I wanna surrender my all to you...
Intoxication... You are my destination,
My eyes won't stop staring at you,
Lying on the shore,
My mind won't stop following you,
I try hard not to look at you,
Now I want you more.

Watching you drape the golden sand,
Is drawing me closer,
Your every move so fascinating,
You've set my heart on fire,
This feeling that I'm getting,
I haven't felt it long.

You're my inspiration tonite,
Shining beneath the golden twilight,
I wanna lay by your side,
And watch the sun go down,
I wanna surrender my all to you,
I wanna explore your every wit,
Your sight so mysterious....

I wanna dance to the rhythm of gushing waves,
And walk you on the path to bliss!
Published: 11/12/2013
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