Fantasy Stories

Author of the magical world of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling once said in a very public interview: I'm not saying I believe magic is real - I don't. But that's the perennial appeal of magic - the idea that we ourselves have power and we can shape our world. And that is precisely the reason why nothing catches our attention like magic does. The unexplainable nature of it intrigues us to no end. We enjoy being baffled by that which the mind cannot grasp or explicate completely. Through the ages, hoards of inquisitive men have invested lifetimes in the search of real magic. As for the rest of us, reading stories written by brilliant fantasists through the ages has quelled our insatiable urge to know more about magic to a certain extent. Fantasy fiction proves to be exceptionally recreational most of the time, as they slowly open up newer horizons of imagination. Here at iBuzzle, we give you some magical tales replete with witches, wizards, and parallel cosmoses that will not only entertain you but also convince you further that the universe of magic is just as vast and enigmatic as the universe we humans dwell in.
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Six
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Forgotten Husband - Chapter Five
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Forgotten Husband - Chapter Three
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Forgotten Husband - Chapter Two
More about Kavya and Akshat....
Forgotten Husband - Chapter One
Kavya has settled in a life that she likes a lot. Since last two weeks, she has changed, but couldn't figure out what was the reason behind it? And why? How will her life change along with her family?
Serenity - Chapter 20
After the Firen's save Serenity from the cloaked man, she reaches the Lalandra Fields hoping to find a clue to where the last Unicorn is, so she can get for answers to who she is and where her powers come from.
Part of Me (21)
Aqua and the others reach Mt. Olympus and prepare to meet the Gods ... their parents.
Part of Me (20)
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The Four Seasons - Chapter 6
"Are you alright?" He asks me and reaches for a lock of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. Tears blur my vision as I remember what had just happened.
The Golden Spoon - Chapter 6
Lucy unlocks a gift, more like a miracle, she grows closer to her betrothed and the antichrist pays the US a visit.
The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 9
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 8
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 7
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The Golden Spoon - Chapter 5
And the war begins.
The Four Seasons - Chapter 5
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 6
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 5
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 4
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 3
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 2
Nyan! "Luke, take care of her." The girl said and the other three Soul Reapers left, leaving only me and Luke behind. (Picture of Melanie)
The Golden Spoon - Chapter 4
A dream, a conspiracy, and an insight into the times of Adam and Eve... has Luciana on the run with her betrothed. The end times are here, but is Lucy ready?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty Five
The Archangels paid the fallen angels a visit, and the angels didn't know how to react. What would happen when their prosecutors, punishers decide to come down? Perhaps a sentence even more painful than the current one....
The Four Seasons - Chapter 4
"You're not a dream, are you." I say, more than ask. Before I can do anything, he takes his arm off me and goes to the window. I feel empty and cold without his arms around me. "Goodnight Roza," he whispers. His...
The Golden Spoon - Chapters 2 and 3
Luciana discovers the whole truth about her fortuitous escapade and she makes her first confrontation with the serpent.
New Days (Part Three)
Melenthia learns about her past.
The Golden Spoon - Chapter 1
Luciana discovers the truth on her 17th birthday, a truth that ought to convert her life forever. This is just the introduction. Enjoy.
Part of Me (19)
I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to grab him and pull him close, forget about everything and just hear his soft voice whispering sweet nothings into my hair… No Styx, I thought, Love is overrated. I kept opening my mouth and...
The Golden Spoon - Prologue
This is an incessant story about a unique being, who will play a gruesome role in the coming of the final trumpet. Betrothed to archangel and being the sister and daughter of the most high, can be greatly beneficial in her times of...
The Four Seasons - Chapter 3
Here it is! Pic is of Chris.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty Four
The Other Lover is so kind to her, so generous, so forgiving, that she had no choice but to accept his kindness. He showed her a world where love can be possible, and where seduction can be pure. Then she dreamed, she dreamed of...
The Four Seasons - Chapter 2
Sorry it's short, but here it is! Pic is of Liz.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty Three
Josie Carter knew everything. The woman he considered his sister knew his weakness. She tried to talk him out of it, tried to make him see that the woman he LOVED was toying with him, but he couldn't see anything. And then there...
The Four Seasons - Chapter 1
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The Soul and The Reaper - Chapter 1
Nyan! My very first new story! So I hope you guys will enjoy it. Picture is of Luke.
