Fated ~ Chapter 27

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"Oh hey, it's you."

"Sorry, but I don't seem to recognize you." He said with great uncertainty.

"Oh, um. Remember that day it was raining and you helped me pick up my apples?" I tried to help him remember. I felt like I was trying to remind him of something unimportant. He looked like he was lost in his own little world. A reflection ran across his glasses when a car passed by. He pushed his glasses up a little and there was excitement in his eyes.

"Oh, yeah! I remember now. You're the girl who was soaked that day." He remembered. A wave of relief swept over me.

"Yes, I was soaked, and I still have your umbrella. I was wondering how I'm going to return it to you, that is if I ever see you again." I laughed softly and rolled my eyes playfully.

"Don't worry about it, it's just an umbrella. You can keep it if you want. I have plenty at home." He said.

"Does your family own an umbrella company or something? Or, better yet, are you an umbrella giver?" I asked stupidly.

"No," he chuckled and looked at the floor, "I often don't have an umbrella whenever it rains, so I buy one every time. And no, I don't give out umbrellas like extra change." He continued.

"The customers often tell you to keep the change. So you're basically receiving it, Brent." Caleb corrected. So 'Brent' was his name.

"What are you doing here?" Brent asked, ignoring Caleb.

"She could be our future coworker." Caleb jumped in again and handed Brent the writing pad he was looking for.

"Wow, I did not... I mean... it was such a surprise. Honestly, I thought I'd never see you again." Brent said, astonished. I wasn't sure how to respond to this, so I simply said, me too. There was a short silence.

"Oops, I forgot to introduce. Amelia, this is Brent Woody. Brent, this is Amelia, our future coworker." Caleb introduced. I shook Brent's hand and said the most common and boring phrase: "Nice to meet you, Brent." What else could replace that phrase though, "What'sup Homie?" His name came out funny. I was a little nervous since this was the first time I met someone in the so-called "real world," and, I shook the person's hand. Brent's hand was surprisingly soft but strong. I was expecting to shake a somewhat rough hand from working in the kitchen. I released my hand and realized that I had forgotten about my order.

"Um, I think we should get back to the pizza, or my family will starve." I said.

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that." Caleb returned to the machine and pressed some buttons.

"Will that be all, Amelia?" He asked professionally. I smiled and nodded.
"Caleb, count the pizza on me." Brent said. It was moments later that I realized he was talking about my pizza.

"Oh no, you can't possibly do that. You have already done enough for me." I urged.

"Trust me, he will do more in the future." Caleb teased, but I wasn't sure what he meant.

"You have plenty of time in the future if you want to pay me back, ok? Just accept this one." Brent said as he began to walk to the dining area. I froze and wondered if I should accept it.

"I'll take the silence as a yes." Brent said. Before I could argue back, he disappeared to the kitchen. I shook my head and laughed. I am liking this place already. I believe I'll have a great time working here.

Three weeks passed without finding anything about The Plan. This was getting very tiring, chasing after the girls and play spy on Alvin. On the first day of work, I earned twenty dollars of tips. It wasn't a lot, but I am happy because I worked for it. Brent showed me around the fast food restaurant and the kitchen. He called the stove the Forbidden place, because he was worried that I might get burned. "Don't come in here unless you have to," were his words. The girls had been giving death glares for days now. Georgie played being romantic with Alvin in front of me. She was often the one got frustrated because she failed in provoking me. I kept myself busy with my part-time job and homework, and they worked! Alvin was off my mind for two days.

I was walking down the hallway one afternoon. The school was quiet and there was nobody there. When I turned the corner, I saw a masculine figure walking towards me. It was Alvin, and he was alone. Georgie was nowhere in sight. I could see beams of sweat strolling down his face like a waterfall. He must have come from PE. He seemed to be walking to me and there was eagerness on his countenance. I turned around to see if there was anybody behind, but no one was there. I could hear my heart beating like a drum as he neared. Just before our shoulders brushed, he grabbed my right wrist and dragged me to the opposite direction I was walking. He led me to a quiet and dark corner that I didn't know it existed. He was breathing heavily. I watched as he chest rose up and down.

"I need to talk to you." Alvin said under his heavy breathing.

"I see that, but I don't believe we have a common topic." I said coldly and turned my head away.

"Please, Amelia, don't do this to me." There was sorrow in his eyes.

"Alvin, why didn't you try to talk to me before? Do you know how much it is hurting me to see around them and the way they're playing with you?" I asked and begged for an answer to everything.

"Amelia, there's a reason to all of this. I just... couldn't tell you." There was regret and sadness in his eyes. He held on to my arms.

"Alvin, just stop that you're doing, whatever they plan to do with me... with you." I told him.

"Amelia, this isn't something I can just run away from." Then, his phone rang. He stared at the user ID.

"Sorry. I have to go." And he ran off. I stood like a statue for a while.


"I didn't order French Fries. I ordered potato chips." The customer complained loudly.

"I am so sorry. I'll get it fixed." I grabbed the plate of fries and ran back to the counter.

"Hey, Amelia. This is the third time. Are you alright?" Brent asked. He looked deeply into my eyes as if he could pierce through them.

"I... uh... am just tired." I tried to make up some excuse.

"If you're tired, then you should go home and rest." He suggested sincerely.

"But, I still have work to do." I looked around, unable to keep the eye contact.

"No, no, no. You're going home. I'll tell Will that you're sick." Brent demanded and took the apron from me.

"Ok, I'll see you later, then." I turned around and walked to the door.

"Yeah, just be safe." He yelled from behind.


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