Fear the Darkness - Chapters 8 and 9

Elaina is in big trouble, when an old friend comes into contact with her again. Please comment. I'm considering not continuing due to lack of comments on the last 7 chapters.
Chapter 8

I’m a princess? No, no, no. I can’t be a princess. She shook her head and sat down on her bed. I mean I don’t feel like royalty. I just live a simple life… I go to a regular college and that’s my life. Why does this have to happen to me, and all so suddenly?

Michael knelt down beside her and took her hand. "Elaina, you need to come with me." He gently massaged her palm and she closed her eyes. "I know this might be sudden but you need to come with me," he said more gently. "Your real family has been missing you for a very long time."

She looked up at the mention of family. What about my mom? Wasn’t she my family too? The woman who raised me and gave me something to build off of? "I can’t just leave though." She exclaimed. "I have my mom to think of and what about my education?"

She stood up and walked around her room becoming more bewildered and confused. She looked over to where Michael was kneeling still. "There are so many things I have to think about Michael." She said quietly. She saw the frustration on his face and bit her lip anxiously.

Michael stood and rubbed the dust off his knees. He looked as if his patience was growing thin.

"Elaina, I have told you who you are and it’s your choice what to do with that knowledge," he said. "But I don’t think you begin to comprehend the serious dangers you’re in." He watched his words sink in and then he made his way to the door. "I need you to come with me, but I will not be the one to force you," he said with quiet seriousness." I’ll come back tomorrow after you’ve had some time to think." He opened the door, hesitated, then looked back at her. "Be safe Elaina." Then he turned and left. She heard him talking quietly with her mother downstairs and then the sound of his car revving up and backing away. A few minutes later she heard footsteps approaching her door.

"Elaina," her mother said. "Can I come in?"

Elaina laid down on her bed and stuffed her face in a pillow, letting out a loud scream. All her frustration seemed to boil inside her like a volcano and she was afraid she was about to spew. "I don’t think right now’s a great time to be near me mom," she said through the pillow.

Her mother opened the door and gasped at the sight of the carpet. "What’s all this glitter doing on the carpet Elaina," she said worriedly. "You’re not hurt are you?"

Elaina pushed onto her elbows and gestured to her remaining body. "Do I look hurt mother," she said annoyed. She fell back onto her pillow and took a deep breath. "I’m sorry mom. A lot is on my mind right now. Can I have some time alone?"

Her mother took a step forward then hesitated. "I suppose a few minutes alone would be good," she bent down and touched the carpet. Glitter shone on her calloused hands and she looked up at Elaina embarrassed. "Just wondering if it would make me fly." She stood up and wiped her hands on her jeans. "Call me when you’re ready to talk ok?"

Elaina nodded and turned onto her stomach. When she heard her door click shut she sighed in relief. Finally alone….

"So this is the spectacular princess? Not much of a looker," a snarky voice joked from her balcony doors.

She shot out of bed and locked eyes with a man about nineteen years of age. He had dark chocolate hair and hazel eyes to match. He smiled and began to rub his chin thoughtfully. "This is your human form," he said as he assessed her from head to toe. "Let’s see how your fae side looks." He snapped his fingers and she felt a sizzling sensation run down her body. Her wings broke free and they engulfed the room again, glitter fell to the ground and the rest settled in the air, floating.

The crown on her shoulder began to burn and she grimaced. "What do you want," she asked him. "Are you here to kidnap me?" She looked towards the door and he waved his finger back and forth in a "no, no" gesture.

"I’m just here to see how you look," he approached her and she froze up. "I think you look much better like this." He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently. "Princess, has anyone told you how sublime your scent is?"

She took a step back and he grabbed her by the waist. "Care for a dance," he whispered in her ear.

"Who are you," she asked him. She didn’t feel he was here to hurt her. So she relaxed slightly and began to match his steps.

He smirked at the question. "You mean you don’t remember me Princess," he spun her around and caught her in a close embrace that made her blush. "I’m truly hurt that you don’t." His tone was light but she felt that he really was hurt. She took in his facial features and tried to access her memory. She felt a sharp pain in her mind and grimaced.

"I don’t remember much of anything to be honest," she said gently. "I feel as if I do know you enough that I don’t feel you as a threat though." She gasped as he dipped her low. His lips were an inch from hers and she felt her face flush red. Her wings curled at the tips and a kaleidoscope of colors began to run through them.