The Four Seasons - Prologue
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Terra - Chapter 5
Does Master Jean make it out alive? Read to find out.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty Two
He did his duty, and came to her aid, returning her to her reality. In truth, he would much rather the woman he loved stay by his side forever. There was never an answer to the important question.
Part of Me (18)
"Remember when I said I wanted to get to know each other first? I want our first time to be somewhere special, and meaningful." I whispered, so the others wouldn't hear but I knew Styx would.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty One
A memory flashback in the year 1600 before the Angels' War, in Alexander's point of view. He remembered her as the passionate, seductive woman who offered to run away with him. They both denied love, but they admitted passion.
Terra - Chapter 4
Does Tory and Dan get away? Read to find out.
Terra - Chapter 3
A group of mysterious psychic people are after Tory.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirty
The next dream sequence happening in Year 1600. She didn't know how she got into the Memory Dream, but it no longer mattered. She needed to buy herself time before... before he gets her out of it. She depended on him, but was it...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Nine
He was so sure that he didn't need help. But when he found out, help is determined to be given to him, he couldn't refuse. Could he trust the brothers and sisters who loved him? Or must he depend on himself?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Eight
She decided to stay away. That was the only thing she could do, really. But to run off with a man who tells her to stay away from another man that she loved? It was as hard as it could get. How can she reconcile the situation?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Seven
How could he ever resist her? The more baffling question is, how could he resist her with the knowledge that she didn't love him. Or maybe, she was denying herself the fact that she also wanted him. What could they do?
My Demon King - Chapter 2
I hope you guys will enjoy chapter 2. And the picture is of Hanako.
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The Blood Ritual - Chapter Seven
A secret order rises to terminate this pair of lovers, whose relationship in the eyes of the order is forbidden.
My Demon King - Chapter 1
Wow! Haha, my first new story! I hope you guys will enjoy this story and chapter. Please comment anything to help me fix my mistakes. Thank you and enjoy! And I decided to use this picture as Kyou.
Terra - Chapter 2
Was it really South Korean civilians who started the war or someone else?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Six
She didn't know what was happening. The Masked Stranger was someone she knew, that much she knows. But does he mean her harm? Will she ever find out who he is? He tempts her... ought she accept or resist?
Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 5
The story of Anne Saxon, a witch during the witch trial era, continues into the past.
Terra - Chapter 1
Tory Braddock gathers up her courage and calls a...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Five
He had no idea what to do when he heard her secret. How could he ever face the woman he loved so much?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Four
PG-13 for slightly sexual content. The one who loved her seduced her body and mind, making her believe that her choice was right.
Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 4
The tale of Anne Saxon, a witch during the witch trials.
The Blood Ritual - Chapter Six
After the ritual was complete...
Terra - Prologue and Part 2
Eliah betrays the Queen.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Three
He heard everything, and yet nothing. He had no idea what he could do. And then... a long gone friend returns to him, and throws every plan he has out of balance.
5 Secrets: The Traitor (Chapter 3)
What exactly happened to the twins during their childhood? Go ahead and read to know the answer.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Two
She went with the Hooded Stranger... Yet where would he lead her? When she discovered the answer, she also needed to make a choice between what she wanted, and what she needed.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty One
Someone had taken her away from the Dream he shared with her. And he needed to find her, by finding the one who took her away in the first place.
5 Secrets: The Traitor (Chapter 2)
It seems that the twins are completely prepared for all the consequences they will face. Does that include being reminded of their bitter past? Or rather, traumatic past? In the picture: Can you guess who's who?
Terra - Prologue and Part 1
A precious baby girl is born.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty
A chapter of dream sequence from Anastasia's point of view.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Nineteen
He had made her a promise that she couldn't refuse. He was going to be in her bed, dreaming of the past with her.
5 Secrets: The Traitor (Chapter 1)
First day of classes! Looks like it will be as interesting as the day Rin first stepped into Rockwell High...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Eighteen
How could she choose? She wasn't even supposed to choose. What is happening to her? Who is she supposed to be in love with?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Seventeen
He is throwing everything, every reason, every bit of hope away. There is only one thing he cared for, and the one thing nearly killed him. Or had already killed him...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Sixteen
Was her true mate supposed to be someone else? Someone, other than her little fantasy?
