Fated ~ Chapter 17

"I know this may be too much to ask, but... will you forgive me?" Who's asking for forgiveness? Read to find out! Feedback will be very much appreciated.
I got some sausages, a pancake, an apple and a yogurt from the breakfast bar. I looked around the room and it was almost empty. Not long after I sat down, people started to fill the room. Alvin came in around seven o'clock. My smile faded when I saw Jason behind him. I returned to my food. They sat down with their breakfast shortly later.

"Good morning." Jason greeted in a sleepy voice.

"Good morning, Alvin." I said, looking at him. There was uneasiness on Jason's face.

"So, have you started packing, yet?" Alvin asked, breaking the awkwardness between Jason and I.

"No, I haven't. I'll do it after breakfast." I answered without taking my eyes off my sausages. Hmm, something is missing on the sausages.

"I am going to get some ketchup." I said as I stood up to leave. That was so awkward. I reached the counter and searched for the ketchup. Alvin appeared suddenly.

"Why don't you try to talk to him, Amelia?" He suggested. I sighed.

"It's not that I don't want to talk to him. But whenever I see his face, I remember how he took my first kiss." I bit my bottom lip, trying to hold back my tears.

"I know this is hard, but it has to end someday, so why not make it today?" Alvin asked. I grabbed a handful of ketchup.

"I'll think about it," was all I told him. Alvin followed me to return to our table. I remained quiet for the rest of the meal. After eating, when we were walking to my room, Jason suddenly spoke up.

"Uhh... Amelia? Do you need help with packing, because I can help you with it if you want?!"

"No thank you, Alvin can help me." I answered. But Alvin disappointed me.

"Sorry, Amelia, I haven't started to pack either. But Jason is all set. He can help you." With that, he rushed into their room and shut the door. I was beyond surprised. How could he! He knew how much I disliked Jason, and now he was putting me in a room with Jason alone?

I stomped into my hotel room. I guess the room attendant came by, because before when I left the room, the bed was unmade.

"Where do I start?" Jason asked. I honestly didn't want him to touch my stuff, but if Alvin found out, he wouldn't be happy about it. I sighed.

"You can gather all my books and put them on the bed." I told him as I put my clothes into piles. He didn't say anything and went straight to the desk. A few minutes later, I suddenly remembered that I left my diary open! I turned around and I saw Jason was about to pick it up. I immediately yelled.

"Stop! Don't touch that! Close your eyes. Put your hands in the air." My demands came out like a flow.

"Yes, Madam Valentine." Jason joked. For some strange reasons, I chuckled. No, I must not laugh at anything he said. I rushed to the desk and grabbed my diary. I closed it and put it in my purse. After I made sure that it was in a safe place, I told Jason to open his eyes and continue to work.

"I am done with my task. Anything else I can help you with?" He asked.

"Yes, put the books and my clothes into my suitcase." I ordered in a strict tone.

After about half of an hour, Jason finally fitted everything into my suitcase. I was sitting on the carpet floor close to the windows and Jason sat down close to the door. Why was he sitting so far away from me? I looked at him. When he saw me looking, he turned his head away.

"I am not a lion, and I don't bite." I told him, not taking my eyes off of him. He slowly got up and moved a little closer to me, but still far away.

"I am not a vampire either, you know." I said. Once again, he moved closer. I got up and sat next to him. He was so frightened that he backed up a little.

"Why are you so scared of me?" I asked curiously. Though I probably knew the answer.

"I am not scared of you. I just think that I don't deserve you to be my friend." He answered softly.

"Oh, is it because I am mean and I yell at you?" I asked sarcastically.

"No, no, no! It's not that. I blame myself for stealing your first kiss, for making you so angry, for everything that happened." He said guiltily. "You are too good of a friend for a person like me." He continued.

"Oh." Was all I said.

"I can't believe that I am talking to you peacefully." Jason said after a short silence. "I know this may be too much to ask, but... will you forgive me?"

I didn't answer him right away. I heard him holding his breath while waiting for my answer.

"You are not a bad guy at all. The fact that you didn't move when I poured the water on you really showed that you truly were sorry. I will forgive you, but I will not forget that you took my first kiss." My voice was strong and surprisingly determined.

"Yes, of course." Jason said. A short silence followed. "Thank you." Jason said with gratitude.

"You're welcome, my friend." I told him.

"Friend?" He asked in astonishment.

"Yeah, aren't you my friend?" I pretended to ask.

"Of course! My pleasure!" Jason answered happily. "If you need any help in any way, I will be available 24/7 just for you." He continued, as he wrote down his phone number on a piece of paper. He handed me the paper and said, "I owe you."

Now it was my turn to be surprised. I didn't even have Alvin's number!

"So, you're my bodyguard, now?" He chuckled.

"If you want." He said. He was never serious!

"I have to go, because I still need to organize my stuff." Jason said.

"I thought you got everything done?"

"Well, not really." He answered. Strange.

"Ok then, I won't keep you. Thanks for the help." I said as I walked to the door and Jason followed.

"No. Thank YOU." He said once again. I just smiled.

When I opened the door, Alvin's door was opening also. I realized Alvin was not alone when I saw Georgie walking out of Alvin's room. She saw me and immediately turned to Alvin and said, "Now that we've discussed the details, Alvin my dear, don't forget what you told me." Her seductive voice sent shivers down my spine. What was she doing in his room? What were the details about? When did Alvin began speaking to her?

What was going in there?

I took a deep breath and decided to let it go. I will ask Alvin later about the "details". But the Georgie chick wanted a fight.

"Oh, look who's there? It's Amel." She walked closer to me. How dare she!

"Unless your name is Maggie, no one else is allowed to call me by that name." I tried to control my about-to-explode temper.

"Was that anger that I smelled? Mr. Hot behind you must have had a hard time to "please" you in there, huh?" She asked innocently as she quoted the word, please, with her small fingers.

Now she crossed my border. I felt my cheeks getting hot and smoke was coming out of my nostrils. My hands closed into fists. I moved forward but Jason held me back. I looked at him. He gave me an encouraging smile and stepped forward.

"And what about you, miss?" He asked, "what were you doing in there?" He pointed to Alvin's room.

"Oh, how lovely! The hero saves the beauty! I..."

"Georgie, do not forget your promise." Alvin interrupted Georgie. Now this was getting really confusing.

"What promise, Alvin?" The words slipped out of my mouth unintentionally. Someone seemed to have knocked out the breath out of Alvin, because it was quite obvious that his breathing quickened. His eyeballs turned everywhere.

"The show is over. I am going." Georgie waved goodbye as she walked away.

"I am sorry, Amelia." Alvin murmured. Then, he turned around and went back to his room. My mouth formed an 'O' shape, and my eyebrows glued together.



Here's a secret: All that happened in this chapter is developing into a big twist! Please stay tuned for it!! Oh, and sorry for any grammar errors. I am in a rush and don't have time to proofread.


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I cannot believe it is Chapter 17 already! I made it so far was because of my dear readers. I want to sincerely say thank you to all of you.
Published: 6/19/2012
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