Fated ~ Chapter 20

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That night, Maggie and Anthony stayed at my house until 9:30. Initially, Maggie wanted to stay overnight, so that we could discuss, about the plan some more. I disagreed and told her that Mr. and Mrs. Harrison would want to see their daughter after all this time. She finally surrendered to me and went home. I was still in the Paris time zone, so I was very drowsy the whole day. All I wanted was a good night of sleep. I woke up around 10 the next morning. Since my dinner from the night before was still undigested, I ate little breakfast. I spent the entire Saturday with Maggie so I didn't get the chance to unpack my luggage. That was why, after breakfast the first thing I needed to do was to unpack everything. I walked up the stairs lazily and got my luggage out from behind the door. I lay them flat on the carpet and unzipped them. The first thing I saw was the laptop case which has my laptop in it. Underneath it was the turntable light received from Alvin. I took it out of the box and plugged it in. For some reason, the light looked different. It did not look the same from what I saw at the hotel. I placed the tiny crystal Eiffel Tower on it, hoping it would make it better, but it made no difference. Confused, I unplugged it and sat back.

What was wrong?

Perhaps the light would be the same again when I turn it on at night. Please let it be so.

I decided to put it aside temporarily. I went back to my luggage. By lunch time, I was able to clear everything out of the suitcase. I couldn't believe that I came back with more things than I had when I left.

Exhaustively, I got up from the floor and went to grab my laptop. I lay on my stomach on my bed and logged into my laptop. I haven't been on Facebook for so long. As expected, there were some 20 unread notifications. But to my surprise, there were at least 4 friend requests.

Hmm... who could they be?

I clicked on them and looked at the names:

xXMrs. InnocentXx

If you're innocent, you wouldn't put missus. I thought when I saw the first request. The third one caught my attention. The person's user name was:


Doctor? Sounds familiar... wait, doctor = Leach = Jason? Yeah, the equation worked out! I am so smart. I thought to myself. I accepted the request without hesitation.

I checked if Jason was online, but he wasn't. I logged out of Facebook, but left my laptop on. Since the unpacking was done, I zipped up the luggage and put it in the closet with all my other travel necessities. Yes, I had a closet for almost all occasions: travel/trips, formal/dances, daily attires, and dates. The dates closet, I almost never had opened it in the past two years. Basically, I have two closets in my room, and two in the hallway. The ones in the hallway were originally planned to use for storing things. As the years went by, my clothes just kept increasing, when my mom finally cleaned the closets up and gave them to me. I was the only one that lived on the second floor, anyway.

I was interrupted when mom called me down to lunch.


After lunch, I was left alone because mom had to run an errand. I was needed to go to the grocery store to buy some food. Therefore, not long after my mom left, I was out of the house also. The air was always foggy in the spring. The clouds blocked the sunlight, making the sky kinda look yellowish. The grocery store was not far away from my house. Everything was so convenient in my neighborhood. Since the store was not very big, I crossed out everything on the list within 30 minutes. I paid with my mom's credit card, and headed back home. When I walked outside, I felt a droplet of water landing on my hair. I looked up to see where it came from and another droplet fell on my forehead. Soon, the droplets became more frequent and that was when I realized it was starting to rain.

Why now, when I have to carry a thousand pounds on each of my hands? Couldn't you hold the rain until I get home?

The weather changed faster than Georgie changes her 'boyfriends.'

I ran for a cover when the rain got heavier and heavier. The water soaked my clothes. I never liked the rainy weather. The groceries I was holding were swinging back and forth as I ran, especially the apples. Then, it felt like the weight on my right hand was lifted. When I looked back, the apples were rolling down hill, as if running away from me. There must be a hole in the bag.

Today is a very bad day. I thought to myself.

I ran after the apples. I was not going to let the apples run away because I paid for them! The sidewalk was slippery and I slipped. The uneven ground scratched my knees and my elbows.

Ahh!! Just when I was about to get up, I saw a guy, holding an umbrella, helping me pick up the apples. He was quick and ran to me with the apples. The rain was getting in my eyes, so I had to wipe the water off. The mysterious guy lent me a hand and helped me stand on my feet again.

"Are you ok, Miss?" He asked, as he covered me with his umbrella. I looked up and saw him wearing glasses. The glass made his eyes look watery. His hair had the color of dark chocolate and so did his eyes.

"I am fine, thank you." I thanked him as he put the apples in the bag.

"I am sorry, but I have to go. Here, take the umbrella." I was shocked. I involuntarily took the umbrella. Then, he started to walk away. I stopped him.

"Wait! How am I going to give the umbrella back to you?" He slowed his pacing.

"You can keep it." And quickened his pace again. What? He gives out umbrella for free?

"Well, at least tell me your name!" I exclaimed behind him before he turned the corner, but it was too late. He left just as quickly as he came. I stood there for a few second when I remembered that I have to go home. The pain in my knee came faintly. Not wanting to exacerbate the pain, I walked slowly and carefully, making sure I don't trip again.

Mom was not there when I returned home. I put the groceries into the fridge except for the apples. I didn't think anyone would want to eat apples that had rain on it. So I washed them one by one before putting them in a bowl. After that was done, I went to the bathroom to clean my wounds. There were sand and some sediments on the surface. Who knows what kind of bacteria would there be? I bit my lips as I washed them. I placed a band-it over them before taking a hot shower.

Today was plain bad luck, but it is arguable that there were some good luck in it.

I went back to my room and changed my status on Facebook.

"Had a shower in the rain today, and so did the apples."


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