5 Secrets: The Traitor (Prologue)
This is the beginning of 5 Secrets' - Book Two. And the continuation begins.
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Love of the Damned - Chapter Fifteen
Things have taken a brand new turn. What would he do?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Fourteen
Between fantasy and reality, although she was in love with fantasy, she knew the right thing was to choose reality. Will she choose it?
Part of Me (15)
"On their Quest." He answered simply; leaving me more confused than before he said anything.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Thirteen
He said that he didn't want her. So why did he keep showing up around her? Was she supposed to love him?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Twelve
They are getting out of hand. Visions, memories, oh they drove her to insanity.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven of 'Love of the Damned'. He didn't care what would happen to him, just as long as he could stay with her, he would not back down. No... Never.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten of 'Love of the Damned'. A strange girl tried to warn her. Is the girl crazy? Or is she telling the truth, the truth that had glared into her life?
Love of the Damned - Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine of 'Love of the Damned'. It was unexpected for both of them. Especially because he was supposed to stay away. But he couldn't...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight of 'Love of the Damned'. She decided to take a little jog, little did she know it didn't turn out as expected.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven of 'Love of the Damned'. There are always something in his way. Always... But he would stop at nothing to return to her.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Six
Chapter Six of 'Love of the Damned'. They are more than dreams to her now. They became Memories. And yet, what secrets could be unlocked? Will the memories tell her the whole story?
Part of Me (14)
"Umm, I’m actually petrified. I’ve never fought before..."
Love of the Damned - Chapter Five
Chapter Five of 'Love of the Damned'. A reprise of Chapter Four in Alexander's point of view.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Four
Chapter Four of Love of the Damned. She was sure she had seen him before. But the problem was, she didn't exactly remember him AT ALL. He seemed to know her, though.
Love of the Damned - Chapter Three
Chapter Three of 'Love of the Damned'. A timeless love overwhelms Anastasia, as well as a new, ever-growing love. Perhaps it was wrong for her to be falling in love... or to be exact, falling in love with the wrong person... at the...
Love of the Damned - Chapter Two
Chapter Two of 'Love of the Damned'. He could never approach her, and could never return to her side... but he couldn't stay away from her.
Love of the Damned - Chapter One
The first chapter of 'Love of the damned'. And will they ever end up together? No, I think not, it's never to become. For I am not the one.
Love of the Damned - Prologue
A forbidden love... a love that had ended before and was destined to flicker into flame again. Will she be able to find the one she is destined for? Or will he, the damned lover, find her again?
Part of Me (13)
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Part of Me (11)
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Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 3
Continuation of Anne's story.
Part of Me (10)
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Part of Me (8)
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A Curse for the Price of Love - Chapter 4
Niles awakes from a strange dream to find even strange occurrences happening in his every day life. Hey guys! I added the rest of chapter 3 to this section. I didn't have time to put it up on the other and I didn't like leaving it...
5 Secrets: Epilogue
Did you think the story would end that easily? Nope, there's more coming.
A Curse for the Price of Love - Chapter 3
I will be continuing this story!
A Twist Of Fate Or Tryst with Fate? - Part 5
A vision of her father's unfaithfulness and an accident leads to a lot of incidents in Kiya's life. The worst being losing her crystal (temporarily) and going to Aniya's house. Read on to know what happens next.
A Twist Of Fate Or Tryst with Fate? - Part 4
Having special powers also means you are open to harm from dark energies. Will Kiya be able to escape from this danger? Will her parents accept her special gift and protect her?
A Twist Of Fate Or Tryst with Fate? - Part 3
Kiya has now lost the anchor of her powers, darkness threatens to overwhelm her. At such times you need the support of parents, but in this case Kiya cannot rely on that...
A Twist Of Fate Or Tryst with Fate? - Part 2
Kiya is now starting to feel the impact of her powers. But will she really be able to help make things better?
New Days (Part Two)
Melenthia wakes up. By the way I don't think I mentioned that... this is 7 years after the prologue. So that means Marcus and Nicolas (a.k.a. Nick) are 18 and Jessica, Melenthia, and August are 17.
5 Secrets: Chapter 26
Finally, our dear Weirdos will get to have a talk with Sir Evans. All misunderstandings will finally be banished, and all questions will be answered. That is Sir Dominic Malfeur's picture. Creepy, right? Contains final rankings for...
