"Feared" fear?

Family care?!
Family is made of young and old.
Young do what they are told.
Of course, by the old;
Family’s’ feelings are true and personal.
Affection shared is phenomenal.
All is well till seniors are healthy.
Turns unwell when they fail to be hale and hearty.
Elders’ care is a ‘feared’ fear.
What they need is twenty four hours’ care.
Illness makes them untidy.
Sickness makes them unsteady.
Problem is with diaper and tissue.
‘Feeding’ is never an issue.
Varieties will be served.
To eat, they will be persuaded.
This is a genuine concern.
Taste buds are given care and attention.
Members are happy when elders are on their own.
Having them is a pleasure as long as they walk and run!
‘Feared’ fear is the word ‘bed ridden’.
Maximum care will be taken.
External help will be undertaken.
Members perform their duties, perfect.
Mistaken is this as neglect.
Patients miss personal touch.
This is the biggest hitch.
Their minds don’t accept younger members’ life and routine.
Members are unable to conform to this need of the bed ridden.
Fixed are the hours, they spend with their ‘own’.
This makes the ‘bed ridden’ sad and forlorn.
They start to brood.
Negative is the meaning assumed to anything said.
Elders begin to use unheard repertoire.
Then begins the silent war.
Members try their best to keep their composure.
Peace at home is lost.
No wonder, this fear is ‘feared’ utmost.
Published: 8/22/2007
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