Fated Love (1)

Goes back in time a bit and has a few twist from everyday life! Hope you enjoy!

So it's not my usual type of stories that I post up here, but my sister's been begging me to put it up. I have 12 days to start and end this story before I travel, so I hope you guys enjoy it! The chapters might/most probably will be shorter than normal.

Any thoughts? Please comment.


Chapter 1

*Juliet's POV*

"Yes, Dad?" Lifting up my gown so I don't trip, I walk down the hallway and to the study. Knocking on the door, I wait for permission to enter and then push open the door, stepping inside. "Yes, Father?" I ask, seeing Mother sitting opposite him.

Dad looks away, an uncomfortable expression on his face. Mother gets up and gestures for me to sit down and I take a seat, wondering what's going on.

"Your Father and I have some news for you." She looks at my Father and shakes her head, disgusted for some reason. "The queen has proposed for your hand in marriage to her son, Prince Stephan."

"What?!" I jump to my feet, shocked.
"Sit down young lady. You are not to used that tone with me. Or anyone for that matter if you are to become a part of the Royal family."
"Don't I have a say in any of this?" I ask, bewildered.
"It's not a chance to miss. You'll become queen one day. There's surely no other choice even if I left it to you."

"Father, please." I turn to my Dad, who's looking at everything but me. When he doesn't answer, I swallow the lump in my throat. "I'm NOT getting married to a stranger!"
"It isn't up for negotiation."
"What are you going to get from it? That your daughter's married to the prince? Does my happiness mean nothing to you?!"
"Go to your room Juliet. The plans are set and no one's going to change their minds. It would do you well if you started acting more grown-up from now on."

Gritting my teeth, I get out of that room as fast as I can, slamming the door behind me. I walk through the hallways to my room, slamming my door as well.

It isn't fair! Why couldn't Dad have said anything?

I sit down on my bed and reach for the book I was reading last night. Anything to get away from this horrid place.

Juliet Sanders, daughter of Frederick Sanders and Christine Sanders. Frederick Sanders started a business 4 years after graduating from university and was the richest man in the country. He married Christine Sanders a year later, his parents arranging the marriage as was the tradition at the time. Two years later, his life was complete when his daughter, Juliet was born. She was the apple of his eye, everything he'd always wanted in a child. He spoiled her rotten and when she was a child Christine doted on her as well. But as Juliet grew up, Christine's focus changed, she wanted her daughter to be perfect and that came in the way of her affection. Juliet was always close to her Father but when her Mother changed, she drew away from her.

Juliet Sanders has a height of 5 feet 4 inches with long mahogany hair trailing down her back. She's got hazel eyes that shine mischievously when she's up to something and are easy to read. Her fair skin is soft and clear, easily turning pink when she blushes. She's got a slender, elegant figure, that makes her look very lady-like but at the same time shows her athletic build. Like her father, Juliet possesses many talents; she loves music and can play the piano and the guitar quite wonderfully. You'll always find her outdoors on a sunny day, riding Chestnut, her horse, or practicing archery. If her mother's away, she'd play football with the boys from the village.

When it came to studying, she excelled there as well. She loved history and was taken by the power of words in poetry, loving how arranged in the right way, they could bring about such beauty to a piece of writing. She was a hopeless romantic and dreamed of meeting someone who'd sweep her off her feet and make her feel loved. She spent most days, curled up in her library, her nose buried in some romance novel or the other.

Business came naturally to her like her father and she helped him many times with his work.

One of the very few things she got from her mother was her love for gardening. She had the greenest thumb Frederick ever saw and was able to grow and nurture anything and everything in their gardens.

When it came to her personality, there was just one tiny flaw her mother kept picking at. Juliet was fiery, she had a temper that made an appearance to what her mother thought were useless issues. She had a big heart and helped the servants with their work and was very giving. She was kind and patient, listening to everyone's problems without judging. And she was very loving, taking care, never to hurt anyone's feelings, treating someone's pain as if it were her own and trying to help as best as she could.

Lying in bed that night, Juliet looked around her room and for the millionth time understood what people meant when they said money could never buy happiness.

After all, she couldn't choose who she wanted to marry and for her, there would be no happiness left in this world if she was forced to marry a stranger.

Be it a prince or a pauper.
Published: 6/12/2012
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