"We were close friends," he said. "We used to run around your parents' garden at night." He smirked at the memory. "Your wings were so tiny, your parents were afraid they’d never grow larger."

Elaina stopped dancing at the mention of her parents. "You knew my parents?" She said in a rush.

He let go of her waist and crossed his arms across his chest. "I still do," he said. "They miss you Elaina." He seemed to stop and think of something, and then said. "You’re in danger."

She threw her hands in the air in frustration. "If I didn’t already know this," she said. "Michael told me the basics."

He became serious and grabbed her by the arm. "Who is this Michael you speak of Princess," he spoke the words in a rush. "What does he look like?"

Elaina shrugged and described him to him. "Why is it an issue," she asked him after. "Is he… dangerous?" She held her breath and she waited for his answer.

He shook his head and sighed. "He’s not dangerous but he isn’t someone you’d like to get close to either," he said simply. "His family isn’t the good sort. We tend to keep them at an arm’s length."

Elaina walked over onto her balcony and inhaled the scent of the outdoors. It was fresh and crisp and calmed her beating heart. "Why do you keep them at arm’s length," she asked him. "Did they do something wrong?"
He leaned against the railing and watched as a thunder clouds began to gather. "They were suspected in your kidnapping," he said. "We never knew for sure but they banished they’re brother and he hasn’t been seen since."

Elaina raised an eyebrow. "Banishment is a serious punishment," she said quietly. "What did the brother look like?"

Lightening lanced through the sky and she jumped as the sound of thunder sounded nearby. He engulfed her in a tight hug and took a step back. "I have to go," he said anxiously. "Rain would not do well for flying weather." He tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes. "Be safe Elaina." He leaned forward and her heart stopped when his lips landed on her cheek.

"Don’t look so disappointed," he whispered in her ear. "We’ll see each other again very soon Princess, until then, be safe." He jumped onto her railing and disappeared, though she could still see him if she concentrated hard enough. Must be some kind of fairy trick...

She bit her lip and walked into her bedroom closing the doors behind her and leaning against them. "Oh boy, she thought. I’m in big trouble.


Chapter 9

Strange new creatures and a threat from Michael. Please comment! I could really use some feedback. Also, if you need help pronouncing Elaina's real name. Just go to Google translate and listen to the program say it. Do you like her name?


The wind howled against Elaina's glass doors and they rattled slightly. Elaina cringed when something slammed against her window.

"I hate storms," she said. She sighed and turned over watching as the shadows played over her walls.

The rain picked up and she stood up and walked over to the window. The rain was at least 2 inches high by now and soaking all her mother's precious vegetables. "She won't like that very much," she said quietly. She grabbed her soft pink robe and went into her bathroom.

She set her robe down on the toilet seat and leaned over to shut the faucet off. The tub was filled with lukewarm water and she sighed in pleasure when she dipped into the water slowly. Bubbles floated on the surface and she inhaled the scent of strawberries and peaches. She let her head fall over the edge of the tub and relaxed for the first time in two weeks. Between her finals and the being a fairy things had gotten a little chaotic. She learned that whenever she was stressed or her emotions high strung she would lose control and her glamor of being human would vanish completely. No one saw exactly. She'd always run out of the classroom before anyone could catch a glimpse of her transformation. She inhaled the scent again and sunk down deeper into the tub. She hadn't seen Michael or the mystery guy since their last encounter.

She blew into the water in frustration. Why is it she can go through life and not meet one hot guy, then all of a sudden, two hot guys pop out of nowhere to inform her that she's a fairy princess. "Why does this have to happen to me," she whispered and sunk underneath the water. She drifted under the water then when she felt something near her foot she shot to the surface and shrieked when she saw a little person floating in her tub. It was only about 7 inches tall. Its skin was leathery and gray. It had gills and little flippers attached to its feet. It would've been cute if it didn't have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

"Princess," he said. She couldn't tell before but by the voice she guessed it was male. He bowed and jumped onto the faucet to gain height over her. "I have been sent here to deliver a message," he said in a deep voice that defied logic.

She nodded reluctantly and he reached into himself and took out a tiny sliver of paper. He took it by the edges and stretched it out until it was a size she could read. She thanked him and took the paper.

