Family Poems

As Justin Kamara has portrayed so poetically, “when I need help my family is always there for me, my family never let me down, family is always around when you are in trouble, my family is my close friend, my family is my protector, my family always cares for me no matter what, my family is going to be my protector to the end.” Relive the emotions that only familial ties can evoke through these poems.
Extraordinary Beings
I've seen many special people's ideas and emotions. There isn't anybody or anything I could find to replace these people who have been there my whole life. They are inspiring, determined, and lovable. I can't find any words in any...
My Dear Brother
One day my brother will aspire to great wealth and heights.
The Old Heritage
Love your elders, you will be loved by your children.
My Dear Kids
These lines are a little something for my children.
For You, Mom and Dad
This is for my parents.
Me For You
What is the true meaning of love?
Come Home Dad
One of my battles that I am facing with my mustard-seed-sized faith. I know many people relate to this, just know that it ain't the end. The battles do not have the final say.
Dysfunctional Family
This writing reflects my realization of the pain that was always hidden. It is raw and pure emotion, so please forgive the usual grammatical errors. As always, thank you for reading.
Finding a Family of My Own
Just a poem that I came up with when thinking about my family, my boyfriend and my twins/triplets who are going to be born in February of 2013.
Time (For Megan Leigh)
Dedicated to my precious little girl.
The Greatest Man Ever
This is a poem about my grandfather I have never met. (From my Dad's side of the family) I really adore him so much... So I wrote a special little poem for him.
Who Needs Family? You and I do!
This poem really says it all!
Secret Place
For my daughter.
My Brother
This was written in 2008, dedicated to a friend that was more like a family to me than anyone else was...
Family came to visit.
Wish I Met You
This is for my grandma who I never met.
Without You
This is what I dedicate to my parents.
My Father's Hands
Just a little poem at three am.
This about what my soon to be wife means to my life.
Oh! My Revered Father!!
A personal moment in my life when I spent a few days with my father in Calcutta, my birth place, back in 2003. He was 77 then.
About my Son <3
About my father
For My Dad
Love you daddy. Come home soon.
What I think about my dad.
Come Home To Stay
This poem is dedicated to my only brother; Alden Tillett. He is 11 years old born on march 15th 1999. Cps took him away from my family and I haven't seen him since he was 5 in 1/2. I miss him so much!!
Living with joint family.
Spark of Love
The poem talks of the most treasured riches of my life - my family.
My Father, My Hero!
This is about my father. He died about four years but it still hurts like it was yesterday. Comment if you like.
I Need You Both
A child needs the security of the physical presence and togetherness of both parents to feel complete. This one is for my parents who continue to infuse me with strength each day...
Warm Love's Hood
Some associations are above the rest....
Mother's Tears
Child grows big and ....
The Five Laws of A Housewife
New laws for house wives…
Martian Child
Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? Like you're from a different planet? That's how I feel. In my family of five I'm the Martian child. This kind of explains how I feel...
Motherhood Called
Children having kids...
My Brother
How someone else can suffer too?
Have you ever had a thought of how your mum and dad would react to your death....
Ardent Prayer
Ailing mother's pain...
The Natural Order Of Life
It’s a poem about my grand-uncle that passed away 2 months ago, may he rest in peace…
Our Sweet little girl Olivia.....
Olivia is our sweet little girl with her charming face...
Grand Parents
A tribute to them on this day, 5th Sept....
Thank God, am not mom!!!
Read to see whose utterances are these?
"Feared" fear?
Family care?!
You are hurt?!
A caring family..
How much a father cares?
Balcony Sisters
A small story...
Homage To A Brother
This is a bereavement poem…
My wonderful mother......
I thank God for giving me a wonderful mother...
My son, your mother left you and me alone.....
My son, your mother left you and me alone...