A Twist Of Fate Or Tryst with Fate? - Part 1
Strange are the powers you receive. Once you have them, you have no choice but to learn to control them or else they will end up controlling and then ruining your life.
5 Secrets: Chapter 25
Warning: Includes mild swearing, violence, and kick-ass scenes. Are you ready?
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New Days (Part One)
New Days ....
Part of Me (6)
Hi guys, hope you like it!
Part of Me (5)
It's one thing to find out you're a God, it's another to know that your parents hate each other and you were a product of that hate.
5 Secrets: Chapters 23 and 24
How would the Weirdos escape Sir Malfeur's insane "game"? How much blood would be needed before this timeless night ends?
A Twist of Magic - Chapter Two
A high school girl with witch-like abilities moves to Boston and is immediately drawn to the other witches. But it turns out that the town has a dark history... one that comes back to haunt the present.
A Curse for the Price of Love - Chapter 2
A moment alone can end in a lifetime apart.
A Curse for the Price of Love - Chapter 1
A mythical tale that will transport you to another world, deep in the past of a foreign land. Romance, action and a tale that is so heart-wrenching it'll hurt to read. 'A Curse for the Price of Love' will be the best story I've...
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A Twist of Magic - Chapter One
A high school girl with witch-like abilities moves to Boston and is immediately drawn to the other witches. But it turns out that the town has a dark history... one that comes back to haunt the present.
Part of Me (3)
Enjoy this chapter!
Part of Me (2)
Pic is of Styx.
5 Secrets: Chapter 22
Let the game begin.
5 Secrets: Chapter 21
February 14: Valentine's & FS Night. What things could happen in such an important night? If you have been waiting for the romance between Rin-Jethro, you better read this. And maybe another couple would bloom.
5 Secrets: Chapter 20
If there's something red in a snow, it's just paint, right? ... Right?
Part of Me (1)
Hey guys, picture is of Aqua!! New book by Bethany Fellows!! Hope you like it!
New Days - Prologue
Don't worry it gets better and it actually is going to be about witches, this is just the opening.
5 Secrets: Chapter 19
Blue cat? 4-eyed blobs? A man behind a tree? What other weird things could be here? Read on to find out!
5 Secrets: Chapters 17 and 18
Jethro's surname is finally going to be revealed! (Though I don't think it's really a big thing for you. And who could be the Weirdos' assassin? Happy reading!
5 Secrets: Chapter 16
Phyll's awesome skating skill, shocking discoveries, and a cool mother-daughter scenario, all in one chapter. Oh, and Zee's picture.
5 Secrets: Chapter 15
It's Friday, the most awesome day of the week. But what's this? Another near-death experience for our Weirdos? Read on to find out!
5 Secrets: Chapter 14
So, you might be startled by the weird schooling system that would be seen in this chapter. But please, just don't pay too much attention to it, because I don't really know how the scheduling system is like in other countries, so I...
5 Secrets: Chapter 13
The Weirdos will have a welcome celebration for Rin! Also, to those curious people about why Phyll seldom blinks, you'll know the answer here. Jethro's picture inside, and I'm proud to say that I drew it myself. Is he handsome or...
5 Secrets: Chapter 12
Did you have fun in the previous chapter? Huh? If you did, then let's see if this would make you sad... Get ready to know the sad story behind Rin's transferring to Rockwell high! Oh, and a creepy conversation with Sir Malfeur...
5 Secrets: Chapter 11
Okay, just like what I promised, another chapter! Because of that, I'm expecting more comments, 'kay? Some cute scenes between J and R... teehee.
5 Secrets: Chapter 10
Are you ready for some action? Watch out, Rin is going to kick some ass!! Oh yeah!
5 Secrets: Chapter 9
Finally, Jethro will make a move to prove Sir Lexon Evans' real identity. Get ready, there's a very important note at the end of this chapter!
5 Secrets: Chapter 8
So I'm sorry if it took so long for me to post again... so I made it a long chapter to make it up to you. Hope you enjoy!
Serenity - Chapter 19
Serenity meets the Cloaked man again on her way to Lalandra. Sorry for such a short chapter.
Serenity - Chapter 18
Serenity learns more of the Nagite's history as she continues on her quest.
5 Secrets: Chapter 7
Warren's curiosity is killing him, so he went forth to check out what Lexon Evan's secret may be. But this lazy teacher isn't as lame as he looks, after all. He seems to have eyes of a hawk, and he might know some things about the...