She looked down at the paper then back up the little person. "What's your name," she asked him. He turned a pinkish and she wondered if he was blushing. "My name is irrelevant Princess," he replied anxiously. "I urge you to read the letter."

Elaina looked back down at the letter and raised an eyebrow. "I don't understand this language," she said. She concentrated on the scribble in front of her eyes and grew annoyed. "Why didn't they just send it in my language," she asked. The little man shrugged and sat down. "Maybe if you drop your mortal glamor then you can understand it a little better," he suggested.

She looked down at the paper and took a deep breath. All I have to do if focus... "Just focus Princess," he said interrupting her process. She looked up at him and glared and he turned pink again. "My apologies Princess," he said worriedly. She looked down at the paper and concentrated until her eyes were watering. Then, suddenly, the random loops and scribbles began to make sense and she hooted in victory, momentarily forgetting she was in a bath and naked. She flushed a deep crimson and grabbed her pink robe to cover herself. She heard the little man chuckle.
"Princess," he said in between a chuckle. "My kind is born in the nude, so to see you in the nude, is like seeing one of my own."

She glared at him wondering if that was meant to make her feel better. She walked over to her bed and turned on her bedside lamp.

It read-


I know that we haven't been in contact for a week but I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I didn't forget about you. I've been stuck in the courts with your parents. They are thrilled to know that you are alive but are wondering why your memory is inaccessible. They urge you to come home immediately, but they know that you have your life here to consider also. Your parents are very understanding on this Elaina. Also, the danger you're in increases every day. I have sent some people to go watch your house. It's for your safety Princess. I will see you shortly. Until then... Keep safe Elaina. Oh and your parents scolded me when I addressed you by your mundane name. So, I will tell you your real name.

Yours truly,
Friend you can't remember.

P.S.: Your real name is Rhyannon. Beautiful name is it not?"

It was written in a gold pen and it shined off the parchment.

Elaina sat back and sounded out the name in her mouth. "Rhyannon," she said under her breath. "It's a beautiful name." She glanced over to the bathroom and saw that the little man was still there.

"Did he just want me to read this," she asked. He nodded and snapped his fingers. The letter snapped into its smaller form and floated back to him. "This is all I was sent to do," he said.

He turned and dove into the tub. She stood up and looked into the tub. The bubbles were long gone and the water had turned chilly. "I just don't understand how people disappear like that," she remarked before draining the water and walking back into her room.

"Hello Princess," a voice said coming from her balcony. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that it was Michael. "Would you like to get dressed before we talk," he asked. His eyes lingered lower and she flushed, tying together her robe better.

"It's fine," she replied. "What are you doing here?"

He shrugged and leaned against her wall. "I was sent here to check that you were still alive," he said tight mouthed. "Elaina, why are you not in the protection of your family yet?" He glared at her and she could feel the anger coming off of him in waves. She gulped down the rock in her throat and walked over to her bed. She felt too vulnerable standing in the middle of her room.
"I've been thinking about leaving soon," she said. "I just ended my first semester and I have free time until next semester." She knew she was just blabbering now but he was making her nervous by the way he just stood there glaring at her.

"You need to think harder," he retorted. "You're in extreme danger Elaina. When will you realize this?"

She stood up and began to pick up discarded clothes on the floor. "I'm fine," she said miserably. "I can protect myself."

"Protect yourself from me then," he said. Then he grabbed her around the waist and slammed her down on her bed. He grabbed her by the wrists and pinned them above her head. She wiggled beneath him and he used his legs to pin hers. Her cheeks heated as he lowered his head closer to hers.

"You're weak Elaina," he said quietly. "You can't tap into your true powers yet and that makes you vulnerable."

He tightened his grip and yanked her upwards so that her body was against his. Her face turned beet red and she tiled her head upwards. "Let me go," she demanded, ashamed and embarrassed that she liked being in close contact with him.

He released her and she rubbed her aching wrists. "You need to figure out what you want Elaina," he said forcefully. Then he disappeared. She stood up and walked over to her window locking it. Then she fell onto her knees and rested her head against the cool glass. Locking a door won't keep out the truth, she thought numbly to herself.
Who should she pick?
Mystery Guy
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