyton - Introduction
Eleven children, six adults, 2 dogs, a cat, and a baby on the way! That’s the bustling Gale/Harrison family...
Second Chances - Chapter 21
An unexpected twist for Amelia when her past comes back to haunt her. Will she give in to Irene James' threats?
Second Chances - Chapter 20
While everything has been sorted out, Amelia still has some secrets that she has to work through. Will her fears come between her and Luca? Thank you for the comments. I am so glad that you can relate to the story. I am sorry that...
Second Chances - Chapter 19
It's the night before the wedding, and unexpected developments unfold for both Faye and Amelia.
Second Chances - Chapter 18
Amelia and Faye decide that they need to have some fun before the wedding.
Second Chances - Chapter 17
Amelia makes a drastic decision to meet Kyle Stevens, the man who stalked her years ago in the hope that they can both move on with their lives.
Second Chances - Chapter 16
Amelia and Luca are engaged, but they decide to keep it a secret ahead of Faye and Ben's wedding. The comments were very useful, I hope that this next chapter though short will make everyone happy.
Silverstone - Part 5
Enjoy and please comment on the story.
Silverstone - Part 4
Enjoy the story!
Silverstone - Part 3
Life is about to change!
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 35
This is the second last chapter. Do enjoy and give feedback on the book in general, and yet cheers to the ending of yet another book; will miss Bree and Anton.
Silverstone - Part 2
Things go bad... *I'm sorry it's been such a long time, but here's part 2 of 'Silverstone'.*
Second Chances - Chapter 15
Amelia is back from Paris and her life is about to change. Thank you for the comments, I hope you enjoy this chapter.
Second Chances - Chapter 14
Amelia comes to the aid of her sister and then something unexpected happens. Will Faye go through with the wedding?
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 33
I've already completed this book; just 3 more chapters to go!
In the Eyes of Jade (20)
I tossed them into the burning flames that reminded me of hell... exactly where I belonged.
Second Chances - Chapter 13
Amelia takes a short break to get away from everything back home. Luca's unexpected appearance sheds new light on their relationship and her hopes for the future. Thank you to everyone who has left such nice comments, they really...
Second Chances - Chapter 12
There's trouble for Amelia, but just when she thought she was in it alone, Luca surprises her.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 32
Good news guys, I'm getting four days off school, so will be writing more this weekend. Thinking about doing a possible sequel for this book, but I think this book has enough drama and twists. Give feedback on what you think.
Second Chances - Chapter 11
Faye and Ben's engagement party holds new possibilities for Luca and Amelia. Thank you for all the positive feedback, it means a lot and inspires me to write more.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 31
Short chapter... Please comment and but enjoy.
Second Chances - Chapter 10
Amelia tries to make things right with Luca, but her family has other ideas in mind.
Second Chances - Chapter 9
History repeats itself in this chapter. Will Amelia succumb to old demons or will she stand by Luca?
Second Chances - Chapter 8
Luca invites Amelia to a charity event, but his intentions are less than innocent.
Second Chances - Chapter 7
Amelia is still in Berlin and has a very revealing lunch with Luca, that has caused Luca to think positively about the future. I hope you are enjoying the story. Please do let me know what your thoughts are and if you would like to...
Second Chances - Chapter 6
Amelia is in Berlin for the icon shoot and new things come to light when she is forced to spend time with Sasha Burke, Luca's new love interest.
Second Chances - Chapter 5
As Amelia spends more time with Luca, old feeling come to surface with new desires to be with the man she lost all those years ago.
Second Chances - Chapter 4
Amelia manages to resolve the issues she has with her family, but this means that she must spend more time with Luca. The more time she spends with him the more she realizes that she made a terrible mistake.
In the Eyes of Jade (19)
How far are you willing to go?
In the Eyes of Jade (18)
"Every party is mine." - President Attion.
Second Chances - Chapter 3
Amelia is off to Italy for an appearance on a television show. Faye and Ben's wedding becomes complicated and Amelia is pushed into a corner by her mother. This is a filler chapter to provide more context.
Second Chances - Chapter 2
Amelia thought she put her relationship with Luca James firmly in the past, but with a family marriage on the cards, it looks like they will be spending a lot more time together.
Second Chances - Chapter 1
Amelia has always done everything for her family including giving up the man she loves. When Luca James walks back into her life, Amelia has to decide what's more important.
Jane Carter - Chapter 6
Jane and her mother always fought as Jane grew up, so what happens when one phone call could change both their lives forever?
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 30
Poor Bree, cry... cry....
In the Eyes of Jade (17)
No use in regretting something when it's already happened.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 29
I'm sorry, but I'm presently writing exams!
It's Just That Homeless Boy - Prologue
How would you like it if you were turned out of your home? Well Jonno was and now at the age of 14, he has to fend for himself. Jonno's having doubts about whether or not he'll be able to follow the rules of a homeless person....
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 28
And before I could move a muscle, an incoming missile was targeted towards us. "Duck for cover!" I yelled... "Boom!"
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 27
Enjoy guys and please comment.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 26
Here's another chapter guys; sorry for updating so late but I've a million things to get done, including finals which begin on Monday; wish me luck!
Jane Carter - Chapter 5
Memories, new friends, better mother-daughter relationships.
Triumphant Love - Episode 5
It's back as requested. I'm presently working on 3 opposing stories, two of which are nearing its end whilst a possible sequel will be devised for one of them. Keep your feedback kicking and I'll update this story more frequently.
The Secret She Carried - Chapters 24 and 25
Sorry for the late post guys, Internet issues. Oh well, hope these chapters make up!