5 Secrets: Chapter 6
Looks like the Weirdos would discover something fishy about a certain person...
5 Secrets: Chapter 5
Let us witness the awesomeness of Zee's powers! Phyll's picture inside.
5 Secrets: Chapter 4
The revelation has been done... What would happen to Rin now? Would she be considered a freak like what she expects, or would she be into something better than she ever imagined?
5 Secrets: Chapter 3
Rin would finally meet the rest of the weirdos. Picture is of Warren!
Excavation - Chapter 3
"I don't worry about him." All eyes were on her. They all gave her quizzical looks, so she answered the question that was on all of their minds. "I've never worried or wondered about my father. I mean, you think I...
5 Secrets: Chapter 2
Rin finally meets Warren Barton of the four weirdos. Would she listen to Kurtis' warnings? Picture is of Rin. I'm sorry if it's not too good, I just drew it!
5 Secrets: Chapter 1
Rin Harper just transferred to Rockwell High School for a new beginning, and meets new friends that are like her. But where would this take her? And what are the secrets that would be unleashed during her stay here, and who is the...
Excavation - Chapter 2
Loud and obnoxious, someone screamed into the phone: "Beware young Wumback!" And the phone started to screech in her ear.
Excavation - Chapter 1
Hey, this is chapter one... hope you guys like it.
Excavation - Prologue
My first story... Excavation.
Serenity - Chapter 17
Maleki and Amon search for anything to help Serenity.
Serenity - Chapter 16
Serenity and Scar head on a quest to find the last Unicorn. Armon and Maleki try to find out more about the Humans and Nagites.
Serenity - Chapter 15
Sorry I never finished this story. It's been a long time since my last post, but I will continue the story. Serenity just found books explaining the exchange of magic between the Unicorn's and the races of throughout the land but...
Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 2
The story of Anne, a Witch during the Witch hunt in England.
The Blood Ritual - Chapter Five
Continuation of the fantasy and romance.
Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter One
The diary of Anne Saxon during the witch trials.
The Blood Ritual - Pg. Four
Continuation of the romance and fantasy. It's present day Ottawa.
The Blood Ritual - Pg. Three
Continuation of the blood ritual: a romance and fantasy. (Sorry for not updating)
The Blood Ritual - Pg. Two
Romance and fantasy continues with Clara and Gabriel. (Sorry for the late update, been busy.)
The Blood Ritual - Pg. One
Continuation of The Blood Ritual - The Beginning.
Blood Ritual - The Beginning
The beginning of a romance and fantasy.
Serenity - Ch 14
This chapter Maleki translates the books he found on blood stones.
Serenity - Ch 13
Serinity and her friends go to Maleki's house to look for books about the blood stones. Scar goes threw a huge change.
Serenity - Ch 12
Serinity tries to reason with the Gaborc and get him to unfreeze her friends.
Serenity - Ch 11
Serinity goes to her final class of the day, she goes with Maleki and they run into trouble.
Serenity - Ch 10
Serinity wants to know more about who or what she is. Her Herbology Teacher asks her a favor.
Serenity - Ch 9
Mrs. Wentersbe puts her two cents in. Armon is hating on Maleki! Seritity makes a huge change for Myla.
Serenity - Ch 8
Serinity give Yomora a taste of her own medicine! Armon sees what Serinity is really made of!
Serenity - Ch 7
Serinity finds out if she truly has the blood of the seven races flowing threw her veins. Sorry short Chapter
Serenity - Ch 6
Serinity Starts her first class and learns about the world she lives in. Sorry this is another short chapter!
Serenity - Ch 5
Serinity starts mage training and finds out what classes she will be taking.
Serenity - Ch 4
Serenity makes a new friend as well as an enemy in the hidden valley . In this chapter you learn the powers of the Moschu people and she gets ready for Mage training. Please comment and help me with some feedback...what you like...
Serenity - Ch 3
Gladimer the wizard recalls the day he bought Serenity from the Traders. Serenity goes to the Moschu People and visit's King Suetwoe.
Serenity - Ch 2
In a world where humans are slaves. A slave girl is taken in by the royal wizard. She is sworn to silence but speaks to save prince Armon. See what happens next! An extra long chapter if you liked the story!
The Story of a young slave girl and the wizard that took her in.