Fare Thee Well

The summer may be on its way out, but will come back with a smile.
Fare thee well, sweet summer,
Autumnal nights are growing long,
The shadows dance as winter
Sheds leaves from trees who mourn,
And the first cold frosts of morning
Lay thick across the meadows,
Purely formed white crystals,
A prelude to the snows.

Old Jack Frost is prowling,
He sails upon a biting wind,
And icicles are forming,
To graze the window pane
But we'll keep the log fire burning,
And huddle there to keep us warm,
And when the snows lie deeply,
We need not feel forlorn.

To celebrate the solstice,
I'll weave some holly in your hair,
And we can snack on walnuts,
Before the plump goose fare
And as the nights grow shorter,
We'll wallow in each others arms,
And praise old Mother Nature
Who blessed us with her charm.

Another year has passed
And I'm still with my truest love,
The sun has donned his hat,
To return with the turtle dove,
And as the seasons wander
Onward past the equinox,
I know that she'll be happy,
With the wild rose in her locks.

So fare thee well, cold winter,
As springtime melts your ice and snow,
On the mountain tops you linger,
In Jack Frost's summer home,
While the flowers in the valley
Bloom to spread their summer scent,
To please the summer lady,
And make her smile again.
Published: 8/16/2011
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