Father Poems

It feels secure when there is a person who bestows all his love and affection on you. A father is a very special person in a child's life who plays an important role in building confidence and encouraging the child to pursue his/her interests. Being one of the parents, father is always there in times of happiness and sorrow for the child. Here's our collection of father poems. Read on and feel free to share your poetic expressions too.
Maps of a Daughter's Memory
Thinking about my relationship with my dad.
For my Father
Fathers' day celebration.
The Best Gift
I wrote this two days ago after watching my father pass away. For Father's Day.
My Daddy, Like Before
I wrote this when I visited my dad in the hospital, a few days before he passed.
Come Back If You Can
A very special poem.
Round of Applause
A poem I wrote for my dad.
To My Father
This poem is dedicated to my father. Despite everything, I am hoping and praying he'll change for the better.
Sad Proudness
It is what it is.
I Love you Dad
Something I wrote for my dad.
A Father's Trust
I abused a father's trust, and though I'm not sure if this is even a poem or not... I'm pretty sure you will be able to feel the emotion coming across.
Sorry for Not Being There
A poem for my father. He passed away when I was 16.
You're the One!!! (Thank You)
This is a poem of thanks to all the things my dad have done for me... Please write comments! Thanks!!
Father, Where Art Thou?
A poem I wrote about my father.
Can You See
I wrote this poem about my biological "father".
This poem is dedicated to my beloved father who passed away last Dec.16, 2010.
My Father's Hands
Just a little poem at three am.
A Father Like You...
A short poem expressing the valued relationship with my father.
Oh! My Revered Father!!
A personal moment in my life when I spent a few days with my father in Calcutta, my birth place, back in 2003. He was 77 then.
Dad's in the Pin
Just Wrote This For My Dad...
The Pain I've Put YouThrough
It is about my dad when he was in the hospital with one collapsed lung and the other full of fluid.
About my father
What If....
This is about my biological father not really being there when I was younger. After all he was all I really had!
For My Dad
Love you daddy. Come home soon.
What I think about my dad.
Happy Birthday
It is a poem dedicated to my dad on his birthday when I thought of all he had gone through since I knew him as my dad and his victories over all.
This how my dad treats me.
He Cried Today
This is a poem about my amazing daddy. This is a very emotional poem for me. I hope you like it. Comment. If you have any questions email me at kerryferrell1@yahoo.com
I Love You
Also about my dad!! Don't ask why I write so much about him but I do some day I will write about my mom but every time I do I cry so now it's just him.
My Father, My Hero!
This is about my father. He died about four years but it still hurts like it was yesterday. Comment if you like.
4 my dad.
Dear Father Fix
About my dad.
Ode to My Dear Father
Every person needs a caring hand that protects him or her for the lifetime. I want to thank my dear father who accompanied me as a child in every small endeavor and taught me to dream and fulfill other accomplishments in life. This...
A Tribute To My Father
The role of a father is always taken for granted. This bread-winner is as emotional as a mother is; and yet we so easily wipe him off any outwardly show of gratitude. This one is for you dad...
Dear Daddy
This is all the things I've carried because of my dad. This is the first thing I've ever written so please show some mercy.
Letter To Dad, Posthumously; A Remembrance
A prosaic poetry. A daughter remembers her father; A sweet and bitter nostalgia.
Thank You- Father!
A Higher Power...
Papa, why you left me alone....
Papa, I am still ten years old child...