Fare-Thee-Well My Anxious Maiden

A story of deep sorrow.
Fare-thee-well my anxious maiden,
Fare-thee-well forevermore,
I must leave thee with the roses,
To remind thee of my lore,
I surrender the tradition,
Of a lover's serenade,
And thus with heavy heart I leave you,
With a fare-thee-well as bade.

I carry guilt upon my shoulders,
It weighs heavy on my mind,
But this burden, I shall live with,
Till the last sands of my time,
I shall bear the brunt of winter,
Face the storm without a flame,
And should I die before the springtime,
I'll only have myself to blame.

Time will pass o'er the horizon,
As the day comes to an end,
May the shadows hide my sorrow,
As the dark of night descends,
I shall shelter in the bosom,
Of my cold and empty soul,
Cloak myself in my self-pity,
And lament my deepest woe.

Fare-thee-well my anxious maiden,
I must go and ne'er return,
I shall leave thee with the roses,
While I take with me, the thorns,
They shall pain my heart forever,
'Tis the cross that I must bear,
The price of my endeavors,
Is to end our love affair.
Published: 8/24/2012
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