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 23
The turning point of Bree's life... forever.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 22
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The Secret She Carried - Chapter 21
Yes, I know I'm rather late and I left many of you confused. Well then, I hope this chapter clears up your misunderstandings. 14 comments to continue please.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 20
More to be explained in next chapter, enjoy.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 19
Ok guys, so each day I will write one or two chapters for one of my stories. So if I write a chapter for 'Love's To Die For' today, I'll write this story tomorrow; much love.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 18
Who is the real bad guy in this story? Find out and if you're on Twitter; you can follow me.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 17
Please read and comment.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 16
Please read and comment..
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 15
An unexpected... surprise.
Jane Carter - Chapter 4
Jane has been through a lot in her life, including the absence of a mother and father when she was younger. She was selfish and ungrateful, a side we never saw about her. How will she conquer her selfishness and unforgiving side of...
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 14
Merry Christmas guys although I'm late but hey, the Christmas season's still in the air. Who ate ham and turkey and shake and bake chicken? Yum... yum! Still recovering from an extreme hangover... oh well here's chapter 14, enjoy.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 13
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The Secret She Carried - Chapter 12
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The Secret She Carried - Chapter 11
Sabrina sees David, what is going on? Read and find out!
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 10
Hey guys, I know y'all thought Cassandra to be an untruthful best friend, and backstabbing whore to Sabrina, but really it's not like she had a choice; find out her side of the story!
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 9
Thanks so much guys for your immediate response and cooperation. This chapter has been divided in two parts. There's a lot more intense twists to come.
Jane Carter - Chapter 3
Why does Jane respect someone so much? What is her next challenge?
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 8
Enjoy guys; you will not believe it when it hits you like a hammer driving a nail. Anyway, I need 15 comments to continue this story. Please support these comments or else I will not continue.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 7
Hmm... well guys read it yourself and see what happens. We're getting close to know who had raped Sabrina... hmm.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 6
A continuation of chapter 5 - Someone dies - Cassie falls for Anton? What is going on? Read and find out!
Triumphant Love - Episodes 3 and 4
I hope your questions are answered Skyler; by the way, love your book - "Gone" and can't wait to read the rest of 'Forever Alone'. Anyway guys; Lucyana finds herself in trouble...
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 5
Hey guys, here's the latest story. Oh, this is it; the chapter you've all been waiting for. Comment please. Thanks a lot everyone, you are all such wonderful audience; read, read... I do apologize for spelling errors. I didn't edit...
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 4
Well guys, it has some serious drama in this chapter. I would like to thank you all for your kind words. Please continue reading, lots of stuff has to happen. I'd like to post this article, in attribute of my boyfriend; I love you...
Triumphant Love - Episodes 1 and 2
It's a dramatic romance/action series where the protagonist is faced by many obstacles, you'll enjoy it. Lots of stuff has to happen, comment please or else I will not continue, enjoy.
The Secret She Carried - Chapter 3
Sabrina has a minor accident; Anton discovers something about her. This isn't the chapter where the secret is revealed for what leads to the secret is yet to come. Enjoy and please comment and let me know what you guys think! A...
The Secret She Carried - Chapters 1 and 2
Sabrina is a rich, fine young lady that meets the love of her life. At the cause of a devastating term of events, she is forced to hide something blatant from her family, friends and most importantly Anton; what will happen to her?...
Jane Carter - Chapter 2
What life does Jane Carter live now? She is done with her parents, she has a new house and a fiance. Is something going to happen that will cause her world to become more interesting? Or will it turn upside down again after a...
Jane Carter - Chapter 1
New story... I need to catch up on the other stories but I had an idea for this so enjoy! Who is Jane Carter? What happens to her that causes her to remember what happened? What happened on December 6? Will she ever do the same...
Ars Goetia - Chapter Two (Rewrite)
Creepy house, creepy story, creepy guy, and now... a creepy curse!? Here's the new and improved chapter 2 as promised! The picture is of Levi Blaise. His last name is pronounced as "Blaze".
In the Eyes of Jade (15)
It's time... for surprises.
In the Eyes of Jade (13)
The Doctor. Comment please.
One-Eyed Mum [3]
Scene takes place at home. (It was the end of school day)
One-Eyed Mum [2]
The story takes place in Frosterhill High.
One-Eyed Mum - Introduction
This is a short summary of the characters and what they are like. There is more to mention, obviously. I'm fully aware so don't bother pointing that out.
In the Eyes of Jade (12)
Three Month Law. Please comment!
In the Eyes of Jade (11)
Out on the town. Please comment.
In the Eyes of Jade (10)
"Jade..." He sets his hands on my shoulders, "You're sexy."
In the Eyes of Jade (9)
Picture of Colby. Comment.
Silverstone - Part 1
Melissa Rose Thomson is a rebel from Riverside, living her life. But her perfect life doesn't stay perfect for long.
In the Eyes of Jade (8)
Marilyn, Jackie, Caroline, Bonnie, and Quinn.
In the Eyes of Jade (7)
"I am not your father. I am your husband."
In the Eyes of Jade (4)
Fathers be good to your Daughters.
In the Eyes of Jade (2)
First day of the rest of our lives.
In the Eyes of Jade (1)
Jade Tyler lives in a horrible society that strives to be perfect, but in the end is destructive. With one law after another, Jade challenges each one but realizes some curses are blessings. Love and Adventure finds her.
Ars Goetia - Chapter Two
Never eat leftover Chinese food. (Previously titled - Currently Untitled)
Ars Goetia - Chapter One
Dysfunctional family, check. Creepy house, check. More than creepy neighbors, double-check. Moving into a new neighborhood can be so much fun.
The Bright Pink Saree
This story is about a daughter named Radha and her mother named Maya. Maya is a widow and lives a life full of restrictions. The story explains how Radha helps her mom to come out of it. It depicts the unconditional love that Radha...