Fate's Choice

It seems like everything is against us. And I can't help but see both sides... or think that may be, it's better this way... I don't know... Hope you like!
The path of life has decided,
With no kindness to spare.
Ripping us up, down the middle,
No one caring how we fare.

You and I have no future,
Who knew it'd end this way?
For without a second thought,
They murdered it without a say.

I'm not sure what to do now,
Seconds tick by without us saying a thing,
Filling the gaps with careless convos,
Making our lifetime friendship a simple fling.

So I wonder what caused our change,
Was it something I did or say?
I guess, in the end, it's better like this,
At least we can freely go our own way.

All year I wondered what to do,
How to tell you our friendship is dead,
But Fate made it easy for me,
Leaving my painful words unsaid.

Don't think for a second,
That I can easily replace you!
For you are my true twin,
No matter what we say or do.

I - I don't know how to go on,
Each moment filling me with pain,
For I sure didn't expect this,
For you to not care and me to go insane...

So, I guess in the end,
It was all decided for us,
Ending it the way Fate wanted,
Not even letting us in on the fuss.
Published: 1/23/2012
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