Fated ~ Chapter 26

"If you don't want me to die young, then stay away from me."
"I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show, and I thought that being strong meant never losing your self-control..." I sang along with the song.

"Tonight I wanna cry." I whispered the ending and a droplet of tear fell on my essay.

I finished my homework with confusion and frustration in my head.


"Honey, is something bothering you?" My mom asked as I took another sip of the soup.

"No, why?" I asked innocently.

"Your eyes are puffy and your mind seems to be somewhere else." Mom pointed out.

"Yeah? I might just be tired. Excuse me." I excused myself and went to take a quick shower.

I sat on my bed, facing my desk and stared at the jar of stars. They were supposed to bring me good luck and happiness, but how come things only got worse? I can't seem to understand Alvin. One minute he is my friend, another minute he's the boyfriend of my "enemy". Why did he choose Georgie? This whole thing is unbelievable. There had to be a reason for his sudden change. I dialed Maggie's number.

"Mag, I have a plan."


I got to school earlier than usual so that I could speak to Maggie about my plan.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do." Maggie said.

"Thank you." I said and headed to first period. In the hallway, people were gossiping about Georgie and I learned that she got detention. I wondered if school called home yesterday, but mom and dad seemed normal.

The morning classes were a blur. I walked to P.E. with Maggie.

"Got anything, yet?" I asked her.

"Sorry, but no." She said apologetically.

"No big deal. I figured that it'll take some time, since Georgie is in detention right now." I said and walked into the gym. I saw Alvin sitting on the bleachers talking to some people. I walked closer to the wall so he wouldn't see me. It was no use.

"Amel!" Alvin called and ran to us. I walked faster. Just when I was about to get into the locker room, he stopped me.

"First of all, what's so important that you can't wait to tell me after I have changed. Secondly, from now on, you're not allowed to call me Amel. Third..."

"What do you want from her?" Maggie interrupted me.

"Uh, I just... wanna," Alvin stuttered, "I just wanna know if you're ok."
"It's none of your business, Alvin. If you're really gonna care, care about your girlfriend. She's in detention who begs your attention." I said coldly.

"Ohh, it rhymes! Your poetry skills just got better." Maggie said melodiously. That compliment came at the wrong time. I rolled my eyes.

"I am so sorry about what happened yesterday. It's all my fault that you almost got raped." Alvin said. Now that he had mentioned about yesterday, ever came back in mind. Wait a minute, how did he know?



"Oh, I was just heading to a friend's house..."


"Edmund was heading to your house yesterday?" I asked. Alvin nodded.

"Alvin, stop pretending that you cared about me. From the moment you agreed to be that chicken's boyfriend, we're not friends anymore. Please get this clear. I don't need your sympathy." I stated. His mouth agape with incredulity.

"Lastly, don't come near me unless you absolutely have to. I don't want to end up committing suicide because of bullying. If you don't want me to die young, then stay away from me." I warned and entered the locker room, leaving him speechless.


"Mrs. Crimson, may I use the restroom?" I asked.

"Someone's in the restroom. You'll have to wait." She told me.

"But it's urgent." I told her, trying really hard to hold it.

"Fine." Mrs. Crimson sighed.

"Thank you very much." I walked out of the classroom and ran to the restroom.

I sighed in relief when everything came out. I heard the restroom door opening and a couple of girls stumped in. They were washing their hands and I heard them saying, "you know, he's too softhearted. He'll never do the damage that we want." It was the same chicken voice. Their conversation continued.

"You should have seen him today in the gym. What we're doing is not enough. We have to try something more." I tried to look through the gap. It was Georgie and Stephanee. Could they be discussing Alvin?

"I don't know. We need to discuss this with Cris." Stephanee hesitated.

"Don't tell me that you're having second thought." Georgie said.

"No. I just think that we should talk about it more." Stephanee said and I heard the door opening.

What are they up to now? What do they plan to do? Though we're not friends, I still don't want them to hurt Alvin. I got up and went back to class.


I put the books in my backpack and locked my locker. I walked toward the door and saw Georgie and Alvin walking in my direction. When Georgie saw me, she immediately held Alvin's arm.

"Alvin, honey, where do you plan to take me today?" She said loudly as if to make sure that I could hear it.

I walked out of the building before Alvin answered her question. Did she think that I would get jealous of her? She should get her brain replaced. Her so called "plans" are not going to work on me.


"Dinner's almost ready, hun." My mom said gently when I entered the house.

"Ok, mom. I'll get ready." I said politely and went to my room. No way was I gonna let school crap get in my house. I dropped my backpack on the carpet and laid on my bed. My whole body relaxed. I wanted to do something so that I could forget about the "Hot Girls". The question is, what should I do? I laid there and thought of all the possible things I could do. I think it's time for me to...

"Mom, do we have newspaper?" I ask while walking down the stairs.

"I believe we have some in the drawer by the TV." She answered without taking her eyes off the pan.

I went over and opened the drawer. Just like mom said, there were some newspapers.

"Found them!" I shouted.

I took them out and flipped through them. Finally, I found the jobs section. Skimming through the countless job offers, I realized that only a few were good for high schoolers. I used the pen to circle the ones that looked good to me and called them.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Yes, I saw your job offer in the newspaper. Is the position still available?" I asked politely.

