Fear Factor

I am a new author, and here's a poem about how some students feel about exams... Hope you all like it.
Sleepless nights,
Dimming lights,
Drooping eyes,
It's exam guys.

A heavy weight on our brain,
But when we get the question,
Everything seems to have been drained,
Aching hands, the eyes shadowed,
Regretting the decision of postponing study for tomorrow,
Wobbly knees, and a quivering spirit,
Even a weak smile not popping once in a minute.

The clock ticking away fast when we want it slow,
As if someone had bewitched it, a severe blow,
Terror filled eyes and a less confident soul,
Peace seeming to have been drained through a hole.

What a relief it'll be when it's over,
But for students exams always seem to hover,
With the threat of the result intact,
A dreadful thing the exam is in fact...
Is it good enough?
Published: 11/19/2012
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