"Oh, you've already hired," I said disappointingly, "no problem. Thank you; have a good day. Bye." I hung up.

"Are you looking for a job, honey?" My mom asked me.

"Yeah. I am trying to." I answered and started to dial another number. It turned out that they were looking for full-time, not part-time.

"Why is it so hard to find a job, mom?"

"Well, there could be many reasons. The two main reasons why you can't find a job now is one, you have no experience and two, you don't have the time." Mom said professionally.

"Should I just give up? Nobody's gonna hire an inexperienced senior." I said in self-pity.

"No, don't give up. Try looking for some fast food restaurant. Sometimes they take high school students for part-time." Mom said. I immediately looked for it. Finally, I found one. I dialed the number anxiously and prayed to succeed.

"Hello?" A masculine, soothing voice answered the phone.

"Good afternoon. I saw your job offer in the newspaper. I'd like to ask if it's still available?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes it is. Are you a student?" He asked.

"Yes, I am a senior in high school." I answered politely.

"Ok. Do you have experience?" Oh shoot.

"Um, I had sold lemonade before? Does that count?" I asked uncertainly. That was embarrassing. I heard a faint laugh on the other end.

"Uh, that doesn't count, but that's okay." I sighed in relief when he said it was okay.

"How about you come to an interview." He said. Interview?! I have no experience!

"Uh, sure." I answered nervously.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Amelia Valentine, sir." I answered.

"Does tomorrow at four o'clock work for you, Amelia?" He asked considerately.

"Yes, that'd be fine." I replied.

"Ok, I'll see you then. Bye."

"Thank you, have a nice evening. Bye." I got off the phone.

"Congratulations, sweetheart." Mom said.

"It's not done, yet. I have to go for an interview. I don't know what to do." I said worriedly.

"Don't worry, dear. Mom here, no fear!" She proudly said her famous motto. I laughed.

"You should focus on a few things, your smile, dress code, and handshake. Your smile has to be natural and sweet. No matter what job interview you're going to, you have to wear business attire. Lastly, your handshake must be firm. A firm handshake will show that you're confident. Remember them." Mom informed.

"Thanks mom! You're awesome. I have no fear now." I gave her a big hug.


The moment I got home from school, I immediately changed my outfit. I put on the pink striped blouse and the black trouser. I tied my hair and looked myself in the mirror. Even more professional.

I practiced my smile. Perfect.

"Hi, I am Amelia Valentine." I practiced. Everything was ready to go. I walked down the stairs confidently. Mom waited for me in the living room.

"You look fabulous, honey." She leaned in to give me her lucky kiss on the cheek.

"Good luck and have fun!" She said.

"Thanks, mom." I said and walked out. The restaurant was just a few blocks away from my home so it would be very convenient to go to work.

As I walked near the restaurant, I could see a sign saying: "Fast food saves your time." Ha-ha, nice slogan. I pushed open the heavy glass door. It was a small but neat little place. It wasn't very crowded, but not completely empty. There was a boy in his early 20s standing behind the counter. When I was close enough, he asked in an enthusiastic tone, "How may I help you?" This immediately gave me a warm, fuzzy and welcomed feeling.

"I am here for an interview that's scheduled at four o'clock." I answered in the most polite tone I had ever spoken. He could be my future co-worker, so it'd be smart of me to leave him a good first impression.

"Oh, okay. Wait one moment please." He walked into what seemed like the kitchen. When he came out, an older kind looking man followed him. I noticed the wrinkles on his forehead.

"You must be Amelia. I am glad that we finally get to meet each other. I am William, the owner of this place. You can call me Will if you prefer." Will said in the same enthusiastic tone.

"It's nice to meet you, Will." I gave him a firm handshake and my brightest smile. I could feel his rough skin. He must have used his hand a lot.

"As you know, this is no big corporation so when I say interview, it's basically just getting to know you . You'll tryout for a week to see if you could actually handle the job. If you pass the week with no trouble, then you're officially hired." Will explained.

"Ok, sounds good to me." I said.

"Come in to my office so you can fill out some paperwork." Will guided me to his office.


"Alright, Amelia, you're all set. Your tryout week will begin tomorrow. Don't be late." Will gave me a friendly reminder.

"I'll be early. Thank you for your time and I look forward to have a great time working here." I gave him another handshake.

"I am sure you will. Goodbye!" I waved and he disappeared to his office. When I was about to leave, my stomach suddenly made a noise. Oops, the last time I ate was this morning. It wouldn't hurt to order a pizza. I turned back to the counter.

"How may I help you?" The guy asked.

"Yeah, I'd like to order a large pizza to take home." I looked down on the menu that was glued to the counter top. In the corner of my eye, I saw someone coming out of the kitchen. The person put on an apron. I looked up when I had decided on the toppings.

"A large cheese pizza with pineapple, bacon, and mushroom, please." Pineapple for Dad; bacon for myself and mushroom for Mom.

"Hey Caleb, where's my writing pad?" The guy in the apron asked with his back bent. He suddenly stood up in front of me and his chocolate eyes met mine.

"Oh hey, it's you."


Who is the "you?" Answer it in the comments. I'll dedicate the next chapter to the people who have the answer correct. It's worth the try!


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